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  1. I'd like this clarified too @BarryBL. If We are playing career mode (or My Team) in 2022, and Max starts as number 1 but loses at the end of the first season, surely he should then revert to #33, or there could end up with two number ones the following season?
  2. Thanks for that info, I think I'll just keep watching for now and see if this gets any fix. Yet again it's back to F1 2019 for now.
  3. That's a shame. I'm still considering buying now that driver transfers can be turned off, but that's a bit off putting 😞
  4. What exactly is wrong with the AI at these 3 circuits? Thanks
  5. I'm sorry to see that CM chose the easiest option of turning off driver transfers. It's certainly better than stupid mid season changes, so a big thank you for that, but F1 2019 also allowed a third option of 'end of season only' driver moves, and it's a great shame this one has been left out (and has to be begged for every year). Maybe someone from the devs team might remember to improve and include these choices in 22 without the constant need for the customers to keep asking for it. I hate to be negative but it's just true.
  6. I keep getting the above error if I try to launch either of these games. I tried to follow the instructions and paste in the error code, but even that did not work properly. These games are expensive. I spend my hard earned money on them, I only want to play offline career, so a server issue should not affect me, BUT IT DOES. Please sort it out Codemasters, I want to play the official F1 game, but you are not inspiring me to buy any future versions.
  7. I just tried F1 2017 and this has the exact same problem.
  8. I just tried to launch F1 2019 and I am getting the same error message 'server not reachable'. Is there any chance anyone from Codemasters cares enough to fix this so that we can play the games we bought? I hope so, but somehow I am not filled with confidence. If anyone knows a way round this it would be much appreciated. I only want to play offline career anyway. 😞
  9. I Couldn't agree more. What is there to investigate? The option was there in F1 2019 : transfers on, transfers at end of season only, or transfers off. What is so difficult in understanding that the customer wanted this then and STILL wants it now? If you can't allow players to choose which driver goes to which team for themselves, then at least put those three options back in. The current mid season transfers are just plain ridiculous. Apart from the un-believable transfers that can happen, which in itself is immersion breaking, it completely ruins the whole championship fight when
  10. Why do some people get pleasure out of posting pointless posts with nothing but critisicm? I asked valid questions, and I'm grateful for those that answered with useful answers. I've bought too many of Codemasters's previous games to be stupid enough to buy before I know the version has not once again dropped one of the essential features of the game. So yes, thanks for coming and adding such value to the post, bye.
  11. Thanks for confirming this, I understood it was missing a few weeks back.I That just leaves the out of season transfers, for me to buy this year 😊
  12. 1 mid race saves - put them back in! 2 end of season driver transfers - put the options back in! 3 anything you like, just give me 1 and 2 before I buy.
  13. I'm pretty sure something like this happened in F1 2020 too. Hopefully you'll get some help here from the moderators
  14. What about steering calibration settings in the game options? linearity or saturation - I think one of them affects the steering sensitivity at higher speeds (can't remember which one).
  15. It's not all the AI fault: Ricciardo had you beat, and was braking to make the turn, that's where he had to go (look at the right kerb, he is on it, so he can't go further to the right) - but you braked too late into his rear left wheel rather than concede. Be honest with yourself - was it on purpose? You should have gone tighter into the corner or given in. He was in front and YOU collided with him. Looking at your steering, you also appear to turn to the right into him because you didn't like losing. In real life that turn of the wheel deserved to get you a penalty. Your overtake i
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