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    Are multiplayer equal cars actually equal?

    They are equal. But they can't be literally equal. There's always a car that you prefer graphically or for the engine sound. That's the reason why for league racing is important to train with the car you'll use... The difference is even more pronounced with cockpit view...
  2. sirio994

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    Actually it is recorded from replay mode so we can't tell for sure about mirrors/hub/interface new features...
  3. sirio994

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    AI's behavior under blue flags is something that I would love to see improved. Their behavior is not that unrealistic but the difference is that in real life a lapped driver finishes the turn and moves out of the way. In the game they park the car on the apex and mid turn. Qyalify is a complete mess though...
  4. sirio994

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    There are already 3 ers mode. If you consider low, medium and high. Mode 4 is overtake, 5 is holap and 0 is recharge. 2 of them shouldn't be used in the race and the third overtake is situational. The problem is that mircimanaging ers is better than using 1, 2 and 3 as presets and the rest as situational for qualify, fastest lap, safety car and overtake...
  5. I would love to see something like Lan multiplayer offline. A mode to fully customize a gp. In LAN you can use the multiplayer car against the AI, set equal cars with real drivers and teams, select how many drivers you want and which drivers you want. Even be alone on track and use it like a private test. It's a great feature but only limited to practice at the moment. I would love to see it implemented as a full mode in which you're able to race too. Create a mode called "customized gp" or at least allow Lan races to start even with one player (alone on track or against the AI). Plus it would allow the user to use his/her own driver and/or customized car outside of career mode and online. @BarryBL @TomAAA
  6. Behind the ERS there are a lot of misconceptions. I've been testing the ERS in this game since the Beta and I hated when Lando said it is unrealistic. Even a lot of users say it. The ERS is fine if you use mode 2 as your pace mode, mode 3 for a couple of fast laps (undercut/overcut/try to breake out of DRS), mode 1 to save energy and mode 4 to overtake (with 5 for qualify and fastest laps and 0 as "recharge"). The ERS is not unrealistic by design it's the online and competitive gaming that made it unrealistic cause it became "real time mapping" of the deployment (using even 0, which is the equivalent of turning of the hybrid part). The same with fuel, it isn't design to force you to adjust it every corner. Standard for the majority of the race with lean to save and rich to attack is more than enough to have a realistic experience. I agree about AUTO but against the AI it can be fine cause it runs it on AUTO. I find the default setup great to compete on every track (Monaco included) and I think it's the way to go for the best career and offline experience. The AI runs on default 6-6 and at Monaco the straight line difference can be huge in favor of the AI. The same for the user at Baku. If I put my league racing setup they can't pass me on the straight even with DRS and me on medium ers deployment. So my advice would be, if you can run default and be competitive with it the offline experience will improve a lot. Not to mention wet to dry and dry to wet situations, even in those conditions the default setup will put you in the same boat of the AI. I think traction, grip and kerbs are the three things that have been discussed for years and all the drivers agree on it. I've always find it crazy that online all the career mode setups are understeery and really soft at the back. Are all f1 gamers understeer lovers? I don't think so but traction is the reason. Not to mention that I hate having to adjust a setup in league racing and not being able to run what I want because of a killer/unrealistic kerb (Spain)
  7. There's already a thread about the impact we all hope real drivers will have on future iterations. Now I'm curious to see, for all who watched events and streams: did they impact your way of playing the game (and if so, how)? Offline i stopped using setups, I'm always racing with the default one and I've moved from manual ERS to auto ERS. What about you?
  8. sirio994

    What's your favourite F1 Track

    Always 100% distance for me. Racing the full length made me able to digest them all over the years but at the same time it makes clear because you know well in which tracks you're are excited to race for 1.5h and in which you're not. Spa is my favorite, Bahrain is my best in league racing. I love all the classic circuits that you find in other sims too. Lately I'm in love with street circuits. Probably China is the one I hate. It's a good track but I find it emotionless (like Abu Dhabi). Monza is great in real life but in the game you can't feel the speed and it can become boring with time. Anyway my absolute favorite track is Le Mans (24h layout).
  9. sirio994

