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  1. Didn't you read the post? You should have registered within may 7th (for the first beta)
  2. Guys it makes no sense to keep complaining about it. This year went in this way, we can't change it. All we can do is playing F1 2019 until July. Next could be better
  3. It would be amazing to have a "second phase" of the Beta, giving access to other people. ( I think there was back in 2017/2018, if I am not wrong)
  4. The trend still goes on...2017-2020, never choosed for the Beta. 4 in a row😕
  5. The funny thing is that I still hope to be in, even if I know I won't, 'cause I forgot the DxDiag file...🤦‍♂️
  6. I think they'll open a forum only for those who are part of the Beta testing program
  7. I bet my Driving skills I won't get the Beta🤪
  8. Ah ok ahahaha. Same to me, in 18 hours I received 55 emails😂
  9. I just realized that I didn't save the edit of the Beta Application where I uploaded the DxDiag file. Press F
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