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  1. Is weather forecast in career mode scripted. The reason I ask, In season one in my career in six rally's not a drop of rain or a flake of snow. I finished forth. So failed to progress and in season two in same car starting last rally in Finland and still no rain. The percentage symbols are always Zero. Everyone else the same for there first season.
  2. More like Shock And Awa. I needed a good laugh today, Thanks fella. 
  3. Well obviously I played the same game, however its good that you didn't experience those particular issues...must be sporadic...? But yeah, I am not impressed personally speaking, and I won't be making the purchase as to be honest, its just not my cup of tea. The 'Gran Turismo' esque feel to it just doesn't feel right - so was Assetto corsa and rFactor..., however I preferred the latter of the two. TBH..., F1 2015 can't come quick enough now and I know for sure Codemasters will not let us down, regardless of the lack of communication; This whole feeling I have which has that DiRT Rally type of
  4. Career was the only mode I played. It has been scraped for some apparent reason which I can not get my head round. Anyway I'm waiting to hear  more how this new pro version has in store. But once again details are very poor regarding this and the consumer worry in what is in the final product with only about 8 weeks to go to release.  Yes career is on top of my list but other factors in game remain. Wet weather in F1 has been broken this years by tyres wrongly implemented on AI or User especially in 2014 has AI had full traction in wet conditions and impossible to race them never mi
  5. Not going to happen! But if you buy F12015 rest assured all your worries and disappointment in 2014 will be addressed to the best of Codemasters capabilities. Thank you for buying F1 2014 but make sure you come back to the forum before the release of F1 2015 for all the hype.   
  6. Not on PC unfortunately. So I'm one of many who are stuck with this bad coding which has been shoved in our face for years. But whats different this year well it looks like we are stuck with it and the AI pace in full wet conditions.  
  7. Just played  to two more GP last night Germany and Hungary in career. Both practice and Qualifying were wet. This needs to be looked into way to much rain. So Far!                        Practice      Qualifying       Race Australia   -     Dry                Dry               Dry Malaysia   -    Wet               Dry             &n
  8. At Silverstone in career so far I have only got two dry race weekends Australia and Monaco in my first career season. Personally I believe this is unrealistic.  Is anybody else having this issue of wet conditions at some point in there race weekend. The percentage of having rain seems to be very high. 
  9. To analyse the coding and data from feedback take's time the game has not been out a week yet. Patience man it will come in due course.   
  10. Steve has already tweeted last week that the data in wet conditions is not right and is been reviewed. I can stay with the AI in the early laps but when my tyres start to wear I'm loosing as much as 2 to 3 seconds a lap in 50% race distance on legend. 
  11. Started Career mode on Friday first two race's Safety car was deployed. No fault of my own.
  12.  4.4 is good. Last night in career mode at Malaysia in Caterham set it as low 2.2. My wings were set very high 10.11 I think. It was dry practice and qualifying. Qualified last but I was thinking about the full wet race. I finished 13th out of  20 cars and also got the help of the safety car. 
  13. Craig1405 said: Agreed, I can't get anywhere near the AI cars on full wets, it's almost like they're racing on a dry track with prime tyres and you're not. I tweeted Steve about this especially when using a steering wheel AI cars have excessive traction out of corners in full wet conditions.  But AI seems fine when I'm on inters.  Anyway Steve said yesterday the found something in the data and are reviewing it.  This will help you a bit in heavy rain soften the springs and but on plenty of wing. It will help out of corners but will hamper you on the straights. 
  14. He seems completely delusional about the issues with this game. It's pretty obvious that everybody is unhappy with the pad handling but he just doesn't seem to get it. It's not fine at all, most leagues are in tatters because of it, basically putting fingers up to the dedicated online community I tweeted Steve over the weekend about the traction issues using steering wheel in full wet conditions compared to the AI. Reply: The guys looked at it today. Got some interesting data. Will be reviewed. There are aware of the issues here that we post and other social means of contact. Yes there is
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