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  1. AdrianShadok

    Game assists. OP?

    Imo and from experience, driving aids from Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa (both games of AC) are quite balanced. They slow you up, but because you shouldn't risk at the limit of the car, the game must ensure you don't lose control. In F1 basically controls the throttle for you, sometimes you lose time and sometimes you win a lot, depends of the corner. In general makes you win time.
  2. AdrianShadok

    Game assists. OP?

    I'm in a 4fun torunament with some people we met during lockdown in Spain in F1 2019. Now we are preparing for another one in F1 2020, and we are discussing in discord how tf someone is faster with TC and antiblock and someone is even faster with those and using a controller. I mean, codies is killing the simulation of their game in multiplayer.
  3. AdrianShadok

    Game assists. OP?

    That's what i asked to myself since the week before of the F12020 release. I mean, in almost all the games, when you use driving assists you normally lose some pace, you're a bit slower because the game is helping you to not lose the control of the car (Fe. Project cars, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport or Horizon...). In this game, I always have to use the assists on multiplayer, anti block and medium TC because you are FASTER than when you don't use it. This is really frustrating, seeing people who is already very fast using assists to be even faster. In the other games usually is "harder control of the car is faster pace", but in this game is "the easier, the faster". Yesterday played some laps around Austria in time trial. 1.04.6 without assists, while a friend, who never used assists and our times were almost equal, gets a 1.03.9 with TC and antiblock. They should nerf the assists?