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  1. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Always hated high ballast setups. Maximum 7. So this is not the problem. I noticed that they change the brakes a lot. After a lot of laps, I can see that maybe I need to understand better how this brakes works to make it good. I'm changing the differential too and it makes a great progress. But comparing how F1 real cars brakes and how F1 2019 brakes, i can say that they in a wrong path now. You can see it very easily when you look at a video on youtube from a real F1 car, with new media HUD, showing the throttle and braking. The lift off on F1 2019 game have a much lower window than real F1 cars. It's really hard to get used at it, but I think i'm getting better. 1:21:6 on Melbourne now. 0.5 better than yesterday. Let's se.. I love simulators, but one of the things that I always loved on F1 games - now that i have 34 years - is how you can just came after a hard day at work, sit on the chair, put your wheel, use some generic setup to low or high downforce and enjoy it. I don't know if I will play this game like I played others F1 games. For me it's a bad change and F1 is going to a wrong direction. Lasts games had a good balance between the level of simulation and fun, specially from 16 to 17 version. Now I don't have time to spent on a gaming that will demands time to get used. Work, wife, friends... Really sad since I love to follow F1 since ever.
  2. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    C'mon guys, you're not talking with a guy that play only F1 games or don't have experience with simulators. I'm competitive on Assetto or iRacing. Nothing to do with driving style. There's no such thing. Or you know how to drive or you don't. I know. I'm not talking that I'm a wonderful sim driver, but i'm very decent one specially with really low time to spent on it. Cars just don't turn here. Maybe a bug, I don't know, never experienced this in my life. Worst experience ever. No grip and no downforce. Very odd. I will try DX12, go figure... Are you guys have 100% sure that you're talking about 100% no assists mode? Because it's REALLY uncommon. @Schwartzwelder You're talking about brake pressure or another setup? I always use 100% on brake pressure in all sims. Have tried to use less than 100%, things gone even worst like i expected.
  3. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Are you driving with a wheel and no assists?
  4. RodrigoMendes

    So what do people think about the physics and ffb in F1 2019

    FFB is great, Physics are very good too. The problem is the brutal lack of downforce and grip on the cars. Im waiting for the fix.
  5. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    You understand unplayable in a wrong way. Like I say, cars are even easier to drive than last year. About brakes, the game forces you to brake much earlier than the ideal spot.
  6. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    I don't think the game is harder to drive. Pretty much the same thing, even better since the cars now have a better response to player's wheel. The only problem is the grip. The lack of downforce. Looks like a F2 cars, touring, etc. And there's something on the brakes too.
  7. RodrigoMendes

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    I've tried every setup you can imagine. Things gone much worse than my setups from 2018 game. So default setup is worse. Unplayable is not like impossible to drive, unplayable in a way that these cars are not F1 cars. They have no downforce and no grip. Definitely there's something wrong with handling model. More and more players are saying the same on many other forums that I'm reading now. I will wait for update.
  8. Only here? I'm using the same setups from 17 or 18, but there's no response from the cars. I have tried other setups and very different aproaches, but things become even worse. Looks like i'm driving a touring car or something like that. Not only that, but I need to brake 20 or 25 meters before than 2018 version or even real F1 cars. I'm a PC user and I have a wheel. No assists. For me the games is unplayable now. I'm wondering if some of you guys are have the same feeling. Friends in other forum are having the same feeling.
  9. RodrigoMendes

    Wheel rotation issues

    When the wheel image is 180 degrees, what about your wheels? You have to lock it on Wheel Settings off-game too.
  10. It works in every game less F1 2018 after update. Please fix it!!! PC here.