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  1. Hi devs, with F1 2020 just round the corner, how about releasing the F1 2019 language files as you've done in the past? It would be a great move, it's always been appreciated when you've done it in the past, and it would keep some life in the 2019 game for a while longer. Cheers 🙂
  2. Morsify

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    I love racing Monaco. Yes, it's out of sync with all the other 'safety conscious' modern track designs these days, with little space to improve it any further, but it's just too much of a tradition, and too much a part of F1 to be removed (and probably too much of a money maker too). I hope they never do remove it. (edit - sorry just saw the game of the last post, not sure what made me see this! Still relevant though, I suppose).
  3. I think if you search for 'Colin Mcrae 4 widescreen fix' on google or Youtube, you can find a fix for that.
  4. It's sometimes hard to get the starts right, but I think it's just down to revs really. Get it above 11000 and react quick to the lights, but don't just floor it, you have to temper the throttle and try to find the best traction. If you floor it, your wheels will spin, you lose grip and you'll be overtaken. (I know that's easy to say, and the same thing happens to me, but sometimes less throttle is faster). Also, getting into 2nd slightly earlier can help with this as it help the car rev lower and grip earlier. EDIT, actually after watching your start again, it looks like you are not even using all the revs in each gear. You are zapping through the gears up to 5th, maybe too quick. If you feel you have got the grip, then use the revs fully before changing to next gear. You seem to get into 5th, 6th, 7th, far too quickly. (watch the revs in your clip, then watch the revs in the Merc clip, that is how it should be in yours). I hope that helps.
  5. It's a racing incident at the start of the race, but after watching both views, it's down to you, I'm sorry but that's how I see it. You got a bad start, merc got in front & that first turn was his, you then kept your foot down when the Merc already had the line through the first turn. You then rejoined in his blind spot and expected him to give way even though he was ahead. Again, you can't just keep your foot down and expect to rejoin like that. You have to know when to give up the place. Imagine you are the Merc driver, if you're honest I think you'd be happy with your start in that case.
  6. Morsify

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    Was it also Emerson or his brother Wilson who started their own team and drove the car? And Graham Hill was already mentioned, so it pretty much shoots the argument down. I think it is a good new addition, it has happened in real life several times, and in any case, in the game we have to make various decisions that the driver would not normally make, so why not run a team and drive for it? Hey, there's also that good old thing called imagination - Between races, IMAGINE you're a team boss, then when it's time to drive, IMAGINE you are a racing driver. And the bottom line - everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it's not designed around that one person, and no one has to play that mode if they don't want to.
  7. Morsify

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Your ability to remain tight lipped about the beta is impressive. How long did you last before posting this?
  8. I understand there's a wide range of ages using the forum, and I understand that people are excited about the possibility of getting in the beta. But this is still a forum for discussing the game or F1 in general and surely we can all find the maturity to have some regard for others when we are pressing the 'post' button. Is your post necessary? Does it say anything relevant? Will others want to read it? I'm just wondering, how many people have used the ignore button, in this or other forums? I ask because there is so much pointless repetition of posts here that it becomes really annoying. Just one example - a user has over 30 posts with an average of just 4 words per post. First, it's obvious they just want to raise their message count, hoping it will get them in the beta program. But second, and more importantly, it is just pointless and timewasting, and annoys many users, to keep getting a notification that there's a post, only to visit and find another meaningless, 'yeah' or 'ok' has been posted. Shouldn't we all think a bit before posting and have respect for the forum? Sorry, rant over.
  9. Morsify

    Pit stop glitch

    There's another topic on this, saying the same thing. I sympathise but personally I've seen this happen in real life and I'd rather it was kept like this. These things do happen - the safety car rolls a dice and teams have to make quick decisions, either to pit one, pit both and stack them, or keep position on track. The pit lane gets congested, and stacking and blocking is a real possibility - the safety car can win you positions or lose you a race. (I don't know how much work it would be, but maybe it could be an option in the game menu - ghosting in pits on/off ?)
  10. I enjoy Dirt Rally 1 in VR. I saw a lot of complaints about the VR in Dirt Rally 2, but maybe it's been sorted out with patches - do you think it works well now? I'd still like to try it eventually. (I've got Oculus Rift CV1) Also, Is it worth it if I already have Dirt Rally 1, have you found much improvement, especially in VR? EDIT: Yes, Colin McRae Was also a great game 🙂
  11. Morsify

    Game Drive Location

    I don't think it matters. In fact nowadays I keep my C drive for Windows, office utilities and anything that's in downloads or documents. Also, I steer clear of installing into 'program files' folders if I can as I've suffered admin/permission problems in past years. Steam and all my games (including non-Steam games) are on other drives and they all work fine here.
  12. I don't know if 2019 does this, but in 2017 it wasn't just the car setup. If I loaded in a different career, or played a different mode, such as time trial, then went back to my usual career later, some of the settings definitely changed for me - length of practice sessions, safety car rules, car setups, anything really, (probably being carried over from the other mode). After experiencing that I now never take chances. If I have been in any other mode since last firing up my career, I always start a session by checking the correct setup is loaded in. At least I don't get caught out again if I do that.
  13. Morsify

    Can the formula 1 game have two versions?

    Agreed, I don't think 2 separate versions could really be a serious option, what it needs is options to increase or decrease the realism of the handling/physics model, so you can play at a more arcade level, or sim level, depending on your choice. Some of that is already there, with the traction. braking, racing line options etc, but there's always room for improvement in the car physics themselves for those that need it.
  14. Morsify

    Can the formula 1 game have two versions?

    Why wouldn't the single player part be able to have the 'sim' physics of the cars? It's not just online players that like sims to be authentic. But I agree, the car physics could include options to choose various degrees of 'realism', from arcade to full sim. Plenty of other games/sims have had similar options over the years.
  15. Morsify

    Why no Custom weather for career?

    It's weird how the frequent rain affects some people and not others. I am on my 9th race of my 100% career, and there has been some wet, but only a small amount here and there, and I think only one wet race. But others are reporting rain every race except Bahrain, which does seem a bit excessive. As it's supposed to be a 'realistic' career, I would not like to see wet weather removed completely, (but then again, it's a game with lots of options, so why not) , but it does look like it could do with something improving here, along the lines you suggest. A 'realistic weather' slider from zero to 100, based on the actual likelihood of rain from track to track, would be good. So if you set it on 100, real life probability kicks in, so Bahrain would probably still be dry, whereas Silverstone would likely be wet; but setting it to zero, Bahrain would still be dry, and so would Silverstone. Everyone could be happy with this option.