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  1. THEGHOST345111

    Who Else Will Be Getting Legendary Ed F1 2019?

    I'm not sure about the xbox store but you can pre order the game now from Amazon or GAME, I can have a look and if I find anything on it I will reply 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, If your like me your probably not the best with funds 😄 But to celebrate 10years of CodeMasters F1 series and to also show my support I'll be trying to get the Legendary Edition of F1 2019, I can't wait for it from what I've seen in the teasers 😉 F1 2019 will be the start of something Phenomenal! Let me also know if your hyped and can't wait. This is mainly a thank you to CodeMasters, so... Thank you CodeMasters and keep up the great work. 😄 🙂