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  1. Nightfire1964


    well with project cars 3 imola that's on a completely different engine which won't make things easy to convert stuff from
  2. Nightfire1964

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    omg yeah just saw the news surprised the hell out of me although i don't think it it's as much as codemasters giving the licence rather than take 2 literally buying codemasters so be like when codemasters brought slightly mad studios
  3. Nightfire1964

    Bahrain Oval instead of Bahrain Short

    Yeah I would rather have the oval layout rather than the current short track layout
  4. Nightfire1964


    yeah many people have suggested that on the suggestions page so codies might add it as many have asked if they could do it
  5. Nightfire1964

    Transfer of pilots in my team with little movement

    funny haven't heard anyone about driver ratings at all since they were released an seeing that they in game which codies said confuses me why people were angry about them. it's ironic that they made something that the fans of the game always dreamt and asked for and they gave it and we complain about it
  6. Nightfire1964

    Which race lenght are you using?

    50% races in career mode and in grand prix mode i like to be in the midfield and play on 100%
  7. Nightfire1964

    Double Stops

    no he means having 2 pit stops but if you are behind you teammate you will go into the second pit area which he says will be slower a slower pit crew. as it doesn't happen in real life i wouldn't see the point of it being added and would doubt it would be allowed by FOM
  8. Nightfire1964

    Manual Gearbox Programme per Circuit

    well for me having suggested is fine to help with manual gearbox also i found if you listen to the car it will help you understand how the engine is working if it's faint going into a corner then you know you still need to shift down
  9. Nightfire1964

    Get this man out of the box

    this does still sound like the race track commentator to me
  10. Nightfire1964

    Formation lap on or off?

    i voted on gets me ready setting up the car ect and is just a bit of fun and good practice to remember or check how the car handles if i will need to change anything in the pits or ask for any info before the chaos ensues on lap 1
  11. Nightfire1964

    Get this man out of the box

    i think you may talking about the on track commentator as i have never heard anyone singing when i'm in the pits
  12. Nightfire1964

    Maintenance going now?

    Okay well on the forums look at the blue tab at the top of the forums and it says it's currently down
  13. Nightfire1964

    Maintenance going now?

    On there social media page on twitter and maybe Facebook they always do it every so often
  14. Nightfire1964

    Maintenance going now?

    Yes as they have said they are doing online maintenance they will announce when online is available again
  15. Nightfire1964

    Pause function

    yeah with practice it will come to you and you will be find changing stuff it's allot easier than f1 2019 not having to constantly change ers i'm amaze how i managed to do it but it just came naturally after a few days of memorising key areas to save ers and where i can i have time to ask for info ect.