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  1. No need for that man. Behind the guys working at CM there're also their families and beloved ones; i mean devs at CM are also workers who must bring money home each month in order to survive, and to feed their little ones too. I'm totally amazed at the lack of info this year when there's just 3 weeks to go, and I don't buy the crap that this is because FOMs approvals and all that. But from there to wish they all get the sack..., that's totally uncalled for. Relax bro.  CM was once that dev that brought us legendary tittles like colin and TOCA. They will be great again, just when they fi
  2. It takes a certain kind of sheer nerve to say something like that under current circumstances
  3. Good to hear that. Gameplay videos?, oh sorry I interrupted....
  4. Less than one month to go and still nothing. This is beyond ridiculous, although I have to admit all those of you who believe the FOM approval crap excuse really make me smile.
  5. Go Codies goooo One month to go and still nothing to see about the game! Great! Keep outperforming yourselves!
  6. Go for a walk this morning I pass by a GAME shop Lots of F12015 covers as pre-order advertising can be seen (no joking) Then I recall F12015 is precisely that game I don't know one f*** about, or haven't seen any single lame lame gameplay video yet. Then I recall too that this unknown to every single gamer on planet earth is being released in just one month. Brilliant way of marketing the game Codemasters. You're really outperforming yourselves this time.
  7. all of ya listen up! I hereby open this topic to complain about complainers!
  8. It's CM own interpretation of the word hype
  9. The final build on PS4 looking really amazing. Must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebHSLx71TV0 Edit: Make sure you watch this video on 60FPS mode.; 720p/60 at least 
  10. Not at all. AI cars might now "use the breaks" when you are right in front of them (the AI on your slipstream). But the moment they get on your side, they're no longer aware of your current position. You're no longer detected. Nevertheless, It should be mentioned again that the number of cars in a race is in this game is insane (on PC), thus expecting very good AI does not compute, putting it softly On a side note, I must also say that all those who expect Project Cars to be the pinnacle of driving games when it comes to the physics and handling, might be setting themselves for utter dissapo
  11. Yeesh. The last people we need Codies to take advice from right now is a guy whose product is so late to market that it had to skip a whole generation of consoles :) Which was, precisely, best decision he could have ever made for the sake of the project. Making the game on those jurassic systems was affecting very seriously the development process on the more powerful platforms, specially on xbox1. Seriously flawed AI (AI cars are just as ret***** as in Driveclub. This means they go full throttle on their invisible rails and never EVER detect the player. It's what some idi*** call "comp
  12. More?. With an only two months release window and yet you have shown nothing about the game, when you should have been promoting It all around the internet in order to generate the necessary hype, with good gameplay footages and things like that. There's obviously something going wrong, but you just won't tell us. That, and only that would be the way we would understand the need to be patient. But no. You still prefer to treat us all as If we were born the day before yesterday, which is exactly what you kept doing during Steve's era. Weren't things actually changing this time around? Is it a
  13. the fact alone that they are using an updated version/ built from the scratch/ whatever they say it is of the always too arcady EGO engine, already is too scary when you try to understand how they actually managed good physics, handling, and feeling of the car attached to the road while using an engine that still uses the name EGO
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