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  1. PeteUplink

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    I think that if they do make a new GRID game, they should go back to something similar to the old TOCA games. They should have more real life circuits, and keep a mixture of fictional street circuits, but they should do away with the reverse tracks. Also, they should give the player a chance to practise each circuit before the race, so they're not going in blind. Maybe have each race set up like a race weekend with practise, qualifying and the race. Many of the races in GRID are ruined by the fact that the AI know's the track and drives very aggressively, so if you're not sure of the track and you're trying to find yourself some space to settle into the flow, you'll often get punted in the back by an overly aggressive AI driver who then becomes your nemesis because HE hit YOU.
  2. PeteUplink

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    My biggest issue with GRID 2019 is that it feels like a massive step backwards compared to Codies other racing games that are available at the moment. The F1 series and Dirt Rally feel like they've had a bit more thought put into them, and with the hype surrounding Alonso being a "consultant" on GRID, I thought they were going more towards those games with GRID. Sadly, though, GRID feels like a game that was put together by a B-team of developers over the course of a couple of months. It has nice handling, but everything else around it feels like "That'll do!"
  3. PeteUplink

    New structure at CM ?

    It worked in the past and there's absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work again. We have 2 football games PES and Fifa, there's more than enough room on the market for more than one F1 game. A bit of competition might actually make the developers try a bit harder to do a better job in order to pull in the buyers.
  4. PeteUplink

    New structure at CM ?

    Well you'd think that'd be the case, but I happen to know that there are a lot more F1 fans who are gamers than people think. I've followed the sport for almost 40 years and I've met all kinds of different fans and the biggest buzz is about the fact that there isn't a good F1 game. Codemasters are probably getting their information about what "fans" want from an F1 game from Ecclestone, FOM and the FIA, but they've proven that they're out of touch with what the fans of the sport actually want. Things like Ecclestone saying that young fans aren't needed by the sport because they can't afford Rolex watches, yet on the other hand we've got all these pushes to make the sport more accessible to casual viewers and younger people. Codemasters are probably instructed to make the games to appeal to a wider audience, and the license is rather restrictive, but we're seeing the same push in the real sport with DRS and ERS and marsmallow tyres to spice up the racing and encourage the casual viewer, and what do we have? Falling viewing figures world wide. People want a "purer" F1. No gimmicks and no tricks to spice up the racing. I'll stick my neck out and say that people also want a more realistic racing experience in the game. See, I'm not talking about a game here that needs to be simulation to the Nth degree, as I said Grand Prix 4 wasn't as realistic as people remember, just one that bears more of a resemblance to he sport. Keep the current handling system but add a better damage model, better collision physics that don't feel like you're making contact with a square box when you make contact with the AI drivers, a weather system works and affects the track properly with a proper drying line and different grip levels, and better AI...  Above all else BETTER AI! That's all the game really needs. People keep saying "but if it was a sim people wouldn't buy it"... How do you really know? Nobody has released an F1 sim since Grand Prix 4, and as I said even that wasn't as realistic as it could have been. Nobody has really got any idea how well an f1 sim would sell because there hasn't been one for a long time. They use examples of things like rFactor, iRacing, Simbin's GTR and GTR2 and say "They don't sell well, so simulations don't sell". Well they are only released on one system, PC, so of course they aren't going to sell as much as a multi-platform release. Then people look at what simulations have been released on console and say "Well Race Pro didn't sell on the Xbox 360". But that's absolutely nothing to do with it being a sim and everything to do with the fact that it was utter garbage... Sure the on track physics were fine, when it was just you and the track, but try racing against the AI. It's the only game I ever played where I drove head on into an AI car and had the AI car carry on as if it I wasn't even there. It was like getting run over by The Hulk. The AI never flinched. The AI cars were glued to the track and drove like the player wasn't even there. Also there was a bug at Road America where the cars coming out of the pits would stay on the pit limiter until they'd reached the racing line on the straight, so anyone coming up the straight at high speed was met with a car moving at 50mph on the racing line and colliding with it was like hitting a solid concrete block. That's why simulations don't sell on consoles, because all the "proper" simulations that have been released for consoles are crap and they're only used to playing simcade games like Forza and GT. Also it'd be nice if the game had a better system for making you feel like you're in a team. At the moment, no matter who you driver for, it's you vs everyone else including your team mate. I think a system that adjusts your team mates performance compared to your own should be implemented. In my career I've won 9 of the first races driving as Lewis Hamilton's team mate.. he's finished 2nd to me every race and he drives at the same level all the time. Also, at the end of every race, he comes to congratulate me for humiliating him. If he gets a lead, I catch and pass him, but he struggles to pass me if he's behind and quicker. yet he's always "YAY! Well done, Pete!" when the races are over. If Lewis was being as comprehensively beaten by a team mate as he is by me, he wouldn't be all smiles about it. In fact he'd look like someone had just shot his dog. Not only that but he'd try harder in the races to beat me. F1 is about the drama as much as it is the racing. The game needs to find some way to reflect this. Another thing I don't understand about all this is why is there only one licensed F1 game? Back in the 90's we had multiple F1 games, some were good, some were bad, but everyone was catered for. We had games like Vroom and Super Monaco GP that were aimed at an arcade level and released on consoles and we had games like Grand Prix that were aimed at the simmers and released on PC, and everyone was happy. People got to play the game they wanted and the developers didn't have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for an exclusive license. if the license costs like 60 million for one company to buy it, surely it makes sense to allow three companies to pay 20 million each and develop a sim, an arcade game and something inbetween. That way the FIA and FOM still get their cash and the fans are happy because they get the games they want to play rather than a game that tried to fill all the holes but fails.
  5. PeteUplink

