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  1. Hi. After the installation of the 1.0.5 I'm having problems with my wheel (T300RS) on the calibration. When I stay on the center point the in-game steering is at 2 on the left. I tested in multiple games, but I don't have this problem
  2. @Faya so you already sent all the mails?😢
  3. Other E-mails still have to be sent right? 😪
  4. Already checked, but thanks anyway
  5. Good to know how bad is life...F1 is basically my life and don't get it for the 4th time😪
  6. Yeah, hope to...it's the 3rd or 4th year I don't get the beta...while many of the testers always get it 😞
  7. Have all the e-mails been sent?
  8. Done! Hope to be in the development project this year, in the last two years I didn't get the beta☹️