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  1. Fusion Racing calling out to all drivers available Saturday nights. 10 race seasons with tracks unknown until joining lobby. Looking for commited drivers for 100% attendance. If you think this suits you then join us. We also work in collaboration with Fusion Gaming Community. https://discord.gg/vMCcaakTqp
  2. Looking for a league on saturday nights then join Fusion Racing, always on the lookout for drivers.
  3. We are still looking for drivers to fill out our grid, everything is up and running. We just need the drivers to get the season underway. We also have a separate community discord group where you can advertise and recruit for your leagues.
  4. All caliber of drivers welcomed. just click on the link above. The quicker we can get a full grid the quicker we can start the season. Everything is already in place for the league to begin, just need the drivers to join up.
  5. Join on the discord to sign up for Saturday night racing. Plenty of positions available including staff roles.
  6. Still looking for Drivers and staff. If interested just join our Discord link above.
  7. Due to the overwhelming response, they are now recruiting for their Division 4, yes I said 4, join their discord with the link above
  8. Swift F1 Racing are recruiting for their Division 4 which is on a Monday night. https://discord.gg/aN5rRTM2 Just mention who invited you and you should be good to go
  9. New League starting soon on Saturday Nights for Xbox. Fusion Racing will be run on Saturday Nights 9pm BST (possibly 8pm, will cater for the majority). Its in its infancy stage as we are still looking for a lot of people to help out. This is where I am asking for Drivers and Staff Members, in particular: General Admin Stewards ( looking for 2 or 3) Commentators (preferably 2, not necessary though) Graphic Designer Drivers For those that want to know more details regarding the League and its setup: League Details: Lobby open 8:30pm - Session s
  10. Swift F1 are on the lookout for drivers for both their Division 1 and 2 Leagues. Div 1 race on Thursdays 8pm BST. Div 2 race on Mondays 8pm BST. If your are available and want to join us then just click on the link above for the discord and introduce yourselves.
  11. Due to the overwhelming response, SF1 League are now creating a Division 2 which will be held on Monday nights. Same time race start as before. Anyone that is interested then please contact them through the discord link above.
  12. Swift Formula 1 Racing League are looking for drivers on their new league. Thursday nights 8pm ( Lobby Open) 8:30pm Race Start. Full Quali, 50% Race. More details can be found in their discord channel. https://discord.gg/9yPnmrfDB2
  13. With the sad loss of one of the greatest commentators of our time, I remember the F1 97 game had Murray commentating in it. I know this was an EA title but I would possibly suggest to see if them sound files could be acquired and then have Murray walker say a couple of things in the new game being developed.
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