    New structure at CM ?

    Anonymous. I sent Steve Hood several links to F1 fan forums where people were discussing the game. I'm talking proper F1 fans here, and lots of them, too. The views they had of the game weren't exactly thrilling. Hood disregarded it as a minority... So if your main fan base are the minority, who exactly are you making the game for and where are this silent majority? I'll tell you where the "majority" are. In the back of Steve Hoods mind. He made them up when he realised that he couldn't do what Geoff Crammond and Papyrus did and make a good F1 game, so he made excuses! What we've seen with F1 2014 is a lack of interest. The games too shallow for the main F1 fanbase and it's not got enough bells and whistles to keep the casuals interested. The net result is Steve Hood leaving the series, probably performance based... Let's hope that whoever takes over does a better job, if Codemasters are keeping the license.
  6. PeteUplink

    New structure at CM ?

    I think Steve Hood and Codemasters forgot that when they're run out of new gimmicks to put into the game (like live the life and classic cars), as happened with F1 2014, the main F1 fanbase are the ones most likely to continue buying the game, but only if you give them a reason to. What we saw with the Codemasters F1 series under Steve Hood was a systematic disregard of the main F1 fanbase in favour of a game that tried to appeal mainly to casual racers. The stripping down of the race weekend, the poor AI, the limited damage, the poor track evolution, the Mario Kart handling, and the fact that there isn't really a dry line that appears when the track goes from wet to dry (they had it in F1 2010 but it was removed and the track pretty much goes from full wet to full dry in a few laps now) all served to make the game shallower with each release. The problem is, as the years went on they ran out of ideas to keep the casuals happy, but the core game was not good enough or detailed enough to keep the F1 fans coming back for more.  Now I'm not talking about being "ultra realistic" here.  Even GP4 is not as realistic as most people think, but the game has depth, good handling, extensive car setup options, telemetry, a weather system that works properly and can be customised for the season, proper damage, tyre wear that's properly simulated, fuel loads that affect the handling realistically, decent AI, mechnical failures, punctures... Basically everything F1 20XX wasn't... I'm not saying that F1 20XX hasn't improved. It has... a bit. The game is reasonably fun for a quick belt around Silverstone on a 25% to 50% race, but I still get more enjoyment out of racing GP4 on 100% races with a current season mod than I do F1 2014 because I find GP4 more interesting. Sure it's looking dated now, but it feels like F1. F1 20XX has always felt like Race Driver with F1 shaped touring cars... When you hit an AI car it feels like you're hitting a solid box, like a closed wheel touring car, even if the contact is wheel to wheel. Open wheel cars often become airbourne when making wheel to wheel contact, but you just don't get this with F1 20XX. The physics simulation has always been really poor.  Steve Hood often talked a good game, and bigged up his credentials (big F1 fan, made F1 games previous to joining Codemasters, blah, blah) but never delivered on it. Quite frankly, anyone can say they're a big fan of a sport, but it doesn't actually mean you know anything about making a game about it... Yes, he'd worked on F1 games in the past. But he wasn't the project leader on most of them as far as I know.  What Codemasters need to do, if they're going to continue making F1 games, is listen to what the F1 fans want from the game. Not the casual fans who'd be more interested in COD or GTA and only buy an F1 game when there's nothing else being released or it's in the bargain bin, because they don't matter. Once you run out of gimmicks to add to the game, the people most interested in buying it will be the F1 fans. But if the core game is shallow and fundamentally flawed then they won't buy it. As I said multiple times in the early days of this game series, you wouldn't make a Batman video game aimed at fans of Star Trek so stop making F1 games aimed at GTA and COD players. Make an F1 game that reflects what the sport is like and has some depth to it, not Grid with some F1 shaped cars and tracks. 
  7. PeteUplink

