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  1. Ozzeh

    Q3 Tires - Race tires

    Oh, I never heard of that rule but knew about the extra set. Thanks.
  2. Ozzeh

    Q3 Tires - Race tires

    On F1 2014 PS3
  3. I have drove three races for Williams in career mode. In the first one I got into Q3, drove 2-3 laps on option tire without a good result, 10th on grid.   In the other two I drove one lap on two different sets of non-used option tires, got fourth on grid in the other one, and pole in other. Okay, everything was alright until I went inside the garage before race and saw I had prime tires on which I couldn't change. Because of that I didn't get good results, not bad ones neither but could have been better. And another reason for bad results was the fact that prime tires I had on were used already in practice session I guess.  A fix or an explanation for this, thank you.