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  1. What else to say, apart from bitter and disappointed I feel stupid, I bought it as soon as it came out, I waited until the VR update, I read all his reports, more and more annoying release for my oculus, buying every dlc that came out and these badly born come out with this ridiculous argument full of talk ........ Assetto Corsa, Assetto Competizione, Iracing, Lfs, Pc2, even the old dear I have unsurpassed RBR can now be used with VR without any problem .. !! and these are going round and round as if they were inept participants in the matter ... x God .. !!!
  2. Hello, I am a user of Dirt R 2.0, unfortunately I still can not play it, I have Oculus Rift S that I use it without problems in Assetto, Assetto competisione, R factor 2, Project Cars 2 and Onward. The only game that does not let me use it is this Dirt Rally 2.0, I have it in steam and it is simply impossible to play the maid band aid, it is unstable, sound is cut, etc, etc ... What happens with steam or dirt 2.0 in oculus or where should I see the problem? Who is to blame that doesn't work? Why sell a game that is not working in team with Oculus ??? When they are going to solve this probl
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