    AI : Qualy vs race pace

    I had this problem in previous games. Not noticed it quite so much in 2014.
  8. PeteUplink

    Wet Weather transitions are much improved!

    Unfortunately all of my races in changing conditions have been the same as previous years. Track's wet, then the rain stops and it dries in a couple of laps. No real drying line to speak of.
  9. PeteUplink

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I'd like to have more of a feel that you're in a team. As it stands you're really just driving for yourself, but I'd like to see some more team based gameplay. Like if you punt your team mate off the track it should affect the team and your team mates opinion of you, especially if you're the number 2 driver. Also, if you're the number 2, the team may ask you to hold position behind the number 1 driver or ask you to give up your position for him, and whether or not you decide to follow that order affects your relationship with the team and your team mate. If you follow the order, your team will look favourably on you, but if you ignore it you lose some prestige within the team. However, if you ignore the order and you score points or win the race, or if your team mate crashes out, then the team's opinion of you would be better. Also there should be more rivalry between you and your team mate. In my own career I've out raced and out qualified Hamilton in 6 races, but in all of the end race cut scenes he's been there to happily shake me by the hand. From watching F1 I know that he'd be a lot less happy to be outperformed by such a big margin. F1 is as much about the drama off track as it is the action on track and the game should reflect that in some way. I'd also like to see mechanical problems that can affect your championship. Like the loss of an engine, an electrical problem, a slipping clutch at the start of the race... And an option to turn it off for those that just want a straight forward racer.
  10. I like this game. Yes, I suppose it is just a big mega-patch for F1 2013, and it's not really a sim,  but I think Codemasters have finally started to really get to grips with developing F1 games. F1 2010, 2011 and 2012 were OK-ish, but 2013 was a good step in the right direction and 2014 improves upon that. This is the first F1 game that's been released on consoles that I've enjoyed since F1 '97 on the PS1. Now, if they could just do something more interesting with the career mode, like add a bit more of the driver's personalities... I've just out qualified and out raced Lewis Hamilton 6 times and every time the race ending cut scene has showed him happily coming to congratulate me at the end of every race. I know from watching the sport that he wouldn't be nearly as happy as this to be beaten by a team mate, especially not 6 times by a rookie team mate... Speaking of "rookies" any chance we can have different career starts, like a returning WDC, or an aging driver who's looking to win one more championship before retiring, or a driver who's had a bad season and now you're under pressure to perform... Just something to take you away from the old "X team has just signed an untested rookie" scenario that we get every year. I'd also like the game to be more team structured. Like, if you're a number 2 driver, you may be asked to follow a specific team order, or the team might have specific tasks for you to perform in the practise sessions (an expansion on the R&D tasks you do now) and following those orders, or not, affects your relationship within the team and your team mate. The more your rivalry with your team mate grows, the harder he tries to beat you. Real F1 is often as much about the inter team drama and rivalries among team mates as it is the racing and it'd be nice if the games could reflect that in some way. Also, proper mechanical faults that can affect your championship (like we've seen this year with Mercedes drivers) would be a nice touch... And the option to turn them off for people who don't want them.