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  1. Nightfire1964

    2020 update

    Not sure anymore it might be all hands on deck now for 2021
  2. Nightfire1964

    F1 2021 two Player career

    Agree with ultra if it was something you could do then they would have detailed that and it just seems odd have more than 2 people in a mode which is stated as 2 player career.
  3. Nightfire1964

    F1 2021 two Player career

    I think its meant as friends where you can do Co op careers which are different so 1 career mode with 1 friend and career 2 with a 2nd friend.
  4. Nightfire1964

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    happy birthday Barry!
  5. Nightfire1964

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    If it was during the leak then I understand but now there is no point everyone is talking about it
  6. Nightfire1964

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    Don't see why it would be deleted seeing this Info is out now its available on stores etc
  7. Nightfire1964

    F1 2021 😁🏎️

    Next gen are supported seeing you can buy them for the ps5 and xbox series x
  8. Nightfire1964

    30 Minute Races/more Data

    Hmm usually for me 50% races take 45 minutes to finish and 25% are usually 20 minutes for me barely spend anytime on practice I do the challenges and then move straight to quali
  9. Nightfire1964

    F1 2021 😁🏎️

    That's going to be mission impossible lol. anyway looking forward to what codies have done and still find people saying ea have probably ruined it but how would they seeing they only basically just got codies
  10. Nightfire1964

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    For the player yes this would be nice but would want it as an optional feature though
  11. yeah agree multiplayer is what really needs overhauling like lando losing connection it wasn't great pr for the games stability
  12. how is this EA's fault may ask like codemasters are still the ones who made the game and EA has probably not had much control seeing they only got them in the new year if you want to be angry at no regional pricing then blame steam for that
  13. seeing that it's not something that is shown in the descirption of what comes with the game i don't think vr will be coming
  14. Nightfire1964

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    oh well just noticed the post barry made about the real season start a bit curious as to how that's going to work and the actual longevity of it
  15. Nightfire1964

    f1 2021 info we have so far

    so this is so far what we have info wise that i can find everything i found was from Game.co.uk ‘Braking Point’ – the thrilling new story experience ((looking forward to this looks like devon butler is back and looks like 2 other characters and if you pre order you can drive as them and it mentions in game liveries so could be there is a new team in the game for this mode. New ways to play: two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start’ (great to see 2 player career mode is back much wanted by many fans alike interested by real season start could mean now we actually get a pre season part in career mode and maybe other stuff. Acclaimed ‘My Team’, split-screen and multiplayer (and looks like my team is back hopefully with improvements etc) so what's everyone else's opinions on what has been announced so far EDIT: found these as well: Casual race options for more relaxed racing whilst new Expert options give experienced players even more control. Acclaimed ten-year Career Mode, including updated Research and Development and Practice Programmes, and new Quick Practice. Formula 2™, the ultimate training ground for F1®, is also included, with short, medium, or full season options and 2020 and 2021 season content *.