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  1. Nightfire1964

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    day one patch will come probably tomorrow for when the embargo is lifted or the actual release date being the 7th
  2. Nightfire1964

    Going from auto gearbox to manual

    I went to manual I think in 2017 as I was doing a career mode with mclaren and my ice would get destroyed so quickly so decided to go manual and never went back same with traction control I found I was able to gain so much time
  3. Nightfire1964

    Pre-ordered F1 2020 Schumacher Edition on Fanatical.

    Some people like getting the exclusive pre order stuff like the steel books ect if people have the money then they can buy it if they want I pre order as I like collecting steel books of games
  4. Nightfire1964

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    Well fanatec sponsor the f1 esports as that's why they are in the game
  5. Nightfire1964

    Official Steering wheel

    What do you mean and if this is about gameplay from twitch or youtube ect the game probably still has updates to be added ready for the fill release on tuesday. Also anything that has changed from pre season to Austria will probably change in an update
  6. Nightfire1964

    General graphics quality reduced?

    Well seeing that the game isn't actually officially out yet I'm sure there will be some updates still need to be added f1 2019 came out I think in like version 1.04 I think
  7. Nightfire1964

    will there be a Demo

    Maybe a few months after the game is released maybe can't remeber when f1 2019 could be demoed
  8. Nightfire1964

    Vip pass

    You get given enough pitcoin to purchase a vip pass if you have pre ordered the game. in the vip pass you can earn more pitcoin at certain levels.
  9. Nightfire1964

    F1 2019 Paul Ricard lap record

    Agh I found the video but this was a problem in f1 2018 could be glitch where the game doesn't register the player passing a sector but that's a guess
  10. Nightfire1964

    F1 2019 Paul Ricard lap record

    Yeah happened in the early days of f1 2019 I think trl limitless did a video on it
  11. Nightfire1964

    can i get a beta ps4 key?

    Yeah beta has been going on for weeks you don't get in the beta for pre ordering the game otherwise it would say so. Usually around March time they put on the forums looking for applications and seeing its the weekend and the game will be coming out on Tuesday I expect it won't last for long
  12. Nightfire1964

    Weichai Sponsor- Ferrari Livery

    What do you mean
  13. Nightfire1964

    F1 2019: PlayStation 4 in Game Purchases and Internet Connection

    Yep this is in the assists in the game. Also no problem glad to have helped answer your questions
  14. Nightfire1964

    Weichai Sponsor- Ferrari Livery

    I'm sure this will be done at some point in a patch
  15. Nightfire1964

    Fake sponsors as track advertising

    That's actually not a bad shout quite like the sound of that