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    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I had a feeling they were gonna make the AI way OP with the patch again. Before 1.05 I always finished between 2nd and 5th/6th in the wet in my Haas on 103% AI (full race distance). Now in my second season with Alfa as soon as it rains I'm screwed. In Hockenheim I was about 6-7 seconds ahead of my teammate, quite comfortably pulling away each lap by a few tenths. Then it started to rain and he was over a second per lap faster. As I'm typing this I'm racing at Spa. I was in P9 when it started to rain. Now the AI is about 2.5 to 3 seconds per lap faster than me. So frustrating. I know I'm not the best driver but I'm sure a lot of players now have this problem. At least before 1.05 I could role play this and imagine I'm the new Regenmeister or something. Now it's just hopeless. It always amazes me how Codies can never get the AI quite right. Whatever they increased the AI speed in the last patch by, they should reduce it by half in the next one imo (like if they increased it by 10%, they should lower it by 5% again. Something like that). But I doubt they'll do it.
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    It doesn't matter the date. The theme can be still current. Oh yes, it is. I've seen probably a dozen non-English threats since F1 2018's release and almost all were marked as off topic or spam by some people. I just think it's way better to ask in your own language because I've seen a lot of people trying to write/ask/discuss in English but that went nowhere because they couldn't properly express what they wanted to say and the others didn't know what they were talking about or what the problem is.
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    Oops, didn't even look at that haha
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    Don't be so ignorant, dude. If he doesn't speak English sufficiently enough to ask his question, let him ask it in his native language. What's the big deal? I don't know why people always need to be so uptight about it.