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  1. I don't know if it's broken in that specific sense. I think it is actually by design. They used a simplified calculation of fuel consumption instead of something more elaborated/dynamic but it became more evident/a issue now that mixture changes are out of the game...
  2. I usually start the race with the right amount of fuel or just a bit more fuel to be sure (GP mode so no practice/strategy runs). In 90% of races is more than enough to finish it even with laps of fuel to spare. In other races it becomes risky and i have to save fuel but...no matter the imput, in this game you just can't save fuel. The only way is to slow down significantly and do some very slow laps. Lift and coast doesn't work (shortshifting too). I'm using different telemetry apps so I can confirm that no matter the imputs, the fuel consumption is always the same. The graph is basicall
  3. I'd love to see a mode like that and in general more options. I'd love to see the option to use my own driver in gp mode or championship mode instead of a real one. I'd love to have a championship mode with actual management of components and grid penalties. Even a championship mode in which you can select different drivers in different races. Anything beyond the current championship mode which is basically just a tracked sequence of gp mode races... The good thing is that they added equal performance this year. A great addition for those who want to play a championship in equal cars...
  4. Currently I have both the GT Omega Classic and the GT Omega Apex. I'm using the Apex version with a DD wheel. I've had the wheel stand pro too. As others said, stay away from it. I sold it after a month at the time to move to the GT Omega. If you find the GT Omega expensive, look for similar products. Next Level is another solid product. My advice is GT omega classic for a belt driven and GT Omega Apex for a DD...
  5. I think it is pretty normal. I've experienced it in every F1 and racing game. I think if you're really consistent between qualifying and race and have a balanced setup, the majority of the time you'll end up being slower than the car ahead and faster than the car behind. I usually play 100% distance and it's a common thing as it should with long distances. In this game is easy to follow the car in front and make a move. So no matter where you are/the AI is you'll pretty much end the race where you're supposed to finish.
  6. No, it's always the same. Assist are a separate thing. They work the same on even on 110 difficulty.
  7. I've never had problems with fuel in many many 100% distance races. Only in Brazil, from my experience, if you start with the perfect amount of fuel you could find yourself in trouble a bit. But nothing crazy. A couple of slow laps should do the trick...
  8. I'm pretty sure there will be a PS4 version. There are not enough PS5 around. It would not make sense to release the game only on PS5.
  9. They recently implemented the CSL DD in the PC version, so in theory it should happen with the DD Pro too at some point... As said the wheel is only implemented in GT Sport. So purple mode is the way to go for now, unless different communications from Fanatec or developers. When in doubt, go with purple mode (even if it's working in blue mode), unless you find or get the news that it has been implemented in that specific game/sim...
  10. I agree. I think effects on performance are too big in the game. It looks like there's no in between for front wings. You either can continue without damage or have to stop immediately cause the car can't turn at all...
  11. What does it change? Are there any benefits? I don't see any stuttering on PS5 with quality mode...
  12. I hope to see Portugal, China, Germany, Malaysia and even Vietnam as a base. Tracks that were in the game in recent years so potentially easier to bring them back. Portimao in particular is a track that Codemasters recreated very well. It will be bad to see it gone and all that work for just one year...
  13. The wheel is currently only implemented in GT Sport, so for F1 2021 you should use compatibility purple mode (the game will detected it as a CSL Elite but don't worry you won't lose any ffb functionality)
  14. I was about to write the same thing. Imola is my favorite track and I've run thousands of laps at imola in ACC (and previously AC1). I had no idea of how Portimao was and after 20 laps I was on pace at Portimao but can't get up to speed on Imola. It's not as bugged as Zandvoort but definitely on the strong side of AI tracks...
  15. Imola is amazing. Since last year I was looking forward to race at Imola in the game (the day has come, finally). It is amazingly accurate and doesn't look or feel bad even compared to the ACC version. Great job! I'm already missing the special redbull livery. I hope they'll find a way to keep it in the game. Tracks and liveries...the more they can keep in the game the better. I hope to see Imola and Portimao back in F1 2022 even if out of the calendar...
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