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  1. No. They didn't say that medium TC was similar to real world. They said that medium TC was more similar to real world than no TC.
  2. 15 - that's my karting number 😁 I have also used 85 and 88 in the past as this was our team number when I raced for Strathclyde Karting club. But 15 is my personal one so I like to use that 😊
  3. Some trusty CAD/FEA software branding on the front wing there 😍
  4. I use the T-cam style view in GT Sport because of the limited camera settings, but for some reason it just feels weird for me driving in T-cam in the F1 games. The steering feels somehow disconnected, like there is some kind of lag. I bet if I practiced enough I could get used to it but I prefer cockpit view 🙂
  5. Check your tyre temps. There's a lot of long corners at Silverstone and you really need to be careful this year with your tyres. They tend to overheat during the Maggots Becketts complex and that will cause huge understeer. It would also stop you getting on the power so early because your fronts aren't gripping.
  6. @PJTierney That's the video I found 🙂 As I say, I can't confirm this works perfectly as I'm on PS4 and this is being used on PC, but best of luck!
  7. Additionally, the clutch bite point mode works as intended on PC. There's a video of someone showing how to set it up and use it properly. I hope compatibility is developed for consoles this year 🙂
  8. The two extra paddles do work. I'll map the top left trigger to DRS if I ever join Ferrari as that's how they have it in game, and was thinking the same about mapping the other as an overtake button 🙂
  9. The paddles work but as far as I'm aware the clutch bite point system doesn't work properly, not on PS4 anyway. If someone knows otherwise please tell me how 😅
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