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  1. Looks like it's over when you find out I'm not sure this is an article about it https://f1esports.com/news/the-dhl-virtual-fastest-lap-is-back/
  2. could you provide more info by using the template of the report as you haven't given us enough info on the problem. also to just check is this for f1 2021?
  3. Hey recommend you post this in the f1 2021 forums bug reports also when making one use the template provided
  4. Hey recommend you post this in the f1 2021 forums bug reports also when making one use the template provided
  5. Erm pretty sure that happened ages ago I could be wrong but if that was for 2021 the esports has been and gone
  6. That was more so dice's decision to do and they made that game to kind of flop something which they have since very much learned with how their new game looks this year which has something quite innotive by ripper effects.
  7. What platform are you playing and I take it you have posted reports about these issues
  8. How is the game unplayable may I ask.
  9. ok though jeddah's layout only got revealed at the end of march so obviously it's going to take them time to make the track and the calendar that had changed completely was out in january so obviously they don't have enough time to know and make the tracks by the time they announce them
  10. just to let you know that this for reporting bugs on the f1 2020 game and you have doubled posted. you must have something combined for head look as you can move the camera around in this part of the game just check you haven't got any buttons combined or your miss clicking to cause this
  11. okay it take it your talking about f1 2021 best to talk in those forums i see you have said your disappointed and fustrated you haven't actually detailed what the problem is like how are they supposed to do anything if you moan but don't say what's the problem
  12. hmm strange recommend you post this in f1 2021 report an issue page though and provide detail using the template but check to see if someone has started a post with this issue
  13. recommend you post this in the f1 2021 forums and use the template provided to make your report based off and maybe try and get a screenshot
  14. agree splitting the community would not help the situation. i feel like then f1 games will become more of a money grab then and also many new people and current people could easily get confused as to what game is what
  15. recommend you post this on the f1 2021 bug reports page rather than f1 2021
  16. is there a driver helmet mix? as i didn't know there was one
  17. this isn't an issue on 2021 (just to let you know you are discussing and reporting this issue on the 2020 forums rather than 2021) and the AI level difficulty has increased seeing that people year on year get faster and faster so does the ai need to evolve so these people still can have a fair time with the ai. That's why you are having to decrease your ai which is nothing to worry about seeing times at the start of a game life are always going to be slow but i bet by the time it's the end of the year everyone will be back or have increased their pace
  18. seen this issue from someone else though recommend you post this in f1 2021 rather than 2020. To add also make your post using the report template
  19. i agree it's slightly annoying we don't have this info anymore though i do like the improvement. but how much do you know precicsly was removed for this year as well it's common cut down things we had it in 2015 for career mode (though that was extreme how much they cut out) we have things like co op career mode a mode that was heavily requested to come back. graphical updates and a many other changes like handling which is why i slightly think is why they didn't do them as they needed more work to adapt the new handling model to the classic cars. Just to add the story lines have been around s
  20. yeah xbox does usually take more time it seems to approve updates it is just a waiting game and nothing codies can do
  21. Erm OK don't know why you have quoted a few random threads though
  22. This is more a thing that ea decides now as codies are the developers and ea being the brand as it were
  23. Have a look on the 2021 forums and look at the leagues page and have a look there
  24. Erm like with anything no one knows until they say though I'm sure it's asap
  25. Check to see if you have the setting to have ers on hold maybe if not recommend you make a new post on the f1 2021 forum detailing your case
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