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  1. I believe its enough data. @Ender0042has combined some interesting UDP attributes that i am super curious about. i.e. Traction, Tyre Stress, Long/Lat Gs, and balance. Separate from my curiosity, Here is my goal. first properly record 10laps on softs practice session with a base TT setup in Dry Clear day. Keep the environment controlled. Restart the practice session, because you want the environment controlled as much as possible. i.e. Car damage, rubbering in. Alter the setup with @Ender0042step by step process by looking at PXG results Record a 10laps run on s
  2. We can set up a discord too, if you like.
  3. I would love too, however, I am not familiar with the tool and what is optimum. @marioho Wanna take a stab at it? I can help reviewing and refining...??
  4. It would be great to see your check list. Maybe a video? Just the process. Record session (practice, race, or maybe TT?) Load stint? Race? TT? file Comparison file? Click on your available attributes boxes - time, tire temps, gs?, traction? Recommended format tweaks to see the data within your app once its loaded. Recommend areas where to look and how to read the data once all loaded. What are you looking for? Best practices Something like this. Maybe a decision tree diagram? That would be amazing.
  5. The simcube doesn't have a manual? Crazy.
  6. @Ender0042Do you have a discord channel?
  7. Oh no... This totally screws up my understanding of Codemaster's logic. So, what you are saying, there is a tire wear difference associated with 1st and 2nd stints? 1st stint = greater wear vs 2nd stint? I am wondering if this is the result of "rubbering in?" "Scrubbing" more without a "rubbered" in track?
  8. @Ender0042Good work! You are definitely heading in the right direction! There are so many stories that can come from this tool. Stories that explain the math around Codemaster's logic. Stories around how effective are the TT setups in a race. Do little setup tweaks really effect wear, car damage, performance. The trick is now to understand which metric that can tell that story. Which is my question to you @Ender0042Which metric do you find useful in measuring your setups? What are you looking for? Where do you find that height is the most optimal as it relates to top
  9. Makes sense. Its like saying, I am going to get Mexican Food in Mexico.
  10. You guys need to stop spinning your TIRES with this. lol!!
  11. The game does not reflect your adjustment visually. You are run 1/1 OR 11/11 height. You will not see the visual difference. Just like you can't see a visual difference if you change wings from 1/1 to 11/11 Camber 3 to 2.5 Camber wear Toe Toe Wear Roll Bar - Roll or lack of roll Spring differences - blah blah
  12. Odd. I have been missing my apex.. consistantly... I thought it is me... Its not? Delaying response?
  13. @BarryBL Did the handling change? 1. Reason I am asking is the TT leaderboards are now reset 2. I am noticing a different feel to the car. 3. The current times seems to be slower. 4. noticed x axis velocity g’s decrease 5. seems to be less spin in 3rd gear 6. Adjustments to aero seems to be effect the performance
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