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  1. heideldrum

    Will DAS be in 2020

  2. heideldrum

    F1 2020 Split screen

    How do you deal with the lack of individual sound? This always annoys me when I play racing games with splitscreen. I need to focus on my own revs and engine sound...
  3. heideldrum

    First unread content

    Hi Juan Just click on the black button on the left to the thread topic instead of the topic itself. Had the same problem and it took me month to realize the solution Have a good day mate
  4. heideldrum

    [PC] F1 2019 G29 No/Strange ForceFeedback

    Do you leave the LG software open when F1 2019 is running?
  5. heideldrum

    G29 - game not playable

    Hi @BudStencer these are my settings. tweaked it a bit. Not 100% there yet, but massive improvement to the very beginning. Perhaps I'm just getting used to this massive understeer ...
  6. heideldrum

    G29 - game not playable

    Hi @BudStencer I also play on PC with a G29. Also found the whole wheel behavior and feel massively different to 2018 and also to the beta. I'm still trying and I'm not 100% happy yet, but going from David Grecos suggestions improved the handling massively. I also always have to leave the LG software open and sometimes have to go back to it while F1 2019 is running to make the changes I did in LG software really happen in the game. Wheel rotation I change with the LG software. And also turning the wheel sensitivity down. When I'm at home tonight I will post my actual setting both in game and in the LG software. I think a lot of G29 users are experiencing the same atm. Cheers from Heidelberg /Germany Daniel
  7. thanks guys! really appreciate your help
  8. @djrabes thanks for your information. Would be awesome if you could drop a quick note here when the key arrived.
  9. Hi I just cancelled my "Anniversary Edition" order yesterday at gameladen.com cause I'd like to buy a steam key for the "Legend Edition". But many resellers - like gameladen.com - state the 28th as realease date even for the "Legend Edition". Asked at gameladen.com but got no answer. Cancellation of my order and payback via paypal was quick, flawless and friendly though. So my question is, do we only get the early access when we buy the "LE" via Steam? Or did perhaps anybody here buy a LE key at a reseller and already got her / his key for a preload already? thanks for your help heideldrum
  10. heideldrum

    F1 2019 the worst Codemasters F1 game?

    You ask me what I think? If you don't like it, don't buy it. But complaining even before the game came out seems a bit strange to me.
  11. heideldrum

    My god... how did I ever play this game?

    still playin 2014 and enjoying it big time!!!! Even though I'm terrribly slow I LOVE the way the car feels and responds!!! Besides that, what's OP's point? Poppin in here just to tell that 2014 is rubbish???? Don't get that - Way too much negativity in these forums. Looking forward to 2015!!!
  12. heideldrum

    ghost car process

    Hi Imtr Asked the same question to myself, but really dont unterstand the System, when a car becomes ghosted and when not. Yesterday I was in the garage in coop mode and my teammate left his pit as a ghost.... I have no clue, why...
  13. heideldrum

    Need help on PC

    I dont know the CSR Wheel. Using DFGT and play on an acer Laptop. But I doubt that your PC is the problem. Should run fine on your System. How about asking someone in race department forum or some other forums, that are not as dead as this one...?  
  14. heideldrum

    Need help on PC

    Hi. Happy Christmas!  Can you give us more Details on why you cannot use the CSR Wheel and about the specifications of your PC?  Did you install the right drivers for the wheel? Should work fine with the USB lead!