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  1. lewisF1Xb

    v1.05 Patch Notes?

    Patch is Live on Xbox now 6.20GB
  2. lewisF1Xb

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    1, Helmet cam 2, impove the ffb, especially tyre slip and suspension etc. like project cars 2
  3. Interesting!!! I’ll give that a try tomorrow, thanks!!!
  4. Thrustmaster TS-XW + TM open wheel rim, I’m really likings it and it’s definitely an improvement over last years but I’d love to feel more tyre slip. On assetto, pc2 etc.. as soon as the tyres loose slight traction you get the info in the wheel straight away so you can correct it or lift off. if F1 2019 did this it would be so much better. I’ve toned the ffB strength down over the last few days quite a bit which as helped in getting more feel but it’s still missing that tyre slip.