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  1. As the title says, there must be random mechanical failures for humans. It is totally unfair as your rival leaves 2-3 races a season and you don't. It could be an option for the player to choose.
  2. LeoCardoso

    Please help me find the perfect difficulty.

    @Gardendata61371 If you want be good as Hamilton, Go to grand prix, choose bottas, qualifying short. Make your best lap and save the time. Simulate the qualifying 3 times and compare with Hamilton. Adjust the difficulty until his time near to your time. Usually i decrease 2 levels to Race. Do this for ALL tracks. Hope i could help
  3. LeoCardoso

    New Developer Liaison

    @BarryBL Hello and welcome. For 3 years, many players ask for random failures for players on career mode. The system of durability os pior and totally unfair with IA. Please forward this to the person who decide what improve! Thanks!!
  4. LeoCardoso

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    is there any way to change the difficulty in the middle of the race buddy ???
  5. LeoCardoso

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    1. Depends on the track, but the average is 87. 2. Yes. No problem on that 3. 5 tenths - 1 Second 4.. I tried but did not adapt. need training but as I said earlier I don't have time 5. No. I can try to take picture of the times next time.
  6. LeoCardoso

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    I try use medium TC but i dont like. I want to play with the option of the game able to us. I´m not professonal player and dont have time to training. On F1 2017 and 2018 this works well, so dont came with this argument of impossible...
  7. LeoCardoso

    AI vs Full TC on rain

    Guys, Once more.. the AI on wet is overpowered compared Just with players who plays with Full TC! This is how i play and this must be fix!! @Hoo
  8. LeoCardoso

    Wheel-to-wheel with AI

    @RedDevilKT @Hoo And the AI Stilo overpowered in rain
  9. LeoCardoso

    Wheel-to-wheel with AI

    It is simply ridiculous how AI behaves in a wheel-to-wheel dispute. They simply brake and force the racing line return. This must be fixed!
  10. LeoCardoso

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    This is the last patch? I Hope not!
  11. @Faya - Ai performance in rain overpowered. - Too much driver transfers in mid-season. - AI too much traction. Just left this 3 problems. Come on! I want start my career mode. You are looking for these?