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    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    I did a little setup guide once. I hope I can help some of you. German comment.
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    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    I just think it's sad that people are lured in with an official partnership between Codemasters and Fanatec and at the end you spent 500-2000€ and most of the functions and buttons are not usable. Besides, I find it shameful that no Codemasters staff member is going to speak here and the community, which obviously has a lot of interest in it, doesn't even give a reasonable answer. I play with the Fanatec podium PS4 and F1 steering wheel. I noticed that the following buttons don't work. 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 do not work. I pack pictures in the attachment, so you can see which buttons are meant with it. The buttons that don't work are marked with a red X. Also the upper two paddles of the Fanatec Advanced paddles don't work.