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  1. Brabarusmark94

    F1 2014 Wheel Spin with Little Throttle

    Lean fuel does have a massive effect on the traction in this year's game mostly because you're sending a lot less torque to the rear compared to the higher mixes. It was there last year too but with this year's cars having so much more torque, slow long corners like the ones in Melbourne and Suzuka are going to be tricky at best to get right.
  2. Brabarusmark94

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Using the pad with the wheel override, managed to get the Force India into 7th and then two cars retired from the top five and now running in fifth, expert difficulty. Been lapped by the first and second placed drivers and my team mate in fourth is 1.5 sec quicker. On top of that, I'm defending down the straights just to stay in position with the drivers behind me 0.5 sec quicker. So for me, Expert is challenging enough with Legend just being unfair.
  3. Brabarusmark94

    Q3 Tires - Race tires

    It's the new rules. Your Q2 tyres are your race start tyres now. In Q3 you get an extra set of fresh tyres to set your lap on. So, be careful with the Q2 tyres and hammer it in Q3
  4. Brabarusmark94

    Another "Traction Control is ALWAYS enabled on PAD" Thread

    Well, there are purpose built racing pads as well like the Thrustmaster GPX pads, which I got specifically for F1 2013. I've had plenty of enjoyable, challenging races with it on last year's game with no assists except auto gears but this year, I feel like I'm being robbed somehow. ABS seems to be on when it shouldn't, hidden traction control takes away the challenge of the slow corners and the sluggish steering makes fast corners too slow. The whole thing just makes the game too easy.