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  1. TheJokerQx

    Telemetry Software: PXG F1 Telemetry

    Very nice app. I got SimDashboard to foward udp data to PXG , just gotta use a different port (ex 21777) for simdahsboard to pxg So the 2 app run perfectly fine. Broadcast mode does not work though and makes simdahsboard lag by maybe 300ms or so. Udp data fowarding is best option
  2. TheJokerQx

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    Jeff: Ok we have a new strategy option to f%?& up the one you setup , so now please stop looking at the track and focus on the menu options.
  3. TheJokerQx

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    Flat out is possible with 4 rear wing even 3, but you need a slightly higher rear suspension (4 or 5) to accomodate the aero load and weight shifts
  4. TheJokerQx

    Safety car laps

    Safety car is really broken ATM. Its INSANE !
  5. Sent application for Div 1 & 2. Hopefully I will get to meet you guys on track soon. Will be on tonight 🙂 SuperPhilQc
  6. Hi, do you have open full time seats ?
  7. TheJokerQx

    Can you migrate setups from 2019 to 2020?

    The 2019 setups wont get you anywhere. Too much has changed in terms of balance and aero. Your best bet is to get some setups from the steam marketplace. They are free and are good baselines
  8. TheJokerQx

    Question about no traction control

    Im on a g29. You need to fiddle with throttle linearity. I add 13 - 15 to have a softer initial throttle input. But pratice will be needed still. Also diff at 50 is not optimal as many tend to recommend. I never run under 60% unless im nearing a pit. The higher you can run it the better bite you get on throttle. But it the forgiveness will be lower. At race start you can almost lock the diff (85-90) to get the best start. But you need to turn it down fast before entering turn 1 or after hitting 4th gear. No tc in the rain. I bump linearity to 17 or 20 and lower diff to 55 for more forgiving in puddles lolll. Youll need 20 30 races to get the feel. But after thst you hould love the advantage over tc players when your exiting that curb.
  9. TheJokerQx

    Qol: timer in multiplayer race

    I would like to suggest making the countdown timer for setting up.your car and tires for the race go from 30secs to 60 secs. 30 secs is not enough to make tweaks for specific race conditions
  10. TheJokerQx

    PC - looking for North America league

    Greatest driver ever : M Schumacher Greatest Schumacher rival : Jacques Villeneuve Best racing quote: "I lost my shoes" - Lando Norris
  11. TheJokerQx

    PC - looking for North America league

    Hi, I am looking for a North American League with race times around 7 or 8 pm New York Time. I am a decent racer with many years behind the logitech wheel. I am not looking for leagues that disallow all assists. Preferably a mature league where everyone can get along and have fun racing. I am a dedicated Redbull/Alpha driver and I enjoy tight but sportsmanly racing Ingame/Steam : SuperPhilQc
  12. Interested ! SuperPhilQc in game
  13. TheJokerQx

    [PC] Blind Competitive Racing Int. - Monday 20:00 CEST

    Do you still have open slots ? SuperPhilQc ingame
  14. TheJokerQx

    Need help with slow corners grip

    Low speed corners require low camber (slider to the right) as the car wont lean as much on tires. To press the front end down on the tarmac some more, you need stiffer rear suspension, but not too much as to make the rear unstable. Deceleration diff should be very low. Accel diff depends our your throttle skills, but will benear 60% Last thing that can help: having the rear 2 3 notches higher than front to help loosen the rear and not loose downforce. Hope that helps.