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  1. extracurricularturd

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    Unfortunately, while I agree with you that this isn't right. nobody cares..
  2. If you wanted it that badly you are able to upload any picture you want to Psn via your smartphone and use it as your profile picture, just make sure you have your privacy settings right so everyone else can see it. So you could use any image you want, a picture of a car, driver or a helmet. i.e crop the image you have left in the original post to just the helmet you want. I realise a digitally created avatar is different visually to an actual image but it is the best you can do for now if you want it as badly as you say you do 😉
  3. extracurricularturd


    What is this leak you refer to? Could you show it to me because I’m interested. also Codies have really dropped the ball on this one, I was expecting something big for the 100th Grand Prix but.. nothing.
  4. extracurricularturd

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    So this has nothing to do with any discussion you guys were having but - I was just thinking about the Red Bull livery and wanted to share it somewhere, also would like your opinions? So I think the livery will be their testing livery substituting the red parts for white but keeping the bull part red because.. if you think about it then we would have the teased white bit of the livery, their typical blue/navy colour and also the "red bull" still staying, well, red. It would be like the Japanese flag I guess...