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  1. What about steering calibration settings in the game options? linearity or saturation - I think one of them affects the steering sensitivity at higher speeds (can't remember which one).
  2. It's not all the AI fault: Ricciardo had you beat, and was braking to make the turn, that's where he had to go (look at the right kerb, he is on it, so he can't go further to the right) - but you braked too late into his rear left wheel rather than concede. Be honest with yourself - was it on purpose? You should have gone tighter into the corner or given in. He was in front and YOU collided with him. Looking at your steering, you also appear to turn to the right into him because you didn't like losing. In real life that turn of the wheel deserved to get you a penalty. Your overtake i
  3. I'm glad you posted this. I was waiting for the out of season driver transfer option to be added back in before I buy F1 21, but without the mid race save, I may as well give up waiting. If that option is missing (how on Earth could it be left out?) then I can't play my 100% distances, I just don't always get time to complete a race in one go. Come on CM, what is this about? Surely this is a vital option, it can't seriously have been intentionally removed? @BarryBL sorry to tag you again, but is the mid race save seriously no longer an option? (I am hoping you will confirm it's
  4. I can't remember which off the top of my head, but if you change linearity or saturation, one of them will make the in game wheel turn more or less so you can match it exactly to your wheel. Try them one at a time, one of them does the job.
  5. I understand, that's fair, and if they add that choice then that's a result. Personally I'd just be happy to have the 2019 options back in - mid season, out of season, or none at all. Having your suggestion as a 4th option would be a massive result. Fingers crossed, at least the devs are looking at it.
  6. No, I just think, as in real life, the player should of course choose their team at the beginning, and then be able to make driver changes for the start of each season. In other words, I think it should be the same for career and MyTeam i.e driver transfers out of season only. Obviously this is only my personal preference, and others might like different choices, which is why I am disappointed those choices have disappeared (so far) this year.
  7. I don't understand why it would never be possible in MyTeam? Surely the 'whole point of the game mode' is to run your own team, not constantly move drivers around mid season.
  8. Agreed, a bit of effort and the Turkey track could surely be acceptable to include in the calendar. We've all seen that the same tracks are used over several years, some old signs are always left in accidently. It always seems like a waste to leave the old circuits out when they are removed from the IRL calendar. Yes, I know the old 'licencing' argument will be thrown in there, but we don't know that is actually the reason. It's just as likely to be a bit of laziness, i.e. easier to move on and not include them, which is a shame, when they could be used for a custom season, or even better
  9. Out of interest, how long are your races? This might also have a bearing on the frequency of the safety car.
  10. Thanks Barry, I really, really hope they add the option back in.
  11. Agreed, but actually with F1 2019 you could choose 'out of season transfers only', so I am still playing 2019, waiting to see if they put the option in to F1 2021.
  12. That's the only time I use rewind (flashback) - to correct unfair game 'decisions' that are just wrong. 🙂
  13. This is, once again, what I am waiting for. It's just NOT realistic and I will not buy & start a career unless I can switch mid season transfers off, I want those end of season transfers back (or transfers off altogether if necessary). PLEASE CM, add the option back in, we fought for it long enough a couple of years ago, don't take it away again.
  14. Agreed. In 19 we all asked for the option to choose the driver transfer setting (on/off/only after season), it's very disappointing if the 'after season only' option has been removed or forgotten. How about it @BarryBL, any chance you could remind the devs of this one? Many of us only want transfers between seasons, NOT mid season which is unrealistic and can also adversely affect the season scores & potentially spoil the championship fight.
  15. I agree. It's ridiculous -it doesn't matter who is faster or slower, the car just catches up and then shunts the rear without any attempt at overtaking or adjusting pace or position. I experienced this in the beta, and I got the impression that aggression had been increased to satisfy people who complained the AI were not aggressive enough. For that reason, I did not buy 2020, I've waited to hear that it's been improved but I've seen this complaint ever since. So I stuck to 2019, and their behaviour is considerably better than this. Turning up the difficulty in 2019 does not make th
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