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  1. ShelbyUSA

    I can't accept graphics

    Let’s get the game working first. I don’t care if it looks like Minecraft.
  2. ShelbyUSA

    F1 2019 multiplayer

    Your Xbox should already enable HD. No need to alter the video res.
  3. ShelbyUSA

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Wheel fix pls. Pls! We know now it’s been nerfed
  4. ShelbyUSA

    Wheel is nerfed?

    They need to fix it. Esports is too huge not too. It would be self destructive. @Faya
  5. ShelbyUSA

    Wheel is nerfed?

    I just tried to beat my Spain TT with the same setup that I set about a month ago. i can’t even come close. I am consistently .200 slower. Spend over two hours trying to break even, and believer me, it wasn’t quick in the first place. Top14% which is bad for me. i even opened up my laptop to record and compare my best time with a UDP telemetry app to see if I had picked up a habit. Answer is no. My outputs are almost identical. this is crazy and now I am convinced the wheel is nerfed. I have the data.
  6. ShelbyUSA

    Thrustmaster TX

    Anybody having a horrible experience with the TX Wheel and the F1 2019? i am CONSIDERABLY slower this release. The feel/input of the wheel feels numb. My braking into turn and feel with mid to exit and throttle is not translating. I can’t get it. It’s frustrating and costing me league races and esports quals. anybody feel the same? Fix? @Faya
  7. ShelbyUSA

    Thrustmaster DOR Issue

    The feel of my Thrustmaster seems numb. I am massively slower this year.
  8. ShelbyUSA

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Looks like codemasters are either understaffed or focusing on 2020 release. I am massively slower this year. Wheel vs pad glitch? No idea. At a lost.
  9. Sorry for the late response. I got it off of thing universe. Search Xbox controller.
  10. Tire pressure doesn’t effect anything. I have the data to prove it.
  11. I just turn the metal part sideways.
  12. Mapping additional buttons is easy, sorta. I have been using a Thrustmaster TS-XW. You can also turn on a second controller and map additional buttons. As a result, this frees up all the buttons I need on my wheel. On my controller, I map: LS Brake Bias UP/DWN LS Diff Right/Left RS MFD Controls
  13. ShelbyUSA

    I am struggling with Feel.

  14. agreed. 100%. Better yet, why do we have to be the engineers? Why can our feedback to the engineers affect the setup of the car? Currently, the numbers correlate to the cars geometry or the whatnot doesn't make any sense. Is the car to low? IDK, lets see the actual car move its measurements so we can see the effect. Calculator at least that gives us the performance rating so we can balance the cars performance between grippy or not grippy. Again, the guy is correct. The setups are almost useless. My solution: Either let the driver be a driver and need to articulate the cars behavior to the engineer to alter the cars setup or Give us a performance calculator or/and the actual effects of the changes made to the car. Step it up, Codemasters.