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  1. @RedDevilKT this comes across one of the following: 1. Codemasters don’t care 2. Lazy 3. Do not have enough re$ource$ to care or not seem so f-ing lazy. 4. Resources are tapering off to start developing F1 2020 Regardless, I am not wasting my time next year, unless they will make some significant improvements in regards to FFB/wheel and physics modeling. i don’t care about Jeff, story mode, flying helicopters, or making pad users feel good.
  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I had switched back to normal config due to the wheel FFB issue, as I am not sure if custom mapping is messing with the lack of pace and FFB. I am trying to keep things simple, as I think this game is so messed up.
  3. Personally, I don’t think they will change it. And personally, I really don’t care anymore. I am over half way done with my league races. As it relates to points, I am sitting in 9th. Getting points by default, others DNFs. Also, this game is almost at this halfway mark. Codemasters will do what they do best, allocate resources to F1 2020 and it will not get fix. And if they don’t get it fix, not sure if I am going to do this again after 10 years of league racing. Spent too much money on my Sim Rig to not get the best out of it.
  4. Because we are racing pad users. In GP mode, we are not racing pad users. This problem extends to Time Trials, as wheel users are competing with pad users.
  5. ShelbyUSA

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    As you know (hopefully) it’s not just the T300 on the PS4. I have the Thrustmaster TSXW on the Xbox. And there are reports of all platforms with multiple wheels.
  6. Odd. I have zero lag with it. Maybe I don’t notice it because I only used it for comms with Jeff, and selecting the option to talk and stuff on MFD is left stick and right stick for brake/diff bias. On my wheel. My right thumb controls ERS, and left thumb controls, fuel. DRS/PIT is activated by control pad up. Right control pad, shortcut to PIT Strategy, Left pad, tire deg%. However, I use all tire temp, car status, tire deg%, on my Sim Dash app on my phone. Scrolling through MFD is select button. Pad down is look back. I wish I can make programmable shortcuts to outlap, mid race strategy, or challenging corners. Saying all that, oddly enough, I had reSorted to change everything back to default. With the current struggles with the wheel, I feel the wheel needs to be at default to report and usual activity during multiplayer play.
  7. ShelbyUSA

    Leaderboard: Controller/Steering wheel

    Yep. This is a joke. All of my leaders in ILR and wor are on the pad. Esports! 😂
  8. ShelbyUSA

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    @Hoo i am running Xbox S, Thrustmaster TS-XW, no I didn’t run a different configuration. I run the wheel and a second controller to offset the lack of programable buttons on the wheel. When I do that, sometimes my controller times out and all I need to do is turn on the controller to active my wheel configuration. I had tried the standard Sparco Set up, as I thought it was due to a bug with custom set ups. last question, as the game goes on, it doesn’t get worse. It just stays horribly numb.
  9. ShelbyUSA

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    @Hoo Did my report code provide any insights?
  10. @Hoo have you compared telemetry data?
  11. ShelbyUSA

    problems with f1 2019 ps4 steering wheel

    I got this too. I might WRC or something.
  12. ShelbyUSA


    Good!!! 😂
  13. ShelbyUSA

    problems with f1 2019 ps4 steering wheel

    😂 yep., welcome buddy.
  14. ShelbyUSA

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    @Hoo looks like we have another faya. 😂