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  1. It worked in the past and there's absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work again. We have 2 football games PES and Fifa, there's more than enough room on the market for more than one F1 game. A bit of competition might actually make the developers try a bit harder to do a better job in order to pull in the buyers.
  2. Well you'd think that'd be the case, but I happen to know that there are a lot more F1 fans who are gamers than people think. I've followed the sport for almost 40 years and I've met all kinds of different fans and the biggest buzz is about the fact that there isn't a good F1 game. Codemasters are probably getting their information about what "fans" want from an F1 game from Ecclestone, FOM and the FIA, but they've proven that they're out of touch with what the fans of the sport actually want. Things like Ecclestone saying that young fans aren't needed by the sport because they can't afford R
  3. Anonymous. I sent Steve Hood several links to F1 fan forums where people were discussing the game. I'm talking proper F1 fans here, and lots of them, too. The views they had of the game weren't exactly thrilling. Hood disregarded it as a minority... So if your main fan base are the minority, who exactly are you making the game for and where are this silent majority? I'll tell you where the "majority" are. In the back of Steve Hoods mind. He made them up when he realised that he couldn't do what Geoff Crammond and Papyrus did and make a good F1 game, so he made excuses! What we've seen with F
  4. I think Steve Hood and Codemasters forgot that when they're run out of new gimmicks to put into the game (like live the life and classic cars), as happened with F1 2014, the main F1 fanbase are the ones most likely to continue buying the game, but only if you give them a reason to. What we saw with the Codemasters F1 series under Steve Hood was a systematic disregard of the main F1 fanbase in favour of a game that tried to appeal mainly to casual racers. The stripping down of the race weekend, the poor AI, the limited damage, the poor track evolution, the Mario Kart handling, and the fact that
  5. I had this problem in previous games. Not noticed it quite so much in 2014.
  6. Unfortunately all of my races in changing conditions have been the same as previous years. Track's wet, then the rain stops and it dries in a couple of laps. No real drying line to speak of.
  7. I'd like to have more of a feel that you're in a team. As it stands you're really just driving for yourself, but I'd like to see some more team based gameplay. Like if you punt your team mate off the track it should affect the team and your team mates opinion of you, especially if you're the number 2 driver. Also, if you're the number 2, the team may ask you to hold position behind the number 1 driver or ask you to give up your position for him, and whether or not you decide to follow that order affects your relationship with the team and your team mate. If you follow the order, your team will
  8. I like this game. Yes, I suppose it is just a big mega-patch for F1 2013, and it's not really a sim,  but I think Codemasters have finally started to really get to grips with developing F1 games. F1 2010, 2011 and 2012 were OK-ish, but 2013 was a good step in the right direction and 2014 improves upon that. This is the first F1 game that's been released on consoles that I've enjoyed since F1 '97 on the PS1. Now, if they could just do something more interesting with the career mode, like add a bit more of the driver's personalities... I've just out qualified and out raced Lewis Hamilton 6
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