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  1. crob203


    Yep. Code masters really need to fix ranked lobby match making as for anothrr year its ruined. I just don't get why they can't list the open lobbies rather than use their completely broken matchmaking system...
  2. crob203

    ERS Stuck on overtake

    Confirm that this is an issue on Xbox also. If you are in overtake at the end of the formation lap (when Ai takes over) it stays on. Only way to fix is to leave the session and rejoin as the Ai will drop you out of overtake. Let's see how long it takes to fix.....
  3. crob203

    Pit limiter bug

    So is this a bug or how it's meant to be?
  4. crob203

    Pit limiter bug

    I'll try to ignore your irrelevant point about manual gears (been driving them for 19 years) as no road car has a pit limiter... And focus on ;if I had a car that had a feature that stopped it going over a certain speed and it went over that speed when the feature was on, that is a bug unless codies are going to come in here and say it's an anti stall feature for 2020 (it didn't do it last year). Gear should make no difference to this feature, as it is based on a control by wire closed loop feedback system (read basic digital control laws). I think the game has a minor issue but let's wait for the devs to input rather than throw in mostly uneducated and unproductive comments.
  5. crob203

    Pit limiter bug

    Kind of missing the point there....
  6. 1. On entering pits, with the limiter on and under the pit speed the speed pulses above the limiter speed if in 3rd gear. Works fine in 2nd gear. Also seem to get no acceleration at all unless in very low gears, seems very different behavior to last year but defo results in unfair 5s penalties when you have slowed and applied limiter. I have reproduced the fault on 3 track (Australia, Russia, Italy) video of Australia below showing full issue. 2. Xbox 3. 1.6 4. All modes but shown in gp 5. All tracks easy to do. Pit and apply pit limiter, slow down and move to 3rd gear, speed up to limit speed and see it pulse over repeatedly. If doesn't happen in 3rd gear up. 6. Shifting down another gear seems to fix it. 7. Pad 8. https://xboxclips.co/crob203/f6fa33b8-e655-4f7f-8115-ee896c278895
  7. crob203

    Ability to just change wing during a pit stop

    Yep common sense suggestion from last year, made again during testing and completely ignored it seems... Maybe when codies don't have the franchise anymore we can get these features?
  8. crob203

    Ranked lobbies

    Do they ever consistently work? Takes about half an hr to find anyone. Any updates to multiplayer coming codies or you just gonna leave the 3 year old naff code in there for another year? @BarryBL
  9. crob203

    Online issues

    Looks like codies just copied and pasted last year's multiplayer code across.... Again. Really disappointing that they can't improve the basics in this area to the minimum standard other online racing games do regarding : Lobbies - why can't I filter lobbies to race distance /active players etc!? That is so Friggin simple to do! Penalties - you knew it was broken last year and did nothing. Please spend some time looking at how the penalty system applies these as they are a joke again. Ranked lobbies - why can't I search these to find one with some people in! Also why the broken timer.... 3 years in a row, can't even provide a timer that works, what part of your QA department even looks at this stuff. Oh wait we are the QA department. Please look passed my flippant comments that are borne our of frustration that you role the same errors year on year, and apply some basic fixes! Your execs need to be persuaded that a short patch series to fix these will be dividends rather than a continued focus on shiny features that Noone uses after the first few months of release. Your league/online base is your solid base year on year, you need to give them something new!
  10. crob203

    Just understeer

    So much understeer this week it's horrible. Nothing like last week or 2019.