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  1. 100% career in Brazil. Pulled into the pits on lap 47 from 1st, was supposed  to come in on lap 44 but stayed out because my tires were still in decent condition, my team mate Alonso came in on lap 45, i drove round for a couple of laps then came in, to my amazement Alonso was still in the pits, as if  we were double stacking, my car just drove into his car as it ghosted out, we ended up sitting there looking at the pit crew standing there doing nothing, had to then retire. Anyone else had this before?
  2. great race, absolutely hate the Hungaroring,, i can not compete with the AI at all. My race was 100% wet, running at the tail end of the poimts, 2 laps from the end got on the kerb and spun of into the barrier lol what a waste :) 
  3. Sweet man.. you were dam quick around malaysia in quailfyin, I could only manage 1.40 dead. That sweeping right hand corner before the drs straight is so hard to master, I lose handfuls of time there
  4. how often do you post videos so i can keep up with them?
  5. brilliant vidz man, keep them comin  :)
  6. Is anyone having trouble with online races or is it just me? i can not get past the first corner without being taken out, it doesn't matter were i qualify, weather it be at the front, middle or back, i try to keep it clean but seems like others use you as their brake and ram you off the track, pretty frustrating to say the least. Having said that i really am loving this game, have had some cracking battles get back up through the field, to be taken out again lol 
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