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  1. Username: MSU URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/msucsgo Platform: Steam
  2. Like said in the opening, i've already tried verifying game files. Neither deleting the hardware_settings_config.xml did work.
  3. Tried it, did not work. I think it's game related issue since i have no issues in other games
  4. So i pre-ordered the game on Steam and have played around 60 hours. After like 30 hours, my force feedback on Logitech G29 stopped working. I have tried following things to fix it: - Reinstalled Logitech Gaming software. - Deleted drivers of the wheel through device manager and rebooted PC to reinstall them. - Verified game files on Steam. - Tried different USB port. - Tried changing from PS4 mode to PS3 in wheel. - From in game settings, reseted all to wheel settings to default. - Tried different setting profile and tried increasing the FFB to 10
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