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  1. Just had the same issue. MyTeam race in China, 50% lenght. Before the race I changed to ''personal'' strategy. (I think this shows up after you do the race strategy program in FP?) Which meant I'd go Soft -> Medium instead of the game's default recommendation of Medium -> Hard. I pitted for the mediums, no issue. About to get 2nd place, boom: DSQ if you don't use the mandatory compound. I tried pitting for hard tyres on the last lap and that avoided the DSQ, but I finished 17th due to that.. I feel really disgusted, what a waste of time. If you need any more info, I a
  2. Is there a list of names that also include audio (just like you can choose to have the commentators call you ''Smith'' or ''Iceman'' or whatever you pick from the list), but for teams? Another question: Are the livery's presets or can we actually customize the entire thing?
  3. Looks amazing! I noticed some people being worried that you might not be able to name your team, since all that's ever mentioned is ''creating your own logo/livery etc'' but ''name your team'' is never mentioned. It seems very obvious to me that it should be possible, but official confirmation would be great!
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