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  1. Morsify

    Make Steam default to DX11

    You could do this in F1 2019, so maybe this will work in F1 2020 too. For F1 2019: right click on F1 2019 in steam library, select 'manage', and then 'add desktop shortcut'. Shortcut will appear on your desktop, right click on it, and select 'properties'. Now, where it says 'steam://rungameid/928600' change it to : 'steam://launch/928600/option2' (without the quotes). This will launch the game in DX11. The same process may well work for F1 2020. (I can't take credit for this, it was posted some time ago on Steam, but it definitely works for me in F1 2019). EDIT BTW, option1 will default to DX12
  2. Morsify

    My Team mid-season Driver transfers?

    I suppose that's the more important question - do the mid season transfers happen a lot in My Team? If they don't happen too much then I guess it is not a big problem. Can anyone confirm if they are seeing too many AI transfers or hardly any, or any stupid ones that spoil the season standings? I'm still playing 2019 right now, I really like the idea of 2020's My Team, but equally, I want a believable driver's championship experience each season, so if anyone can comment on more on the AI mid season transfers it would be appreciated.
  3. Morsify

    My Team mid-season Driver transfers?

    @BarryBL Is there any chance the option to turn off mid season transfers in My Team can be added in a patch, like it was last year, in career mode? i.e. it would be great to be able to choose between transfers on / transfers at end of season only / or transfers off. Thanks
  4. Can anyone please confirm, is it possible to switch off mid season AI driver transfers in My Team? I want only end of season changes, as that is more realistic. Thanks
  5. Morsify

    Merge career and my team

    I like your suggestions of choosing whether to do F2 / starting a career and a team / or starting a team later on during my career. There would be no need for a separate career, as the player could choose never to start the 11th team if they didn't want to. Makes a lot of sense.
  6. Morsify

    Those stupid driver transfers are back

    At least that is something, but, if the 'no mid season transfers' option is not included in My Team, then that pretty much makes it the same as last year for me. I don't want the silly transfers, so I am back to the normal career. I might as well carry on playing 2019 and not bother buying 2020. @BarryBL I don't know if you are able to pass on suggestions, but I really hope this will get a mention with the devs. I was so pleased when they fixed this in 2019, but if the switchable option is not in My Team, then it's not a great choice. Please include 'end of season transfers only' option.
  7. PLEASE add the option to turn off the mid season transfers in My Team. I haven't bought the game yet, and I held off buying 2019 till these transfers were switch-off-able. Now I've read on the net that these mid season transfers are back in, with no option to switch them off. I'm sorry, but it is NOT realistic and spoils the whole driver standings, to have sudden driver swaps mid season. They are NOT common in real F1, they are great for end of season, but they are NOT needed mid season. Fine, if some players want to switch it on, so be it, but please don't subject us all to it. 2020 is really looking good, and I was looking forward to buying it as soon as I got through more of my 2019 career, but I am now in no rush to buy it. I know just one customer is of no consequence to you, but if I don't post my feedback, then you'll never know. You fixed it in 2019, just please fix it again in 2020. 😞
  8. Morsify

    Mechanical failure

    Yes, so it's not just mechanical failures that make you feel 'frustrated'. The other day, I did a stupid spin on lap 3 in Hungary, and lost a wheel. Race over, completely needless, and completely my own fault. And the car felt good enough to get me into the points. I was furious. But I didn't press the restart button (I'm not saying I always manage to stop myself though LOL). So it's on to Belgium and now I need to do even better to make up for lost points. It makes the whole career more believable and meaningful to me.
  9. Morsify

    Mechanical failure

    It's not that I have a lot of time to game, I just have to do mid race saves if I am short of time. Yes, there is a danger it can feel like Russian Roulette, that's a fair point, but if it's done right, it can feel like the development of the car / the way you drive / your choice of components, can actually be meaningful to the state of your car, so if you had an engine failure, it might not actually be a complete surprise, instead it would be more like a gamble that you took when preparing for the race, or when you're pushing too hard towards the end of the race. But always, it should be an option that is switchable, so it can be used or not, depending on the player's preference.
  10. Morsify

    Mechanical failure

    Well, maybe I'm a saddo, but from Geoff Crammonds F1 GP, right through many sims up to today, I more often then not play full distance, full career, and yes, I am 'happy' if I break down on the last lap and lose the championship. Actually I am cursing and swearing, and not at all happy, but that's what makes a race sim MORE of a race sim for me - the highs and lows, having to come back from a DNF that wasn't my fault, getting a lucky break when other drivers retire, or even losing the championship on the last lap. It's about time this option was included, and they should stop making excuses for not including it. It could be a slider so you can choose the likelihood of a failure depending on the car you are driving, but could also be based on your car development or the combined state of fitted components, or manner of driving, as well as the random element. Come on Codies, it really is time you stopped overlooking this.
  11. Morsify

    TS-XW with F1 wheel

    Thanks @steviejay69, that's good of you. I've stored them away in case something weird or unforeseen happens to my wheel in the future.
  12. Morsify

    Worth getting F1 2019 now?

    I must be lucky. I bought F1 2019 couple of months ago, and I'm doing a 100% career (I don't play other modes). I'm in Hungary at the moment (12th race of the season), driving for Alfa Romeo, and I haven't had any bugs. I'm enjoying it more than any previous CM F1 game so far. So if you're only interested in career, well, I have no complaints at all. I very rarely use other modes, so maybe that's where the bugs reside.
  13. Morsify

    Free Practice.

    I think you're right - there were all 3 practice sessions in F1 2011, and they reduced it to just P3 in F1 2012. I remember being disappointed about that, but they thankfully went back to all 3 sessions, certainly by F1 2016. I've got a feeling it was one of the reasons I decided not to buy it in 2013.
  14. Morsify

    Hello my name is sidd

    Hello Sidd, happy birthday, you're very lucky, I am going to be 58 in December so I only have a vague memory of my 18th !! LOL Anyway, welcome to the forums, hopefully we'll never be too old to enjoy F1 or any other motorsport, real or games, & F1 2020 is hopefully going to be a good one.
  15. And don't worry about your lap times compared to other players. As long as you can set the AI to match your pace, and have fun racing, that is what matters. You'll get steadily faster sooner than you think.