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  1. It seems FFB issues are widespread in this game. Many issues across a lot of different hardware. F1 2020 seems to be more reliable across the board.
  2. I have a Fanatec setup and on my One X the game FFB was fine. I upgraded to Series X and got numerous FFB issues (jittery/laggy feedback, no bump lock at maximum rotation). Seems the next gen versions of the game have issues. Too bad as I have stopped playing the game because of this.
  3. Additional info on performance mode lag. If I boot up my Xbox and open F1 2021 (while it was mid-session when last shut down), I go directly to the start menu while on track. I close the menu and the in-game steering wheel is very smooth. Problem is that there is no FFB. I then swap my fanatec base to pc mode then back to Xbox mode. FFB is back but the choppy animation/feedback issue resumes.
  4. I imagine the easiest thing to fix for now will be to boot players who don't "advance" through the ranking/results screens at the end. Every decent session is ruined at the end by 1 or 2 people not advancing through the results. As a result a dozen of people racing together drop out one by one. And by drop out I mean exit the game entirely because the game is locked while waiting for others. Honestly stunned how this is an actual problem in 2021. Have the devs played online at all or were they just focused on on the ad-worthy features like braking point and career?
  5. In case it’s relevant, I had to disable “allow 4k output” in the graphics settings since without that, performance mode gave me a warning when setting it that my monitor doesn’t support high refresh rates (it does). Disabling that output 4k switch solved that warning for me.
  6. Actual firmware versions are: Wheel base: 686 Mot con: 22 St wheel: 41 This shows up on the rim when the base starts up.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. While in performance mode on a Series X, the in-game wheel is very choppy while driving (looks like sub-30 frames per second). In quality mode, the in-game wheel is smooth as expected (60 fps). This is very distracting and I think on occasion force feedback is actually delayed along with the in-game wheel. There have been some instances when I see the rears slide out, then a half second or full second later is when I feel it on the wheel. This delay is most obvious when on a straight, slightly weave the car left to right.
  8. A detailed description of the issue. I'm on a Series X with Fanatec ClubSport v2.5 base with Formula v2 rim, CSL Elite Pedals. It is updated with the latest firmware package (411) from Fanatec. The in-game rotation limit can be set at 360 or 260 (my preference). The wheel rim sensitivity is set to automatic. The in-game steering tracks the wheel properly, but the wheel does not lock at the limit of rotation. I can continue rotating the wheel. In F1 2020, it bump locks are the set rotation limit as expected. Both videos included below. Report Code
  9. I feel like this choppy steering animation also affects the force feedback (seems to come in on/off at a fast rate, it’s not smooth like when playing in quality mode).
  10. On Xbox does your wheel stop at the limits of 360 degrees? My wheel matches the turn animation, but I can freely turn the wheel past the limit. It’s a really bad feeling. My wheels sensitivity is set to auto. If I set it to 360 the turning input gets totally out of whack again.
  11. Sorry, must say I don’t quite understand all the layers of software to update the firmware. I installed the 411 driver bundle, connected my wheel/base and put it into pc mode, then installed new driver versions for both. Any suggestions from here? Would like to hear more from Rosco. Thanks!
  12. Rosco can you explain your current settings that fixed it? On the wheel and in-game. I installed the 411 drivers and the issue still persists. What sensitivity do you have set on the wheel? stevie, I’m on Xbox. any other suggestions?
  13. Does your wheel lock at the limits of that 320? If I do this setup, I can continue turning my wheel past that animation lock and it’s terrible.
  14. I had this problem (animation and actual steering input of the wheel are out of sync) and installed 411. The problem is a bit different but it’s still there. if I set the wheel sensitivity to auto, the steering is in sync but I have no limits on my wheel (I can rotate past 360 but the animation obviously doesn’t go past that). If I set my wheel sensitivity to 360, the animation and input are yet again out of sync. anyone else with this problem?
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