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  1. Or it makes a great opportunity to develop an app. However, and what made it hard to develop an app that is applicable and correlated directly to the game’s math was close to impossible. This was due to not knowing which attribute actually affected the car. For example, Codemasters logic didn’t directly related to real world physics. I can’t speak for F1 2021 yet, because it’s yet to be determined. Regardless, floor bumps did not effect the overall time vs today, it actually does 👏. This is partly had to do with Codemasters “backing”into lap times per circuit. For instance, an F1 shall not be
  2. @marioho I have been asking for this for years. You need to be a data sciencist and then, a race engineer to translate those squiggly lines from the udp apps. Honestly, why not have jeff and team go the extra step and provide recommendations?
  3. @BarryBLwe need a built in telemetry tool to coach us or recommend setups. Without this, we are guessing. We need an AI engine to help Jeff recommend setups based on our driving style, but more importantly, articulate the Codemasters math built in the game. Are we hitting the floor? Are we not getting enough rotation? We are under steering turn 4 and 6 so recommended adjustments should be x. i get it, there are tons more important things to fix, but this add on can explain how the game works through directly engaging with the game.
  4. Besides not be able to drive? Hit a curb, spin. Hit a bump, spin. Go off line about 1 inch, spin. Other than that, yea, the chat is horrible. I just don’t chat anymore just to try to make it at the end of the race. Out of 20 runners, our league is lucky to have 3 left.
  5. Its "playable" on the Xbox Series X, however, its 30% complete. Xbox Series X has massive FPS issues, FFB issues. Maybe the FPS issues are effecting the FFB due to drop in framerate or glitching. One second you entering a corner, then, drop in FPS, and then, the wheel's FFB shutters like it was lost in time and corrects the wheel with a slight tug. Of course, the sound is glitchy and there is some weird stuff happening with MP ... but, the basic backend infrastructure needs to be corrected first before the others that also important. Right now, its not playable.
  6. That makes sense why I can't be consistently safe at copse and abby. If my entry is 5% more aggressive, then, the car loses grip entirely.
  7. using the latest firmware? v8? I am using it... it works fine.
  8. ShelbyUSA


    Thanks mate.
  9. ShelbyUSA


    There is no hairpin turn 10. @BarryBL
  10. ShelbyUSA

    Frame rate

    I am not sure if it’s a frame rate issue, but the game is glitching bad. Noticed it’s glitching just before my game or Xbox Series X crashes.
  11. Yes. Blur set to zero. What is your HDR setting? The slide bar underneath the blur?
  12. Why was I the only one with a 👎🏻? 😹
  13. That is only 1/100 of it, mate. Good points though. Looks like codies got a hundred “yes people” for their beta testers. I didn’t get picked because they knew I would raise h3ll. This game is inconceivable.
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