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  1. AdamJDore

    Myteam/career mode lap times

    I actually collected all the data myself on previous titles because I too was interested in the difference in pace. From season 1 into 2. My car was about 2 seconds quicker. fuel efficiency meant I carried around 10kg less fuel. Having a lot of power and aero upgrades also meant my tyre degradation was actually worse. Despite getting the tyre wear upgrades.
  2. AdamJDore

    Team Garage Locations

    It's actually not always the constructor standings order. At Silverstone, due to the pit lane being lower, you can't see some of the garages towards the end from the grandstand, so they actually had a different order so fans could see the top teams more clearly.
  3. AdamJDore

    Option to disable career AI driver's retirements

    I get what you mean. But imagine if FiFA had a similar option. The game just wouldn't work if you could have a 45y/o Messi and Ronaldo but still have peak stats. In regards to F1, you would just end up with 8-10 drivers with identical stats as other drivers improve through the seasons. The only way of getting around it would be having the option to sign them in your first year. The way Mercedes convinced Hamilton to leave McLaren to join a new team. I'd have to think further how that could possibly be implemented though.
  4. AdamJDore

    Lots of Immersion Suggestions

    I LOVE the idea of pre-season testing. Having run programmes. Maybe a way of testing new parts like they do in real life. Rather than relying on the parts failing based on your facility level, it would nice to be actually able to test parts in sessions etc. I also think it would be cool to have an engine plan for the season, rather than just swapping parts when they are worn. All teams have a plan before the season of where they'll run specific parts. An example would be having a fresh engine at Monza due to it being a power circuit etc. They also know where they want to take grid penalties should they need to as well.
  5. AdamJDore

    Big Career Ideas.

    Bump Any thoughts @BarryBL
  6. AdamJDore


    I think it has happened after the latest patch, unless it has been longer.. I've had 5 rain affected races in a row now. It does get a bit frustrating.
  7. AdamJDore

    Big Career Ideas.

    Thankyou @IneedToPlayGame! As I mentioned, I've spent years playing these games. For me, these options would just add to the realism at is suppose to be a sim game.
  8. AdamJDore

    Big Career Ideas.

    So I have raced pretty much every game since 2010. I have a lot of experience with this franchise now. I race on 103 difficulty on a controller đź‘€ 100% race distance. I didn't expect it to be this long.. However: Firstly. A better way of seeing tire and fuel usage in the race (option to turn on or off in-game). I know you can see your fuel and tyre wear in the race, but hear me out. For those who complete the race tire and race strategy modes in practice. You get a percentage per lap, and fuel in Kg on each lap. It appears under your lap time on the top right side of the screen. For example. I've just completed the French GP. In the tyre wear management programme in practice, my target was 2.59% wear per lap on the mediums. I achieved 2.29%. Then when you do the race strategy programme, I aim for below 2.59% as a target so I know the tires will last the whole stint. As you get told you tire wear usage after every lap. When it comes to the race, the only tire wear you see is the total wear for each tire. So say I'm 15 laps in to a 19 lap stint. It is difficult to work out the mental maths required to see if I've saved enough grip to be able to push towards the end of the stint. Or if I've pushed too hard at the start. It would be really useful if on the screen, after 15 laps it tells me my average is 2.48% for example. So I know I could push harder before my pitstop. Secondly. During a race. Display more than 5 drivers around your position. (option to customise in-game). At the moment, you only see the time gap for two cars ahead, and two cars behind you. I'm not really sure why it isn't possible to show pretty much the whole grid. In spectator mode online, you see the whole lobby. Implement it into the career. That way you can see rival drivers strategies, what tire they're on etc. Make it look a bit more like the real broadcast. You could make it customisable. so for those who like it currently could keep it. Maybe display rival positions? Thirdly. Practice sessions. For me, It's still somewhat not really helpful for a lot of players. Including myself. For those who do long race weekends. It is well known in the real world that all the drivers will do a quali sim in P3. This never seems to happen in-game. When I do my Quali sim, I always end up finishing the session in the top 3. When my car is currently 10th out of 11 teams. It is almost as if the other drivers just circulate, but for the sake of circulating. They have no purpose. Also with the set-up of the car itself. The majority of the people who play are not engineers. Yes, you can load other peoples setup from TT. Having a race mechanic/engineer in game that helps you improve the setup of the car through the weekend would feel a lot more realistic. I had F1 2005? on PSP; and this is something they tried to implement in the game. By comparing lap times and making set-up adjustments to improve the car. Maybe you're slow in the straights compared to your team-mate? So it advises removing rear wing for example. Fourthly. Driver Rating. I don't have an issue with the driver ratings as such. However when you compare them to other games like FiFA. the ratings are far more in-depth and play a much bigger role. I feel the Driver ratings need to be expanded into more categories that make more of a difference. If a driver has had a good run of results like Gasly lately. It would be fair to say they have higher motivation, and thus be performing better. Compared to Vettel say, who seems very down about the way Ferrari treated him etc. and is finishing a long way behind his team-mate. Finally. Reliability. R&D. I'm sure this has probably come up before. The reliability at the start of any career is horrendously unrealistic. I understand it is to make you choose between keeping up with competition and not breaking down/taking penalties. Instead, why not reduce the effect durability has. From my understanding, once a part reaches 60% wear, you start to loose performance. Why not have a scale where after 10% you loose performance. but on a much more gradual scale. Giving you a delta of time loss per lap in the Power Unit screen. As a loose example. At 10% you loose 1/10th per lap. 50% you loose 5/10ths per lap. But once you hit 60%, the delta increase at a much quicker rate. so at 70% wear, you loose 1 second? The durability upgrades would then serve a better purpose. If your engine is wearing at a lower rate. Your overall race time would be quicker. Also, make the R&D tree vastly bigger. But reduce the performance of minor upgrades etc. Also add how much time is to gain for each upgrade. For example. A big engine upgrade might give you 3/10ths per lap. But improving you fuel efficiency improves your race time, not single lap time. so say 15 seconds per race. You could make better, informed choices about what upgrade/s you want to buy and save for next. If you made it this far down thank you! All of this I've accumulated from playing the games for so long, and I would feel make a great, positive difference to the career. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this, and other ideas! Adam J Dore