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    AI Difficulty

    I've done a lot of testing about race pace. People seem to find it slower compared to qualifying but it is actually decently balanced. The AI runs with a setup that is balanced between performance and tyre wear so if the user goes with a race based setup can have an advantage and be faster in the race. If the user goes with a TT-like setup is the exact opposite. Are you using a setup based on pure performance? Are you overheating your tyres during the race?
  2. sirio994

    What camera do you use?

    I disagree. It should be considered an assist only in games that provide enough options. And this game doesn't. It's plenty of drivers who play in cockpit view elsewhere and then switch to t cam just for this game. I do the same and can understand why. Even real life drivers used t cam while enjoied iracing's cam. Cockpit cam in this game is technically wrong for so many reasons. It's more a visor cam than a driver's view...
  3. sirio994

    Flying lap is very slow?

    I use go to flying lap to save time because I race on 100% distance. I record races so I can tell it makes a difference. Usually the full Q+R package is around 10-20 minutes shorter. But I do out and in laps when needed or crucial. If I played on 50% distance or less I would definitely run out and in laps manually. Plus with 100% distance the value of qualifying is different...
  4. sirio994

    What camera do you use?

    Default T Cam for me. Love cockpit but I'd rather have transparent halo to raise the view without having to see the orizontal bar. I don't want to see the in game wheel without having to use zoom. In old F1 games I used to play with cockpit default just raised a bit. But now it is impossible with the halo. I hate it because f1 is the only game I don't play in cockpit view but as said I've not been able to find comfortable combinations so far...
  5. sirio994

    Suddenly everybody is so quick ? Why

    I think this year is easier to be quick and harder to be very quick. There's more traction, less lockups, the ERS management is simple. I can't tell it personally but a lot of pad players are more comfortable with 2020. Setups are different: I came back to my pace changing philosophy. Tyre pressures work differently so suspension geometry. I don't think you can lose that much pace from one handling to the other. But I think that with this year's handling the average user will be faster. So no surprise. I've heard esports players complaining about pad players and how good players like youtubers and streamers were closer to them than before... Plus we are coming from months of lockdown and quarantine. So a lot of players put more hours into the game than before. I've experienced it in other games: the "average user" has improved. Sim racing is in its golden era so many players bought new and better wheels/hardwares. There are many potential factors...
  6. sirio994

    Flying lap is very slow?

    I use it every time without problems. Between 2:45-3:00 left for dry sessions. Never use it in wet sessions. It puts you out as the 4th/5th car. In dry to wet sessions the order in which you go out can be the deciding factor...
  7. sirio994

    Black mercedes

    I'm waiting for it to give the game that final 2020 look
  8. sirio994

    Play as yourself in championship mode

    I'd love to see this option. Using your driver in championship mode or single race. Having penalties in championship mode too if you want. Managing engines and gear boxes would add a lot too. I always play championship mode. I don't like career mode because car development and driver transferts can make it look unrealistic pretty quickly.
  9. sirio994

    AI Difficulty

    I think the most common are weak at Austria. Strong at Silverstone (probably their strongest) and Spain. Bahrain too they're very good. Less good at China, France and Brazil. Canada I think it depends on track limits. Even Brazil and Spain in a certain sense. Canada with strict is not that easy. With regular you can take the final chicane aggressively. Hanoi they're good too. But I think it has a lot to do with the lack of grip and bad feeling that the user gets and their unreal traction. So for sure at Hanoi they are poorly balanced. Steet circuits are pretty much balanced but compared to other tracks they depend on your damage, length and flashback settings (and if you restart or not in case of a crash).
  10. sirio994

    AI in rain too difficult?

    With a wet weather setup you should be able to destroy the AI in the wet. The balancing is supposed to be tested with default setups and dry setups and for longer distances where the compromise costs you more. Wet weather includes also transitional weather where the AI is really OP and takes into account different tracks and settings...
  11. sirio994

    Strategy mfd

    Never seen one working. It just gives you your current strategy. I hope it will get fixed soon as it's hard to play having to guess...
  12. sirio994

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    I'm fresh from Monaco. The AI does some mistakes but I think at Monaco specifically and in other tracks they make mistakes but in the wrong way or wrong corners. I've seen cars struggling out of the hairpin which is unrealistic. At Monaco you usually see cars struggling out of rascasse and into the main straight, hit the senna wall, locking up after the tunnel and going straight. I was sure they would have struggled out of last corner but they didn't. Always perfect exit. I guess the next step is programming track specific common mistakes. It's good to see then losing traction here and there but out of the hairpin in real life you never see mistakes. You're not under pressure in that section...
  13. sirio994

    AI to fast in wet

    This. The problem is not wet intended as consistent and stabilized wet but transition weather. It's the reason why it scares me that someone is asking for changes in the AI department. If they up the AI in the wet, the entire wet AI would be affected and for as much as I love this game the AI is still "simulated". Mistakes are not made by the AI cause it's dealing with the track. They are programmed. They're not affected by temperatures. I've seen that the AI in the wet is different in low grip asphalt tracks too.
  14. sirio994

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

    I would add strategy suggestions and MFD changes. It's not a gamebraking issue but I'd rather have Jeff doing the job instead of having to guess every time...
  15. sirio994

