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  1. Back in early Summer, I paid £64.99 for this game. It had worked alright, not perfectly, up until recent. It's now impossible to play the game. The repeated error of HO78.6443 is beyond a joke, and this online error is only affecting this game. This is diabolical, not worth the money if Codemasters cannot even make a stable game.
  2. I know this will sound stupid and petty, but kinda need some advice over this:- In my last two ranked lobbies, I've been given penalties and penalty points for incidents that were nothing to do with me - three incidents to be accurate: 1- Got brake checked at COTA and picked up a collision penalty for "severe collision" 2- Got literally rammed into the wall by Xbox user KeNnY sNiPeZ when he just kept turning into me down the long back straight at COTA - picked up an exceeding track limits penalty after being repeatedly held against the wall and 4 penalty points (like...) 3- Got rammed wide and other driver (NFR Fred57) kept pushing me wide off the track - picked up a penalty and 2 points for exceeding track limits. This all contributed to a "C" safety rating when, in actual fairness, it should've been no lower than a B, but realistically an A. Anyone got any ideas? 🤷‍♂️