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    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome @BarryBl and thank you for this update! 🙂
  2. Version: PC Wheel: T300 + F1 rim + T3pa-Pro Win: 10; newest version. Grapic: RTX 2060 super Hello there, had these Issue several times. It got worse with 1.10 and 1.12. There is a probleme with the reportcode. When the lobby got stuck like this, a player can not enter the menu. And without it the reportcode can not be seen or tranmitted. Plus: I experienced that a bugged lobby (with 5 laps race) it took over 20 minutes and still we could not start. The only way for me to leave the lobby was by Alt+F4 the game. 😕
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    Thank you @Faya ! All in all you really improved communcation between developer and forum. It was for sure difficult b/c what you know and what you can publish are two different things. It´s sad reading you´re leaving here. Have a great future and again ... thank you.
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    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    I don´t think that wheel vs. pad is completly broken... but there are situations in which the pad seems to have more grip. Or it is a driver problem concerning Thrustmaster... Example: Bahrain Turn 2 & 3 Racepace in Customlobby online. While in Quali the pace of 10 drivers have been in 8tenth of second... during the race it became 1 Sec/Lap. When entering turn 2 ... me using Thrustmaster t300 with t3pa-pro pedals ... I could not push the throttle as fast as the pad user. I always have to be more patient and wait otherwise... I spun. So in my mind these differences between pad and wheel is only relevant when accelerating out of slow corners when there is wheelspin to expect.
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    Will there be a Day 1 Patch on June 28th?

    Twitterfeed of Lee Mathers 😉
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    Will there be a Day 1 Patch on June 28th?

    Day-One is coming! Car-Performance-Change seems NOT to be included. Car Performance is based on data of Pre-Season-Testing.