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  1. Happy to give it a try, got some compressed air somewhere. Best places to get inside to do some cleaning?
  2. You may be on to something there - definitely a blip when trying the medium flick of the analogue stick, there's a small jump in the steering input when - funnily enough - turning right, although that's only when going from left to right, rather than just to the right where the issue tends to be (except for S3 Azerbaijan). This would be the cause of the brief flash back to the central steering, although hard to depict why controllers are doing it on my Xbox and the same controllers don't have the issue on another?? Above all else, this is the most bizarre issue. And likewise, the issue isn't p
  3. Sorry mate was out with the dogs... Definitely longer corners (i.e. at Zandvoort, the issue kicks in T1, T6, T14) although there is a hint of it in shorter corners at times (but far more infrequently). It replicates on the controllers I've tried, but my brother hasn't got the issue (so I've tried his controller on my Xbox and it does the thing, whereas he doesn't have the issue his end). It's one of the most bizarre issues I've seen @BarryBL
  4. Yeah it's strange, others I know seem not to be having an issue, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game to rule out corruption in download but the issue persists. It seems more prevalent in certain corners than others, mainly those with a right-hand turn, but can be noticed across a lap. Inputs are standard to the racing line (I know much can't be said about my word but I can give that much), so the centralised steering is an issue rather than an input - if you know of a way that I can provide some video or evidence of the inputs then I would be more than happy to? I comple
  5. Just to add to the curiosity of the incident @BarryBL progressed to Italy after the DNF at Zandvoort due to the issue and Italy is showing no sign of the issue??? So far I've had it happen at Azerbaijan, Silverstone and Netherlands that I can definitely remember, there may have been others (I think Monaco was problematic)
  6. You can report the issue on the report bug section 🙂
  7. You may struggle a bit with the timings - they are really early compared to some leagues! Just a heads up 🙂
  8. Hello to you too, that's one hell of a welcome haha
  9. Yeah afraid the problem persists @BarryBL- wanted to give it a handful of laps to make sure it wasn't an isolated incident but it's carrying on unfortunately
  10. A detailed description of the issue. When cornering using the standard Xbox One controller, the game can sometimes cause the car to "wander" from what you are doing. When on full-lock, the steering can sometimes centralise; when on a straight, the steering occasionally wanders to the left. As a result, it can take countless flashbacks in order to get through one corner, and add to race time (a race at Monaco (total time 105mins 58secs) took over three and a half hours to finish due to the need for so many flashbacks due to steering loss). It happens intermittently, and is making the
  11. Maybe this is a really small thing that bugs me and no one else, but being able to flashback when you start Time Trial (between the lights going out and the start of the lap) would be so helpful... For me, it's super irritating having to sit through the start again just to maybe make the same mistake two or three times. A flashback option between the lights out and the start of the lap would be really beneficial (at least for me)
  12. Hi @BarryBL just wondering if there had been any updates or if you require any further info? 🙂
  13. Have you tried turning the volume of the headset up? In order to do this without blowing your eardrums, go to the Audio Settings and change down the mixer volumes (probably leaving effects higher in order to hear the tone)
  14. I've not noticed any, never had the issue in F1 2019 or 2020 (and not currently experiencing the issue either), nor other EA-hosted games (i.e. FIFA21).
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