    British GP unraceable

    It's probably one of their strongest track if not the strongest. Definitely OP at least on high levels. In general you have to use rich mix and overtake to match them. They use 4-5 wings but they're are faster than 4-5. OP acceleration and straight line speed in general for the AI so I wasn't surprised they are so strong at Silverstone. I think Silverstone is this year's Paul Ricard. One of their weakest tracks of the previous year become one of their strongest.
  16. sirio994

    FFB in low grip asphalt (Hanoi)

    I've done 2 full races at Hanoi so far. For some reason the FFB is so bad and weak there. I saw that Aarvaa back in the early access days talked about Hanoi as 2019 all over again if not worse. Now I've understood what he meant with 2019. The problem is not only the lack of grip that can be a good thing (with the new improved track grip and evolution based on different asphalts), but also the fact that the FFB is so bad to a point that you don't feel anything from your rear. I mean one thing is the lack of grip and another thing is making it even harder with bad feedback. Plus I don't know how much the AI is affected by it. In the rain it gets even worse. It's like having no FFB at all, not to mention the AI again. What do you think guys? Have you experience the same? I love Hanoi as a track but it feels so bad on the wheel that is probably one of the worst experiences you can find. It's sad to say cause the handling is so great this year but as said then you go on track at Hanoi and it's all gone...
  17. sirio994

    FFB in low grip asphalt (Hanoi)

    I've already tried it. But it just gives you more strength...it doesn't affect how you feel the car, sliding and rear traction.
  18. sirio994

    FFB in low grip asphalt (Hanoi)

    I agree. I don't hate the low grip nature of the track taken individually but the consequent FFB (and AI) you get. It's a bad experience overall in particular if compared to other tracks and this year's overall handling and ffb. I don't think it's a bug. It is by design. But there are questions about track evolution. If I set a weekend with no FPs, do I get the same track evolution in qualify. Is it scaled to race distance? And what TT is supposed to be, tracks with perfect grip?
  19. sirio994

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

    I find the AI fine between qualyfing and race. Before asking for AI changes please provide some context. Are you using a setup that is better for the race? I've tested it myself. With qualifying TT based setup is the complete opposite... Which distance? To measure true pace the AI has to be judged in clean air something that honestly 25% distance users don't even see and 50% distance users see often but not always. Are you taking into account strategy too? The user has a natural advantage in the race due to his ability to manage situations and strategy better (even fuel). A better decision making would always make the difference in the race. So the user by nature will be and has to be better in the race even with the same pace. I'm sorry but I race the full distance and I hate seeing people asking for changes. The AI is slower in the race...and they block faster cars to overachieve. For example when TRL Limitless does his videos against 110 AI, he's always faster than his true pace. In many races he wins against ultimate AI, but he gets destroyed in terms of pure pace. The AI is slower in the wet...and their wet stints are 6 laps long with assists on... When you ask for a change please remember that the same AI is racing some users with simulation damage, strict corner cutting, no assist, 100 distance in full wet Monaco...
  20. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I was about to ask the same thing. Even with most tyre-friendly setups I'm forced to run low pressures but I guess this year it's pretty normal (and I like it). I race 100% though. So running with full fuel load is a whole different world. To keep temperatures in check for the first stint I have to run 21.8 (2 clicks) as a base for the front.
  21. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I think adjusted presets can be a good starting point. This year's default 3 is very understeery. But compared to old default setups it has balance, a bit of rake too. Default 4 is a true gem. The best preset out of the box in an f1 game. I'm not surprised top drivers posted early WRs with it. In general default presets have too much toe. At the end of the day toe and rear toe specifically are the first things you want to change. Camber levels are pretty high too. And obviously tyre pressures are set with non simulation gameplay in mind. Essentially presets are done not to be pushed at the limit. Very stable grippy but with instant overheating. Unless you're playing without carcass temperature, a thing that a lot of casual players do.
  22. sirio994

    F2 Difficulty too easy?

    It should be that way. I haven't tested it yet compared to F1 AI but with divers ID you're facing 60/68 rated drivers while in F1 you face 90+ drivers with close to 99 abilities...
  23. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I still don't understand. In too many setups I see attempts to fix problems created by the setup it self. What's the point of trying to fix the understeer created by 3-9 wings. Why 3-9 to begin with when the aero balance is changed? As David said you can achieve the same balance with closer/different numbers in a more intuitive way. I understand you want specific numbers here and there. I didn't mean neutral as symmetrical but closer. I think there are a lot of things done based on past experiences. Setups didn't exist in the past, it was just a balancing act of the aggressive ballast. It was just a matter of searching a combination that worked well with a high to very high ballast.
  24. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Guys, one big question. I actually had one question for David but will test it better before asking. This is for everyone. Why nobody is setting up a neutral car (close to neutral car in terms of suspensions)? Something like 5 5 wings, 65 off diff, 44 77 45 with small adjustments to the suspensions geometry or the front/rear suspensions.
  25. sirio994

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I have been using the second approach in past. But since you suggested it I'm setting up the car like you do and I'm enjoying the new approach a lot. It might be driving style related but I find that with equal or very close wings you set your downforce and work from it. It's easier to isolate and fix problems. With very low front wing and very high rear wing, if you fix or change something over time you'll probably have to rethink the whole setup and even change wings. With your method if you have understeer/oversteer it comes from X and/or Y. With great separation between the wings if you have a problem it might be because of X and Y which at the same time have to be that way because of Z. It is definitely the most natural and intuitive approach.