    A reminder for everyone

    Developing a F1 game in this era is harder than developing a soccer/basketball or football game. I wasn't a fan of Twitch but started using it during the quarantine. If you check the F12019 category you can see how hard developing this game is. F1 games can be play in millions of ways and are played by users with simple controllers and at the same time by users with 1/2000 €/$/£ wheels and seats. You can play 25/50/100% distance races, with/without assists or flashbacks, offline/online (in public lobbies or organized leagues), at low/high difficulty levels. Fifa has different modes but the gameplay is the same (so are the controls). I think if we did a poll, we would find out that is hard even to find two players who play the game in the same exact way and with the same exact settings... I agree with sloppy, 2020 will sell like crazy. Covid 19 marked the golden era of sim racing (in general). It would be a suicide not to release the game this year...
  10. sirio994

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I've just completed my application. It was a great experience last year. Hope to be in this year too!
  11. sirio994

    AI (second half of the race)

    I play with a difficulty level that is under the one I should set. Before every season or championship I test the level in qualify to see if I'm able to get pole with a good lap everywhere. So essentially I know that if I do a good lap I can get pole with that setting. I never practice before the race too, so I find my pace during the race. It should be the opposite (even in league racing I tend to be faster as the race goes on). I've studied the races I've done so far and I'm almost sure that it is fuel or ERS related. I'll probably test auto ERS and the default fuel. @BarryBL Does auto ERS use the same logic of the AI? Does the AI race with the fuel load I see in the strategy menu? I'm asking cause if that's the case it means the AI is over fueling the car and consequently has more fuel to burn at the end.
  12. I play with default setup against 102-105 AI. Currently doing a 100% distance championship mode. I only change the differential (50% usually) and the brake bias. I tend to start the race with the precise number of laps of fuel (so no over/under fueling). I gain a lot at the end of the first stint, manage or increase the lead in the second, but then in the last 10-20 laps their pace becomes crazy. Am I doing anything wrong? Should I close the diff a bit or reduce the front wing over the course of the race? Or is it just the AI? I experienced it a lot in 2018 but didn't notice it in 2019. I'm finding the default balanced setup very good against the AI. It's fast and doesn't overpower the user in the straight. I think that using the default setup against the AI improves the offline experience. But the pace the AI finds at the end of the race is killing me. I'm supposing it's caused by one (or more) of those thing: -It's championship mode so I have a new engine each time but I'm wearing it a bit during the race and the AI doesn't -The AI is running without any sort of battery and ERS wear -The AI uses all of its extra laps of fuel at the end -It's just a bug -I'm not adjusting accordingly the handling of the car (via differential or front wing) Guys, i need help!
  13. sirio994

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    My 5 games are (PS4): F12019 - It's the game I've played the most in my life considering that I was in the beta and the new version will come out in July: probably the best offline experience against the AI Project Cars 1: I loved the first iteration, sadly the second was the biggest disappointment in my gaming life (still can't understand why they changed the FFB so much for PC2) Assetto Corsa: my favorite racing game of all time. I've not played it as much as I should have but to simplify the game they released the console version without the AI difficulty slider (in the majority of cases I ended up being between two levels and it ruins the offline experience). They won't do the same for ACC and I expect it to be the greatest racing game of all time (even if it's limited in terms of cars and classes) Dirtt Rally 1: Great game, ahead of time. It was also VR compatible for PS4 which was great F12017: As said I'm obsessed with the AI and the offline experience. It was the first F1 game to include the difficulty slider and the one who brought me back to F1 sim racing
  14. sirio994

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    I hope they are working on the simulation side too. So many drivers are playing with the game. Leclerc is streaming F12019 daily. It's now or never time to go after simulation and realism. It's the best time to get a feedback. @BarryBL Please keep us updated about next gen consoles too (if there's a next gen release and if the game will be compatible)
  15. sirio994

