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  1. I would start with the standard setup in TT and go through some different setups of the drivers around me in the TT leaderboards and the top ranked non cheated times of the leaderboards. That works quite well for me so far....
  2. The helmet audio option in Cockpit view is awesome! Thanks a lot @ the audio team / cm. In general I love the handling. Great game!!!!
  3. For me the new damage model is great! Had an online race yesterday at silverstone. Slight front wing damage and then later in the race floor damage after riding the curbs too hard several times. I had no chance to keep up with my opponents and my laptime dropped significantly. I really think its a big step up in realism. Loving the game so far!
  4. Hi CliffH, you still need help with this? Which System and which wheel? Cheers heideldrum
  5. Had the same Issue two days ago. Will check later today if Leaderboards are online again
  6. How do you deal with the lack of individual sound? This always annoys me when I play racing games with splitscreen. I need to focus on my own revs and engine sound...
  7. still playin 2014 and enjoying it big time!!!! Even though I'm terrribly slow I LOVE the way the car feels and responds!!! Besides that, what's OP's point? Poppin in here just to tell that 2014 is rubbish???? Don't get that - Way too much negativity in these forums. Looking forward to 2015!!!
  8. Hi Imtr Asked the same question to myself, but really dont unterstand the System, when a car becomes ghosted and when not. Yesterday I was in the garage in coop mode and my teammate left his pit as a ghost.... I have no clue, why...
  9. I dont know the CSR Wheel. Using DFGT and play on an acer Laptop. But I doubt that your PC is the problem. Should run fine on your System. How about asking someone in race department forum or some other forums, that are not as dead as this one...?  
  10. Hi. Happy Christmas!  Can you give us more Details on why you cannot use the CSR Wheel and about the specifications of your PC?  Did you install the right drivers for the wheel? Should work fine with the USB lead! 
  11. Playing 2014 on PC, all settings maxed out, DF GT Wheel. Would consider myself as casual gamer, no hardcore-sim-fan. Own & played all parts of the series from 10-14. Started playing today and just did TT in Melbourne, Bahrain, Shanghai, Spain. Only racingline in turns, all other assists off. 1. GREAT FUN! 2. Wheel spinning out of corners like crazy. Even in 4th or 5th gear. 3. Spinning and car behaviour is much more predictable - what I found really great! Used to play TC on medium. Now in 14 first time permanently off, but wouldn't consider this as too easy. I'm definetly struggeling, bu
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