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  1. What trouble are you having?
  2. No one knows as codemasters haven't said and the actual game hasn't even been officially announced yet with a trailer with info to align with it
  3. oh yeah don't get me wrong it would be cool but realistically in the timeframe of things it's not possible unfortunately
  4. with the current amount of work they have to do yearly and the time it takes for us to get F2 cars updated i doubt we would get F3 or other formula categories
  5. post this in the f1 2021 report an issue page as this is for the f1 2019 game https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  6. you won't get an answer as well you kind of necrobumped this post as well not many people check the f1 2020 forums anymore
  7. can you also fill this report using the template so we know what version of the game your playing on as well as platform and other things that may come in handy
  8. if it's the f1 2021 game your talking about report it in the f1 2021 forums rather than the 2020 one as people don't monitor this part all to much anymore
  9. Best Post this in the f1 2021 forums rather than 2019 ones
  10. Yeah I can't remember playing on it though I am sure I did but I heard it was fun to drive
  11. Well just seen Turkey may possibly not happen now with it remaining in the red tier list of countries. Hence why things like this codemasters keep on track with what they have said
  12. Also what platform are you on. You need to have a look at the green tab which says bug reporting-please follow rules and complete reports to see what you need to provide in reports
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