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  1. They’ve had the wrong model for the safety car for years. They’ve just used the Mercedes AMG GT S model and reskinned it every year, when it should’ve been the AMG GT R model from 2018 onwards. So yeah I’d be extremely surprised if they did add the Aston SC in when they couldn’t even update 1 car model for 3 games before
  2. I’ve just started season 2 in my team (late I know) but in season 1 I got a few podiums and a win whilst playing on 107 AI difficulty and got my car to about 6th best on the performance chart. Start the new season and my car is now 2nd best in performance, but suddenly feels like the car does at the start of season one. I’ve got hardly any grip, I qualified P19 at the first round where as my new teammate (Gasly) qualified P3. I couldn’t even complete the R&D programmes because my car was just way too slow so I don’t know what’s going on but something isn’t right because I was doing fine
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