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  1. Ok I did have something else bugging me, the logo that we use. Is it one we create our selves or is it from a selection of pre made ones like the liveries, I'm hoping it's one we can create as it would add that bit extra and for me I would like the logo to just be the name of the team. Either way I know the teams at codemasters have put a lot of work in so really grateful that they have added in what they have. Stay safe all 🙂
  2. ok cheers, thought I'd ask as you would imagine spending all that money on an engine supplier that they would actually upgrade it.
  3. I have 2 question. 1. Does the teams (Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda, Renault) upgrade the engines automatically for you with the option of you to also upgrade it or is it player upgrades only? 2. is there going to be a young drivers programme for the team or is it just based on the F1, F2 and "back up" drivers for now? Thanks for reading keep up the great work, been really excited for this game, pre ordered and ready 🙂 Can't wait to play this game mode, stay safe all and have a good day.
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