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  1. So this has nothing to do with any discussion you guys were having but - I was just thinking about the Red Bull livery and wanted to share it somewhere, also would like your opinions? So I think the livery will be their testing livery substituting the red parts for white but keeping the bull part red because.. if you think about it then we would have the teased white bit of the livery, their typical blue/navy colour and also the "red bull" still staying, well, red. It would be like the Japanese flag I guess...
  2. Lol if you won the people working at gfuel will be like ehh why has this guy spent £400 in 2 orders :D
  3. Remember having gfuel an eternity ago, damn it’s good stuff. Think it was a blue one but not a special flavour or anything :D
  4. Woohoo, while I’ll still be doing the majority of my gaming on PS4, yesterday I purchased a Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb graphics card for my PC as that was the main part that was lacking in it. I was annoyed it sold out on amazon while I was still pondering it but then it was on www.laptopsdirect.ie for only €10 more! (Lucky, because now it’s sold out there too) Looking forward to using it for Minecraft and Roblox! :trollface:
  5. Didn’t he try and force a move out of the Red Bull scene before they loaned him out to Renault, because if so I can’t see Red Bull taking him on. In saying that it is unfortunate his timing entering the sport as at Torro Rosso he was completely overshadowed by Max and his drives were belittled by the hype around Max
  6. ^Doubt it because Force India are a great team with fantastic potential for whoever picks them up whereas Manor were simply racing to stay alive, seems like they never had a direction coming into the sport. Just competing to try and make a quick buck
  7. Same, even though I like Croatia there wouldn’t be the same buzz around the final if they were in it
  8. Guys I’m just dropping in here to tell you.. that the only thing that’s coming home, is the French with a World Cup trophy in their hands. while I am Irish and the only English teams I will ever cheer for are Man United and Red Bull Racing (who are technically Austrian) I am far more salty about France so I believe I am entitled to an opinion c:
  9. Just went back a page by accident and eh.. well this is awkward
  10. ^Okay so we’re doing this again :D                               
  11. http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/tflight-hotas-x https://www.x-plane.com/ Spent all day modding this haha, tedious because certain addons need other addons and so on! But it’s worth it for sure really enjoying it.  The joystick has a newer version with PS4 branding but is the exact same product albeit a 20 Euro price difference :)  p.s: petition for @McStanley to be sent a Greggs hamper
  12. @McStanley  :D :D Saw this and I had to haha https://instagram.com/p/BjwpSl9Avds/
  13. Hmmmm, can’t decide between The Crew 2 and xPlane 11? Anybody have xPlane by any chance? I’ve been thinking of getting it for a year or 2 now but always got scared off by the technical side as an aviation noob that’s eager to learn :) Looks pretty cool and has a lot of freeware available to download for it... any advice is appreciated!
  14. Jw... why not just stream movies? Do you not only watch them once or twice anyways? 1. Quality: Yeah, you get 4k steams, but ultimately they still fall short of a 4k Blu-ray or sometimes even a regular one. And I'm not only talking about the video quality, sounds quality is dreadful on most streaming sites. 2. You can usually only stream popular stuff. Snatch wouldn't be much of a problem. But Dogville? Or any other Lars von Trier movie? Or how about most of Sergio Leone's work? Or take Kill Bill. There is a cut of both movies that is exclusiv to Japanese DVDs, all other version feature th
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