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    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Hint: F1 2019 season has started. Hint: when F1 2019 season ends, so too the support for the next F1 Game release.
  2. Pit Stop at after the 1min Mark. Another great fun league race. FYI, we had a full race. APS League Race 20 Runners and 2 Commentators. 3 runners had the "pit stop bug" and the rest glitched out. I left at 9 runners left. LOL JOKE of a game.
  3. ShelbyUSA

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Its because their business model does not make sense to continue to support the games while at the end of its seasonal release. Its that simple. Think about it. They release a new game every single year. If you are a CEO of a gaming company, and you make decisions based on a few things, one of them is cost. Do you put resources on a sunsetting game, when in a few months, another release of the same game is coming?? No, you allocate resources to the next game. Makes sense, right? As you all know, games are so so so complex, and as a result, this "yearly release model" doesn't work anymore. Its half baked, and when Codemasters has sole rights to F1 License as the "official game," it's quite unfair to diminish competition due to this legal agreement. Lets be honest, the game will continue to be half baked, unless they steer away from this yearly model. Software as a Service or release it like Forza or something. In other words, we need to stop asking for patches. The next "patch" is F1 2019. We need to stop asking for additional stuff, because do you really think they can add any other needed or cool functionality? No, because they haven't perfected the basic foundation of a working game. Do you think they care? No. Its a business with tight resources with no willingness to change to support a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to increase revenue (eSports Sponsorships, Subscriptions and etc...). Its unfortunate, because its like seeing one of our friends doing something so so so stupid, you try to help and they will not listen. I love F1. It comes to a close second to my family. I have been crazy about the sport since I was 4. So, I am stuck to deal with this BS and feel compelled to write this because I am passionate about this game, the sport and I know Codemasters has it in them.... They need to change and they have an opportunity to do so. Sad.
  4. ShelbyUSA

    Custom Online Liveries

    Lets start with the basics first. Like making a game that works.
  5. ShelbyUSA

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Yep, the next patch is F1 2019
  6. ShelbyUSA

    Overheating Tires

    This doesn’t matter. I have all the data with different cambers, pressures and etc and the temp will not get effected. The game is broken, as it looks like codemasters got way above the pay grade to fiddle all of the infinite data variables. The only way to effect temp is either have a greater distance with the aero numbers from front to rear or/and balance. Again, I have tons of data to try to understand why temp is not effecting it.
  7. ShelbyUSA

    Stupid question, but is the toe setting out or in?

    It really doesn’t matter. Use the normal settings. Meaning, the top two, all the way to the right and the bottom two, all the way to the left. The game is broken. The differences depending on track and driving style comes into play with balance, maybe spring and aero. The tire pressures are also broken, so don’t bother to change them much.