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  1. sirio994

    F1 2021 game

    I agree. But I wasn't sure about it because from what I know Moto GP is going to release two separate versions...
  2. sirio994

    F1 2021 game

    I'm very excited about the announcement. I didn't expect to see a combined PS4/PS5 version. It's great to be able to get both versions for those who will upgrade to PS5 and those like me who didn't sell their PS4 moving to PS5...
  3. sirio994

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    F1 2020 is definitely the best in terms of pure quality. '06 was great and 2012/2013 will always have a place in my heart (my first wheel played games)
  4. Thanks guys for these detailed explanations. Talking about the game specifically it's safe to assume that it might result in either: -Mode 4 (max) removed from qualifying if a range of modes is allowed -Mode 2 (standard) as the only mode available The future of the overtake button might be tricky because in the game it is simplified and it only affects the ERS. In game the "engine" and the "battery" are as much separeted as they could be. It will be interesting to see if it's only just one mode. Currently mode 2 (standard) burns so much fuel that would make it hard to finish the race. Codemasters should adjust fuel consumption rates too at that point or create a new mode that is between the current lean and standard. Obviously if they want to patch it later instead of waiting till 2021...
  5. sirio994

    Toe and differential

    Camber to the right and toe to the left should give you minimum tyre wear. If it's not the case it's due to other parts of the setup/bad combinations...
  6. sirio994

    AI setup (Straight line speed)

    The AI uses default setups (as shown by telemetry apps). David Greco mentioned 4-5 wings in the Q&A thread. In theory default setups should work but from my experience on high difficulty levels they are programmed to be fast regardless. I feel like they have to hit a certain lap time target no matter how...
  7. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Against the AI it's pretty normal you start on warming up tyres and they start with stable and perfect temperatures. Plus they use a lot of ERS after the start. That's why they drop off a bit after 2-3 laps. It's not as evident as it was in the past but they clearly use more ERS than an experienced user would...
  8. sirio994


    The test is really good I think. If you want a difficulty level that allows you to be competitive or a bit safe/faster everywhere Catalunya is the track. Generically you don't want a level that brings you to overdriving. So if you want a single number for the entire season this is a solid way. Probably a mix of Spain and Australia does the trick. The only misleading thing in the video is about setups and settings. I'd say if you want to use default setups, do the test with them. If you'll use setups from site x, test with them and so on with youtubers...
  9. sirio994

    The effect of a full tank on car setup

    I hate it but at the same time I love it. I think starting compounds are very well balanced. And with dirty air is hard to overtake. So this year when you choose to start on mediums you have to take track position into account. Those on softs will have better grip and it won't be easy to get positions back once they'll start to drop off...
  10. sirio994

    How do you build your setups?

    The estimated tyre life is longer on average by 2 up to 4 laps compared to the AI, estimated tyre life intended as wear around 40%. So essentially with a minimum toe and reduced camber with low but not too low pressures this is what you can gain against the AI in terms of wear over the full distance (100%). I have to compare it with more aggressive setups or even TT setups to see a full user vs user comparison. But I think all of those numbers show why preset 4 is having so much success expecially between offline players...
  11. sirio994

    Telemetry Software: PXG F1 Telemetry

    As I wrote before I'm loving this app. Probably you already know it but I just wanted to report that if you do a single race in gp mode it shows you Melbourne as track instead of the correct one. I was wandering. Are you planning to extend the app to other sims?
  12. sirio994

    How do you build your setups?

    Preset 4 is great because of its suspension geometry and tyre pressures. It is nothing crazy but it shares those two things with many online and TT setups (while being tyre wear friendly too). I've checked through telemetry: with preset 4's toe and camber you can extend stints by 2/4 laps in 100% distance. So it is very solid for longer races and doesn't overheat. Guys, I gave F1 2019 to a friend who recently started following F1. I can't remember if 2019 had the same exact preset 4 or if it was different...
  13. sirio994

    The effect of a full tank on car setup

    Adjusting the setup just for the full fuel tank isn't good. You want your car to feel the best mid race. Not at the beginning and not at the end. Practically speaking there are no great setups for the start of the race. The car will almost always feel bad. It also depends on your strategy. If you want to push at the start you need a setup that is decent with full fuel tank. But there are also races in which you start on mediums and the first few laps are just "survival mode" by nature. For the first part of the race you don't want a car that wins you the race, you just want a car that doesn't lose you the race. This is why I'd say focus on stability issues and adjust your driving style to the understeer caused by weight and fuel...
  14. sirio994

    Setups (what to use at each track?)

    Eau Rouge struggles are usually connected to differential, suspensions, ride height or tyre pressures. Your car is either too stiff, too low or can't handle what the sudden elevation change and kerbs do to the wheels....
  15. They use the same setup both in dry and wet. They do have tyre temperatures but are like stable in a certain range. Telemetry apps confirm that. Wet is in general hard to judge. It can be easier, harder and it all depends on tracks and setups. In a stable full wet race the user benefits from full wet setups and clearly has an edge on the AI. In a dry with a touch of wet race in particular tracks the AI has a big edge due to tyre temperatures. Obviously it has a lot to do with distance too. For example 100% distance users are more exposed to the variance. In a full distance race that is 3/4 dry there's not a lot that you can do since you have to go with a dry setup (otherwise you'd lose too much) and that final quarter of the race is still the equivalent of a 25% race that you have to face in uncomfortable position. Plus I don't if the transition is quicker in shorter distances. It also could be a factor. This is probably the biggest change the game has to make in the future in the offline department. AI drivers feel like humans but there are those situations that remind you that they're not actually on your same track and in your same condition if you know what I mean...