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  1. @RedDevilKT hey I think you or I have misunderstood something here. The events (weekly as well as esports) were successfully completed. Then comes the award ceremony, the race result .. and one side further then comes the normal calculation of our points -> which is not calculated there but only scored everywhere with 0 points. Everything was done right and got no point as the final score? What? With me it was so that I could complete the first Esports event still, there my points were evaluated (there on place 106 - AmGo_87) then I wanted to contest the event in Hungary with the same account, which I did successfully .. but there I did not get any points ... no ranking! After that I also completed the weekly event and see there - also no points score and no ranking I have now made a second extra account on Steam-because the game I have again bought a second time to participate in the esports event .. because everything works there with my second account AND WITH THE SAME GAME FILES OF STEAM!! because steam says with my game files everything is ok! Everything works fine with my second account - the points are calculated successfully at the end of each event. Since the beginning of the second Esports events the game is running more than good with my standart account .. please fix that with me Steam-ID: 76561197988198092 ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/raeuber59/ ) Thank you for any help
  2. Hey, look here.. The same https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41014-f1-esports-event-only-getting-0-points/
  3. Amigo87

    Online services login error [ZX]

    PC … @Faya and read this please
  4. the same problem exists here too. I was able to qualify for the first Esports event. But when the second event was available I completed it successfully and in the end I was credited with "0 points". Also with the weekly events I have the problem. I have already deleted and reinstalled my game - Steam check the files "ok". I deleted my scores since I thought it brings something. Steam reinstalled .. completed the said event several times, but again without success. Please take a look there; the problem has been going on for too long and patch well and good - but if someone writes you on facebook or here - then please answer as well. Even at F1Esports I have written a mail .. also think that the Codemasters must fix this Tank you & my Steam profile -> https://steamcommunity.com/id/raeuber59/
  5. hello, unfortunately I have another problem. my results in the weekly or esports event stay at the points by "0" although everything was completed correctly. for the first Esports event I could qualify but for the second until now unfortunately without success. I ask for help ps: Play on PC -> Steam: AmiGo_87 ; thx
  6. Amigo87

    Game crashes in DX11 and DX12

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/928600/discussions/0/1639789306549523515/?l=german disable the steam overlay and than u can Play it in Dx12
  7. Amigo87

    Stop telling me that my tyres are cold!

    Spa and Monza is heavy :) I´m on Pc too