    What F1 2020 desperately needs

    I agree partially. As I said in that thread too, the ERS is not completely unrealistic. Offline I run mode 1 as conservative/harvesting mode, mode 2 as the average pace and mode 3 to have more power in a couple of laps (undercut and overcut situations). And mode 4 only to overtake (hope to see that connected to a button). And mode 5 for hotlaps. Playing that way gives me realism offline and I think that was the way they designed ers (and if you think about it, it's not that far from the way Kunos brought the ERS to Assetto Corsa) The problem is that changing mode is more productive and league racing makes it the way to go online... For example: I usually use mode 2 with charge around 40/60% then I switch to mode 1 to save energy up to 65/70% and only use mode 3 in laps or situation that requires me pushing. When I change from mode 1 to mode 2 again, I usually save fuel. So essentially I'm just cycling through modes and presets like in real life. That's the way ers should be, it was not designed to be live mapping of the energy deployed I guess. The same thing happened to fuel mixtures. It was the online and the competitive gaming that brought the idea of using lean in corners and chicanes. I don't know for sure about ERS but I'm 100% sure about fuel mix. It became what it wasn't designed to be. The same with driving techniques. I never change gear midcorner or brake on the high outside kerb where it shouldn't be possibile. It's something that I will never negotiate even if know that doing all those things make you faster. Realism is about compromise at the moment. It's up to codemasters to work on the code, decide what should make you faster and what shouldn't and try to take away exploits...
  16. sirio994

    What F1 2020 desperately needs

    For me, the things needed are: -Failures for both CPU and user (with the option to turn them off) -Better simulation model: I was racing in F2 at Monaco, I was second and I retired and De Vries won the race and he was like 9th at the moment (not to mention the career bug for sessions in which the user is not involved) -Better strategy from the AI, I've had a race recently in which the AI pitted on average 6 times (literally putting wet tyres for 2 laps when the report said it was eventually going to dry) Setups and presets for each track: it's unfair at Monaco to fight with the AI with 6-6 wings and it's unfair for the AI to have an adjusted pace at Monza and fight with the user on the straight when the user is running with 2/3 wings. More mistakes by the AI and less perfect wheel to wheel racing.
  17. I was wandering if the safety car is working as it should in different modes. I'm at Abu Dhabi in championship mode (100% distance) and I've not seen a single safety car (VSC's rate has been around 2-3 per race). But at the same time in single race mode I've had at least one safety car in 3 out of 4 races. I haven't fully tested it online but is it working correctly in championship mode? No safety cars in 20 full 100% races: is it just a crazy coincidence?
  18. sirio994

    Safety car state in different modes

    I started the season after 1.22 (PS4). I've played the entire World Championship with 0 safety cars and now running the F2 championship I've had 1 safety car in 6 races. So it seems it's working in championship mode but the frequency is suspect... I don't know if it helps but in F1 2018 I had a season with 21 safety cars out of 21 races (I posted the screenshots here in the forum). The safety car wasn't coming out in other modes at the time. I've seen strange things over the years in championship mode compared to single race or career...
  19. I reported it as soon as the patch came out. It sounds like a small thing but it's a big deal for those who are not playing with the game set to english. It takes away a lot realism...
  20. Did the engineer say "pit this lap, we're adjusting the strategy". If that is the case, the CPU overrides the strategy at first in broken front wing situations. I've never experience this bug. The only bug I've experienced was with the front wing. But it has been reported since the beta and fixed a couple of patches ago...
  21. Why did they take away the option to change the language of the engineer? Now we are forced to the same language of the system. It was one of the best options in terms of immersion. A lot of people used to play with the engineer set to english and the menu set to their own language. Was the feature heavily bugged or flawed?
  22. sirio994

    Radio Language (audio settings)

    The option is gone on ps4. So no workaround, except changing the language of the system...
  23. sirio994

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I hate Monaco. I've won the race twice (100% distance). Never higher than 95 AI (2018). The AI became harder from 2017 to 2018. Too much hard for me. I keep the difficulty level at what it is and hope for a miracle. I feel like the only way to win is to go for less stops and lead the train. Overcut, less stops and lead the train. I can't imagine how people are faster at Monaco than other places...