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  1. Will this ever be looked at ?
  2. FCVT

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Consistent ? Sotchi being a free pass for cutting is the consistency you talk about ?
  3. FCVT

    Give us Co-Op for my team.

    This was very fun, and the whole game was less good than now...
  4. FCVT

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Strict limit doesn't make you more skillful... I race on sims (rF2, ACC) where track accuracy is WAY more realist, not talking about physics, it's not the point, F1 2020 is a very good simcade, they got that very right. But I'm sorry, thoses tracks limits are dumber than thoses on iracing, and thoses on iracing are already very weird. What's insane is the impact on the security rating. I was S rating on F1 2019, now I'm D, and stuck with guys on D it's not going to improve because at least half of thoses aren't there because of tracks limits, but because of wrecking. So, it kill ranked and some fun, I can't use some mode because guys at codemasters went crazy over track limits.
  5. FCVT

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Well, I'm afraid they will not fix it. We got a simcade game that is nicely done (tracks are terrible on the other hand, really really terrible) and we got track limits that are done by someone who's probably never seen a grand prix. It's a shame.
  6. FCVT

    Track limits are ridiculous

    Unfortunatly, the year they do a decent FFB, they kill it with track limits beyond stupidity.
  7. Hello, I would like to report that it's a bad idea to make the insane track limits have an impact on safety rating, you guys need to find a way to make the game calculate that. Because at the moment, I'm stuck with idiots just because I was driving like normal track limit 2019 for my first 2 evennings on F1 2020. Now, it's crashfest every time I go to ranked. Puttings wheels where real drivers put them punish you to race with guys that want to be on wreckfest. Surprised to not read more about it.