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  1. Jimmyslade

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Well how about ACTUALLY DOING something about it? Forwarding it to the team... Acknowledging there is an issue... actually fixing it...? Safety car never coming out has basically been an issue since 2017 and all that is ever done about it is "merging threads to keep it in one place" Blah blah... Yeah sure... merge it all you want, thats all you have been doing about it for the past two years, fine with me. But what about actually handling the issue, its been described for YEARS and nothing...? Working on it? Fixing it? What about it??
  2. Jimmyslade

    Headset Advice

    I can relate to that 😄 Well I cant personally recommend one of them, because I am not using any of them, but you could check out the Sharkoon Skiller SGH2, the Lioncast LX20 or the Nubwo N 2/7/11/12 series. All of them are pretty cheap and according to tests on Youtube the mic qualy is actually pretty good.
  3. Jimmyslade

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    What about Safety cars? Did you get any at all? The real one, not VSC