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  1. Single race mode. In Q2 I got a 5 position penalty for a collision. I qualified P5 and started P14. I'll post the screenshots as soon as possibile...
  2. sirio994

    No tyres change option for F2 sprint races

    Exacly. In F2 the sprint race set is the final fresh set. Monza for example was S for Q, S-M for the feature race and M for the sprint. Me too. In the instance I was talking about probably the team would have retired the car (it's almost improbable to get back into points, top 8 for the sprint race, in a spec championship in less than 20/30 laps...)
  3. Monza, turn 1 of the sprint race. Big crash. I had my front wing broken and the safety car came out. The crew changed my tyres putting me on the old mediums I used in the second stint of the feature race. We need more flexibility for F2 races. At the point my race was essentially over because the suggested strategy was 3 stops...
  4. sirio994

    way too much rain in career mode

    I'm seeing less rain since patch 1.05. Previously it was almost 50% of chance... (100% distance)
  5. I'm without connection due to a massive cable failure in my area. How does the new handling feel? Have you tested the AI in the wet?
  6. sirio994

    F1 2021

    I voted for Codemasters. Honestly I don't believe to SMS. PC2 was the game I've wanted and waited the most. I was literally counting days to its release. The worst disappointment of my gaming life. Bad FFB, bad AI, a lot of bugs and last but not least it was abandoned. On paper it had the potential to be the ultimate racing game and it failed miserably. They went for the homerun and ended up with a strike out. Kunos has what it takes but in that case they should make the game their own way. Less small things, less career mode features, cutscenes and so on. Pure driving in a non-yearly released product. Years and new seasons added through DLCs. The F1 game is far away from being a title that works well under their philosophy. I'm afraid the F1 game would change Kunos rather than the opposite. EA would be the worst option. I'm already able to see their F1 version of Ultimate Team...
  7. sirio994

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I hate Monaco. I've won the race twice (100% distance). Never higher than 95 AI (2018). The AI became harder from 2017 to 2018. Too much hard for me. I keep the difficulty level at what it is and hope for a miracle. I feel like the only way to win is to go for less stops and lead the train. Overcut, less stops and lead the train. I can't imagine how people are faster at Monaco than other places...
  8. sirio994

    Girlfriend attempts time trials 😂

    https://youtu.be/JGtBBTjunc0 ...and then we have Toto Wolff...the only former professional driver who is slower than his wife... 😄
  9. sirio994

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    It is actually more caused by the inaccuracy of tracks...
  10. The AI in the Beta was aggressive without any sign of awareness. At release the AI was agressive but definitely with more awareness. Wasn't the "blocking" in the notes referred only to qualifying/lapped cars? From videos on YouTube it seems that RB is still painfully slow in straights...
  11. sirio994

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    I find this year's AI better balanced between tracks. The only exception for me is Silverstone which seems to be this year's Austria. I hope they will fix the wet well with coming updates. I don't like to touch the AI in general... I agree about Suzuka. It's a bit hard but I hate the feedback too. Inside kerbs in sector 1 are too punishing and it's the track that shows the limits of current handling based on preseason... I haven't tested the AI with default setup yet...
  12. sirio994

    Race starts SLOW compared to A.I

    It's hard to get a good start against the AI in this game. My strategy: formation lap on (it's crucial to get tyres up to temperature) and fuel/ers track specific. If turn 1 is close you need good initial traction (standard fuel and 2/3 ERS). If turn 1 is at the end of a long straight i tend to go more aggressive with rich fuel/ers 3 (4 after the release) because in that case you need a stronger acceleration...
  13. sirio994

    Approach to Qualifying (Tires)

    Balanced allocation for full qualify is S S S M (S for Q3) I run 2 laps for each session. I don't run the second one in Q2 if I feel confortable. You have 4 sets of softs for 3 sessions or 3 sets for 2. S1 for Q1. S2 for Q2. Soft 4 for first run in Q3, soft 3 for second run in Q3. Using this method if you do well in your first run in Q3 you can use Q3 specific tyres again for the second lap and save a set. Essentialy you have one more set of softs than the number of sessions. It all depends on your goal. If your team's goal is to reach Q3 the extra set is for Q2 (Q3: both runs on Q3 tyres). If your team's goal is fighting for the pole the extra set (the third one) is for the second run in Q3. If your goal is to reach Q2 use the extra set in Q1. The extra set is for the session that is more crucial for your team (and for emergency cases). I go out at the start of the session and at the end (personal best lap time + 1 minute). When you go out at the beginning you can still find traffic (occasionally), when you go out at the end you rarely find your self in traffic. Go for the aggressive allocation if you need one more set of softs. This is the best and most realistic strategy but you have to be a good qualifying performer to make it work. Don't be afraid of having a worn set of softs during the race. It's better to start in front than having a fresh set (Ferrari/Monaco docet)
  14. I use ERS with mode 1 as "conservative", mode 2 as "normal/pace" and mode 3 as "aggressive". Mode 4 should be accessible through a button. It's more or less what we saw in assetto corsa. Problems come from the fact that ers modes make you faster if you use them all throughout the lap. To be faster you have to "map" the ERS in real time instead of using it with modes. The same happens with fuel. Lean/standard/rich are clearly modes but you can be faster using lean and rich respectively for corners and straights. I think the current ERS and fuel system is a good compromise, it's the "faster" way to use them that generates the debate and makes everything unrealistic...
  15. sirio994


    In fact I'm always concerned as 100% distance user. The feeling of race pace is different. In 25% and 50% races you rarely see clean air and different strategies. So the AI might look slower in the race because it struggles in traffic a bit but the true race pace has to be seen in clean air. People last year started to ask for faster race pace. But faster race pace for 25 and 50 distances it's a huge leap in 100% and full clean air. And the strategy is different too: in 100% distance you have to use lean and cannot overfuel the car...