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  1. Morsify

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    Thanks @Camza2011 I missed those. As I say, I'm testing a new Williams career (100% distance) and the AI have started on softs in the first three races (except one car that started on medium), and also just started a 50% one as another test (all started on soft except for one on mediums), so I'm not seeing the problem - but the bug might only show up when playing shorter distances (say 25% or less), or maybe would be fixed by starting a new career? It would be good to get confirmation from CM.
  2. Morsify

    Everyone on Medium after Q1 finish

    I have not read anything about this problem before, so I must have missed it if it's been a known problem since release? (Yes I only recently bought the game, but I have been following this since release as I only wanted to buy after any major problems were fixed). I just started a new career with Williams to test this. 100% distance, full qualifying, 91% difficulty. In Melbourne I did not qualify past Q1, but the AI all started the race on soft tyres, so I didn't see any problem there. In race 2, one car started on medium, the rest on soft, & race 3 all on soft. Of course it is only the first 3 races, but they did not start on mediums as DonBlanko is reporting. Out of interest @DonBlanko, have you tried starting a new career and double checking that the problem still happens? (you can always load your proper career back in any time you want). Also, what settings are you using - full qualifying?, full race distance? If this really is a bug, it would be good to make sure, so it can be reported before CM move away from patching the game and on to 2020.
  3. Thanks @BarryBL, I was aware of it in real life F1, but it's great to know it's been included in the game too. I was being a bit thick - I should have realised it worked that way, when I was given the option to use the number 1 if I win a championship, but it only dawned on me when I saw people painting skins, & I suddenly thought, 'wait, how can they be painting permanent numbers on the cars?', but of course they are not, the game is adding the correct number on top of the skin. Thanks for clarifying it.
  4. Morsify

    Codemasters please change ERS

    Yep, this would do it for me 🙂
  5. Morsify

    Codemasters please change ERS

    Agreed, I still think I must be missing some hotkeys somewhere, so that I can switch quickly to 'low' or 'overtake', but I'm glad it's not just me.
  6. OK, That's really good if it works that way then, and that must mean that modders who paint skins must be painting them without any numbers on, and the numbers get added by the game. That's good work by CM, look forward to seeing that, I'm only on race 3 so it'll be a while before I see transfers as I've got them set to end of season. 🙂
  7. Just wondering, when an AI driver transfers to another team in career mode, does their number move onto their new car?
  8. Morsify

    Bug report - speed trap reporting error?

    Hehe, that's true. He sometimes says things that are out of place and it really doesn't bother me (the main two are 'you're in the top ten', when I've been there for the entire race, or 'looks like the problem is fixed, they're back up to speed', when he hadn't even mentioned anyone having problems). I don't really care what speed he tells me I went through the speedtrap (except when I'm trying to fulfil one of the practice goals). But since I saw that it was wrong I thought I'd try and help out by reporting it. If he's going to the trouble to tell me the last top speed I achieved, I wouldn't think it would take much more effort in the coding to check that it's my overall session best speed, but if CM are happy with it the way it is, then it's not something I lose sleep over 🙂
  9. Morsify

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I drive with the halo, as I think it's more realistic than removing it completely (but I'd have to sit in a real F1 cockpit to be sure) so it's not true to say it's a problem for all cockpit users. BUT I think this is a well reasoned idea - the eyes in a real cockpit will definitely cancel out a lot of the halo directly in front. So, provided this does not cause detriment to graphics (stuttering or poor performance due to extra graphic layer in some way), then why not? It would be a good option to have something similar to that Assetto Corsa version, and players could use it and adjust it, or not use it, whatever they choose.
  10. Morsify

    Bug report - speed trap reporting error?

    If it worked the way you describe at least it would be useful, but I believe it is still wrong. If you drive out to test a setup and you do a stint of 2 or 3 hotlaps, when you return to the pits, as far as I can tell, the engineer reports the last speed that you recorded through the trap. So when you come back into the pits, you have no way of knowing what your top speed through the speedtrap was, so it doesn't help. As I said in original post, IRL the top speed is recorded for the entire session, it does not keep recording the last speed that was set through the trap, it should only update when a driver records a higher speed.
  11. I notice that the report by the engineer about my speed trap (when he says for example, 'We're 10th in the speedtrap, 188.5mph'), keeps resetting during a session. He is reporting the player's most recent speed through the trap, instead of the player's overall best for that particular session. So, for instance, I go into P1. In my first stint I go through the trap at 200mph. Back in the pits, he correctly reports, from time to time 'We're 4th in the speedtrap, 200.2mph'. I then do stint 2, but this time, I go through the trap at 150mph. Back in the pits, the engineer now reports THAT speed instead. (for example), 'we're 20th in the speedtrap, 150.3mph.' I believe this is wrong, as he should report my top speed in the trap for that particular session, NOT the speed that I last passed through it. Look at any F1 session IRL, you can always refer to a driver's top speed at any time during a session, and it will not change every time he does another stint, it will simply show his top speed for that session. (BTW, this was in career mode, on PC ver 1.21 Steam). No video necessary, it can easily be reproduced - just go into a practice session, do a short stint recording at least one fast lap, and return to pits. Listen for a few minutes - after a while the engineer will report your position in the speedtrap along with the speed attained. Then repeat this, again do at least one fast lap but with a slower speed through the trap, then return to pits. He will now report the lower speed.
  12. Morsify

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    The game forces you to use it correctly for the race (at least it seems to - I'm in my very first race in F1 2019 so I can only say it worked this time so far!), but it does not prevent it being used again in Q2 or Q3, so it would be possible to make the mistake. Of course it should be allowed to use it anyway as IRL, even if it would be rare to do so, but whichever is the current fastest Q2 tyre - (race tyre) - should be indicated somehow, as it was in F1 2017, so that we can avoid using it again unless we specifically choose to. It seems such a strange & simple (& important) thing to have removed.
  13. Just something I noticed is missing, I don't know if it's still possible to add it back in at this stage of development - in the previous F1 games, on the tyre selection screen, it showed which tyre I had used for my fastest lap in Q2 i.e. the one I would be starting the race on. This enable me to avoid using it again accidently in Q3 (or using it a second time in Q2). In F1 2019, this seems to have been removed, so once you change to a different tyre, you have to remember which tyre you used for the fast lap, to avoid using it again before the race. It's only a minor point, but it was clearly marked in F1 2017 as the race tyre, which was very useful.
  14. Update - I have no idea why, but now when I load in my career and drive out of the garage, I am correctly in my cockpit view! The last things I did were - I tried yet again setting the view in main menu options (even though it was already set on cockpit, I just set it to something else and then back to cockpit). I loaded my career and paused it, and changed the same setting from the options within the pause menu (again, even though it was already set on cockpit). When I drove out, it still defaulted to TV Pod, and by then I decided not to worry about it. Anyway, I did a mid session save, and left the game, went to the shops, and when I came back and started my pc and the game, loaded my career to continue P3, and I am now correctly in cockpit view! I have definitely done previous mid session saves in P1 and P2 so I'm not sure why it has worked this time, but anyway, it does seem to be fixed, and I've also tested it by restarting a couple more times. 🙂❔
  15. Thanks BarryBL, that's good, hopefully it's a simple fix 🙂