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  1. Nightfire1964

    Project cars 2

    i guess in buying studio they also get the rights of the of the project cars series which are assets of SMS but before SMS was brought project cars 3 was in development
  2. Nightfire1964

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    @massa88no he meant are they going to detail any updates like update 1.05. to that question though @wenjunyang1990 i don't know if there will be any more updates
  3. Nightfire1964

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    you also forgot to add that the multiplayer car was added. weekly events and leagues for multiplayer was also a new addition. you can look at highlights from your previous races and save them as well the theatre which gives really good info about the cars aswell. if you look to something like fifa which is a sports game it hasn't really changed that much other than the players on the teams and maybe some game mechanics changed
  4. Nightfire1964

    Info cars Private League

    yes last year in online championship mode which is completely different to the leauges mode but what i was saying is that i rarely ever known a league which runs realistic performance. basically if you pick multiplayer cars it will mean you will use them and it will be all equal if you use the official cars they will be equal performance.
  5. Nightfire1964

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    yeah i did computer science GCSE and i found it really hard to code when it came complex. i fully respect coders after it and look at alien colonial marines one extra character caused the whole entire game to not work
  6. Nightfire1964

    Info cars Private League

    I would think that it would be equal performance as i have never known a league to not run equal performance
  7. Nightfire1964

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    well if you tell them to hurry up that will make them rush and possibly cause another bug. just have a little patience. so far i have had no problems bug wise just that the cars need to be adjusted other than that i have had no problem
  8. Nightfire1964

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    this is mainly a patch for PC like faya said soon there will be patch fixing bugs and other things.
  9. Nightfire1964

    Xbox Game Pass

    Probably next year like with the f1 2018. That's a guess though.
  10. Nightfire1964

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Engine failure made him lose 2016 world championship.
  11. Nightfire1964

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    no if you read his comment he says that the voice command can only work if you have a kinect and basically if you have a kinect then it works if not then it doesn't its as simple as that. its not that codemasters can't be bothered to add support its already there if you have a connect and that's all they can do.
  12. Nightfire1964

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Yeah that's what i thought would happen in an earlier post which is why I didn't see the point of having to change it
  13. Nightfire1964

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    yeah i agree its allot easier to do but the legends addition is a dlc file so when you buy the physical game it will be code to download the legends edition stuff so it would have to be changed on the actual f1 2019 game file which will be a bit weird for someone who might have got a normal version. but thats what i would think the problem might be might be different to do from a developer point of view
  14. Nightfire1964

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    my point is the that lewis is a big part of f1 so thats why he's part of the cover and i don't see whats wrong with him being on a simple cover
  15. Nightfire1964

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    Well vettel hasn't always been the best person to be fair look at what he did with webber disobeying team orders and thought it was fine. But to be honest I think your idea is a bit of a joke and will never happen there's no reason to do it. And Lewis is probably one of the greatest drivers he nearly won on his debut season in f1 and won the 2008 championship which disadvantaged him most greatly in Brazil. Its not exactly going to end the world anyway you can't always get everything you want just because you don't like it.