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  1. Me (friend Y) and my friend (friend X) started co-op career. Everything was good in Australian Grand Prix Practice but problems started in qualification. In Q1 game said to that "Friend X lost connection" "Session host has migrated" and to my friend game said that "Friend Y lost connection" "Session host has migrated". That happens Q2 and Q3. That is very annoyng because we have to start sessions again and again. My internet connection is good. It doesn't lost connection almost ever. I hope that you can fix this problem.
  2. Driver details have little mistakes. Example in real life Kevin Magnussen have 1 podium and 0 wins. In F1 2014 show that he have 0 podiums 0 wins. And same thing with Valtteri Bottas, I think every driver details need little fix. I know that season 2014 isn't ended but I hope that not later than deceber we can get fresh details of drivers.
  3. I found sound bug. When you are racing sound cut and crackle. I found this when I played 25 % Bahrain race and I have car Toro Rosso. I played with Sony Wireless Headset 7.1 surround so those crackling and cuting in sound was pretty annoing.

    Is there Singapore sound bug from 2013 where sound started resound and it resound stay full race?
  4. I hope that Codemasters make in future more motorsport and sport games. Thats because Codemasters are best in that! I hope that codies make more simulation games like F1 because challenge is good.

    FPS gendre is too overproducted that if you don't have something new and revolutionary I advice that don't do it. If you decide made FPS game, there is place for realistic FPS.
  5. I copy my own text from other fourm:

    I hope that game goes more like a televisionbroadcast:
    - Race start like real life with warm-up lap.

    - Race startmenu when you check you pit stop strategy etc. like in this video: 

    - HUD from a televisionbroadcast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iokSoUlfA4

    - Some intro song for races example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txsSYNInVcA

    - After intro song we need official FIA intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35i_CDoTPfk

    - And after FIA theme we need that circuit profile. This is how we made race feeling.

    Career mode (incl. CO-OP):
    - You can decide you feeling after qualifying. Example dissapointed, angy etc. not just only that crying driver.

    - Make better panalty system by using PS4 and XO technic. I am not game programmer or expert of that case but my idea is that if there happens something that game register there is maybe something what need need panalty. Game simulating situation couple times at background in game and make decision.

    -Make penalty system to approximate more like where I driving. Example I played CO-OP career Spanish GP. I was at sector 3 and I get blue flaq. Okey there not room that I can continue my race without stopping car, so I decide that I drive to first sector and drive little slower. Game give me drive through penalty :<

    - Pit stop fix: Example I broke my front wing, I can say team that I want that thay change only wing, not tyres.

    - Pit stop fix: Sound command (example headset) or other command from controller you can say to team that you have to box this lap.

    - This maybe annoing some players but I hope that engine failures come to this game.

    And my gameplay wishes:
    - Make setups for different wheels. I played with logitech driving force by using original codemasters setup. My friend said when we played CO-OP career that it look like I made some fixing move when I drive. We made changes and try again and again to fix that.

    - Wheel abrasion HUD with percents not colours.

    - Fix that weird bug where AI drivers stop car in practice. 

    For the race tracks:
    - Make all of tracks to model year 2014. Example F1 2013 Korea pitline is really from 2012.

    Game modes:
    - I hope that multiplayer gets more bette tools to moderate and host online leagues.

    - Some fix to slower internet connections. Example I played at Malaysia in online but I can't over take some driver because I can't approximate his driving line. He driving and controlling lag so much.

    - Classic mode with early 2000's cars. And some tracks like Istanbul Park.

    - CO-OP race mode where you can be race engineer (I tried that with my friend when we play co-op career and I crashed car. It was fun.)

    - Career mode where I can be race engineer.

    - Telemetry data to improving my lap times.

    -Winter test to career mode.

    - Some extra videos making of game, inside pitline, tips from drivers, interview etc.
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