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  1. ShelbyUSA

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    This was the most important part. Watch a pad user drive with their snappy adjustments. How is this even a serious esports platform? Does codemasters know something we don’t? Like, 2021 cars will be changing to pad and the wheel will be obsolete? #Mindboggling
  2. ShelbyUSA


    So true
  3. ShelbyUSA

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    Well, I can show you data that Codies are nerfing assist grip. Are they nerfing them enough? IDK, that is up for debate, but I can assure you they are nerfing it. Is it actually translating into the game? IDK either. I can run some times and send you the differences of non-assist vs. assist slippage. Its very apparent in acceleration.
  4. ShelbyUSA

    Gameplay Feedback (League Racing)

    I have a small suggestion.... Either fix the pad hack issue. Competing with pad users is completely under addressed. In IRL and WOR, I would argue the champions in all tiers are pad users. A lot of them switched back to the pad to be competitive. Or have the ability to restrict pad users in the lobby settings. Also, it would be great to also restrict camera views.
  5. ShelbyUSA

    Qualifying tyre pressure

    Yep, you are right. One of the few things teams can change is tire pressure. Changing tire pressure is NOT under Parc Ferme. Reason being, it was argued teams can change tire pressure because of a safety concern. So, team can change the pressure during and after qualifying regardless if it rains or not. Teams are not allowed to change tire pressure during the race.
  6. @BarryBL I hate writing these suggestions about things I would like to see. It would be great to focus on driving and less than being an engineer. One way to do this is have a setup tool to support more driving and less "blindly" messing around with the setup. In other words, more you practice on a given track, the engineer suggests the changes associated with driving style. More telemetry data, more data to support positive changes. Maybe releasing a telemetry user interface to see how, what, where and why we are slow or fast. AND how that effects the car or/and driving style. Furthermore, this introduces more of a team effort and increase engagement with the team. Thoughts? Or too much of a project?
  7. SORRY ABOUT THAT! I have so much telemetry data comparing pad and wheel users. One of the biggest deltas is the lack of grip with very large spikes with wheel slippage. When I use the single player, the wheel slippage decreases quite a bit, not much, enough to be competitive with eSports Qualifications.
  8. ShelbyUSA


    From looking at my data recorded over and over to combat the lack of traction with using a wheel and compare it with pad user data, the math/code associated with Codies setup tool with car handling, physics and performance DOES NOT apply to real world logic. In other words, I have tried every which solution to reduce wheel slippage to increase traction with real world logic and it does not work. Sometimes, the Codies math equals solutions that DIFFIDENTLY NOT WORK in real world, hence, @DaleRossi question about a higher front rake. Honestly, the UI Setup screen doesn't translate, unless, there was a tool to understand the relation of the changes made to car and how that visually looks or understanding the visual posture of the car when making changes. Also, it would be amazing to see the performance calculations when making the changes like they do with other sim games. They don't do this because the setup code associated with the car performance is more based on manipulating the games poorly written physics engine vs. real world understanding. Again, and other words, its Codemaster's view of the world and not what translates to the world we live in. Its called, lazying coding. That is why we see all the same setups. @BarryBL
  9. ShelbyUSA

    Car Setups for xbox one F1 2019

    Just download them from the top TT times. They are all the same. FYI
  10. So you don't do league races or compete online? Just using single player? Go online and the FFB is different. Actually, the level of grip falls considerably when going online with a wheel.
  11. Even though, I don't use the mirrors...... how is Codemasters missing stuff like this? @BarryBL @BarryBL I am not a noob in software development. I had founded my own software company for about 3 years, so I understand the nuances associated with any tiny change can effect something unexpected. PM me if you like or respond here, but, I just don't understand. Small team? Focused on functionality and not he user experience? Poor choice in hardcoded platform that allows flexibility with future changes? Lack of experience? Would a different business model help? In other words, changing to a SaaS model to create resource stability? Shed some light, mate!
  12. I am asking you. Feels good, but are you faster than a pad user?
  13. ShelbyUSA

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    @BarryBL Just fix the game first.... All this BS will not needed yet.
  14. ShelbyUSA

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Sorry for being harsh, but **** like this ties up resources for CM to develop a true "eSports" platform. **** meaning, they are being distracted Jeff Interviews F2 and the entire single player.... This **** distracts them from fixing problems and we all know what needs to be fix, including the "pad traction hack." Implementing anything else, adds to potential problems and new bugs. Guys, instead of asking for additional ****, lets all come together and help them fix it first before adding additional functions. Basics first.
  15. One question, are you faster than a pad user?