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  1. I love spreadsheets and this is amazing! Good work.
  2. ShelbyUSA

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    I have a simple one. Rip and Replace the whole development and project management team.
  3. ShelbyUSA

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    if i was a wheel manufacturer, i would be ******.
  4. ShelbyUSA

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    TRL Limitless's video should be a great eye opener to all at Codemasters.
  5. ShelbyUSA

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I just saw this. you need to consult outside your team and get a real perspective.
  6. ShelbyUSA

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    @sloppysmusic Amazing post. @BarryBL you asked to elaborate, and which we spend our time to help you out. Actually, its funny that we spend our time responding well constructed thoughts to help you and your team improve this "eSports" platform, and we don't get even a response or a thanks, or that is a great idea. @sloppysmusic , quite a few others, and I are not shaming, whining, complaining, or/and just pointing out problems. We are suggesting solutions to make the game better, not worse. And all we get is silence. Actually, we should get paid, but, we are not asking for that. We are asking for engagement, as we are willingly to engage with you and your team.
  7. ShelbyUSA

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Sorry for being brash, but, this is what we are struggling with. Very simple. Real world logic vs. Codemasters logic. For Example: There are quite a lot of telemetry data to support my cars behavior if its understeering/oversteering and/or etc... Adjusting to those unfavorable characteristics seems to be a struggle with a quite a few racers like myself. When I use real world logic, the car doesn't change (reducing or increasing rake, height, etc). If I use Codemaster logic then it will. Its understanding Codemaster's logic in relation to the blog is more helpful than trying to mirror the game to physics that doesn't exist.
  8. ShelbyUSA

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Wait, never mind... Should have known. I just read the "blog." 🙄
  9. ShelbyUSA

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Gents... If you haven't already, download RST Software. Its probably the most comprehensive Telemetry Sim Software to date. I would love to analyze @BarryBL best practices to see if its inline with real world best practices. Stay tuned and I will generate a comparison analysis... This should be fun.
  10. We don't know anymore.
  11. Faya doesn’t work there anymore.
  12. It’s pretty sweet, but don’t waste your money on it unless you are going to iracing.
  13. That would be awesome. But, if they do this, Codemasters needs to implement a real world applicable math to their cars, rather than, backing into times with the current track selection. In other words, the cars that we drive are merely a bad example of lazy coding. Basically, Codemasters know the estimated times around all the current tracks with the current F1 cars. Codemasters does not have their data to understand if their virtual cars are “realistic” around the tracks requested above. All the math associated with performance, possible understeer/oversteer, tire deg, downforce, top end speed, grip and etc is backed-in with time. Not math or a real physics engine like iracing, and yes, even forza. This is why Codemasters can’t fix basic problems faced with FFB, wheel v pad, and setups. If you download RST Software and look at best practices associated with improving car performance, you can see the raw data output and how it does not apply to Codemasters horrible decision to back-in times rather than the proper way of using a physics engine. For example, the Rake related to the car setup. In the game, the car tends to squat during acceleration and top end speed, which is normal. In real life, you can adjust the level of squat due to certain ideal parameters, but in the game, you can’t. The data comes out the same or very little change when with extreme changes. To answer you question, Codemasters would be opening a whole can of worms by opening up new tracks because the game would not know how the cars would perform. We would see horrible FFB issues, crazy times. It would be more of a joke of a game.
  14. ShelbyUSA

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    Just give up with this. I hope they just admit they f-Ed up with some sort of deep hard coded pad controller benefit.
  15. ShelbyUSA

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    How about this? 1. get rid of fans. * its lame- taking up your resources, I think. * Wait doubt it, it’s like 90s graphics and AI. - taking up additional cpu resources with zero benefit immersion of actually driving. Not sure about you, but I don’t look in the crowd and say, wow, this game is awesome. 2. get rid of Jeff. *He doesn’t make sense. * Actually, he is destroying and creditability how Codemasters game got “Sim Racer Game is the Year.” * unless, we can interact with him and the engineering team to improve the setup, strategy, and relevant status, get rid of him. * again, he is using up cpu and Codemasters resources to do what? 3. be compliant with real rules of Parc Ferme. * simple request. * tire pressures can be adjusted after qualy. Odd how it’s not. 4. fix pad hackers * it’s a racing game * unless Codemasters has some sort of inside associated with 2050 rules by having F1 cars transitioning to a pad controller, get rid of pad users having massive traction over wheel users * or have the ability to restrict pad users join multiplayer * and have the ability to sort wheel users and pad users in TT times 5. Outside and inside tire temps * really? Do I need to explain myself here? 6. Reconstruct Codemasters Math * in other words, a setup reality check * I need to know why top bars to the right, and bottom bars to the left makes any sense * Engineer, team and driver relationship to improve setup from engaging with the team and not by downloading wacky setups.....from the improved math associated with car and relationship the track i can go on and on, but I don’t care if the game is like Minecraft, there are weird ppl in the crowd, or any other shallow bs. It the game right first, and then worry about the other ****.