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  1. Thanks guys for these detailed explanations.


    Talking about the game specifically it's safe to assume that it might result in either:

    -Mode 4 (max) removed from qualifying if a range of modes is allowed

    -Mode 2 (standard) as the only mode available

    The future of the overtake button might be tricky because in the game it is simplified and it only affects the ERS. In game the "engine" and the "battery" are as much separeted as they could be.

    It will be interesting to see if it's only just one mode. Currently mode 2 (standard) burns so much fuel that would make it hard to finish the race. Codemasters should adjust fuel consumption rates too at that point or create a new mode that is between the current lean and standard. Obviously if they want to patch it later instead of waiting till 2021...

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  2. 7 hours ago, Naxlr said:

    Any one found a good balance for the toe for career/ Grand Prix modes as like most in tt I just run top 2 all to right bottom 2 all to left but I get bad tyre wear in GP modes with that plus what is the best differential to run using a pad on medium traction as currently running 65 per cent but car is very twitchy on traction .

    Camber to the right and toe to the left should give you minimum tyre wear. If it's not the case it's due to other parts of the setup/bad combinations...

  3. The AI uses default setups (as shown by telemetry apps). David Greco mentioned 4-5 wings in the Q&A thread. In theory default setups should work but from my experience on high difficulty levels they are programmed to be fast regardless. I feel like they have to hit a certain lap time target no matter how...

  4. 19 minutes ago, Bertje1989 said:

    I have this as wel agains AI as wel ass in Online. But I'm guessing I needmore practice I guess 🙂

    Against the AI it's pretty normal you start on warming up tyres and they start with stable and perfect temperatures. Plus they use a lot of ERS after the start. That's why they drop off a bit after 2-3 laps. It's not as evident as it was in the past but they clearly use more ERS than an experienced user would...

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  5. The test is really good I think. If you want a difficulty level that allows you to be competitive or a bit safe/faster everywhere Catalunya is the track.

    Generically you don't want a level that brings you to overdriving. So if you want a single number for the entire season this is a solid way.

    Probably a mix of Spain and Australia does the trick. The only misleading thing in the video is about setups and settings. I'd say if you want to use default setups, do the test with them. If you'll use setups from site x, test with them and so on with youtubers...

  6. 11 minutes ago, Krisperfectline said:

    Good lord. I hate it whenever the Medium or Hard tyre does not have any grip at the start of the race. Even though they show that tyre temperatures are within 85-100 degrees. The understeer, and sometimes the rear wanting to get lose is just crazy. I think starting on the softer compounds is more viable now compared to other games if you want to have decent grip at the start... Or pushing on the formation lap for tyre warm up..

    I hate it but at the same time I love it. I think starting compounds are very well balanced. And with dirty air is hard to overtake. So this year when you choose to start on mediums you have to take track position into account. Those on softs will have better grip and it won't be easy to get positions back once they'll start to drop off...

  7. 1 minute ago, marioho said:

    Must have been different since David revamped the handling model. The default settings for off-throttle differential and braking pressure for instance are respectively lower and higher than F1 2019's, whatever the preset. I don't think he would have stopped there knowing that we now have more traction, can do away with a stiffer suspension and tend to the oversteery side of the scale when attacking a corner. I'm not one to dwell on default setups but David seems thorough.

    Could you elaborate on the "can extend stints by 2/4 laps"? You mean you can go from 2 to 4 laps beyond you usually did before stopping for fresh rubber? Well, now that I've actually put it down sounds quite the obviousness, but at first I thought you 2/4 stood for a fraction and I couldn't make head of tails of it. 

    The estimated tyre life is longer on average by 2 up to 4 laps compared to the AI, estimated tyre life intended as wear around 40%. So essentially with a minimum toe and reduced camber with low but not too low pressures this is what you can gain against the AI in terms of wear over the full distance (100%).

    I have to compare it with more aggressive setups or even TT setups to see a full user vs user comparison. But I think all of those numbers show why preset 4 is having so much success expecially between offline players...

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  8. 19 hours ago, Ender0042 said:

    Unfortunately there is no log. I already saw this crash once, I have to investigate.

    As I wrote before I'm loving this app. Probably you already know it but I just wanted to report that if you do a single race in gp mode it shows you Melbourne as track instead of the correct one.

    I was wandering. Are you planning to extend the app to other sims?

  9. 5 hours ago, inspiretheworld said:

    Mines the same. 

    5-8 wings to start. (Adjust this for each track) 

    Lowest tyre pressure.

    Max brakes

    2-6, 6,6 2,3 susp

    Camber and toe is the same as set 4 in the setups. 

    Preset 4 is great because of its suspension geometry and tyre pressures. It is nothing crazy but it shares those two things with many online and TT setups (while being tyre wear friendly too).

    I've checked through telemetry: with preset 4's toe and camber you can extend stints by 2/4 laps in 100% distance. So it is very solid for longer races and doesn't overheat.

    Guys, I gave F1 2019 to a friend who recently started following F1. I can't remember if 2019 had the same exact preset 4 or if it was different...

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  10. Adjusting the setup just for the full fuel tank isn't good. You want your car to feel the best mid race. Not at the beginning and not at the end.

    Practically speaking there are no great setups for the start of the race. The car will almost always feel bad.

    It also depends on your strategy. If you want to push at the start you need a setup that is decent with full fuel tank. But there are also races in which you start on mediums and the first few laps are just "survival mode" by nature.

    For the first part of the race you don't want a car that wins you the race, you just want a car that doesn't lose you the race. This is why I'd say focus on stability issues and adjust your driving style to the understeer caused by weight and fuel...

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  11. 3 hours ago, vTeritron said:

    Thanks for all the feedback. Still a lot unclear to me:

    1.) Do you have different setups between going for a fast lap, or for a race?

    Because it might be ok to ruin the tires for one lap, but of course not for performing a race.

    Maybe the setup for fast lap can be used for a very short (5 lap) race? But what do you change for mid or long-term races?


    2.) When I am doing fast laps, do the tires really degrade? So shall I always go back into the menu and return to box, and start new after each single lap, to have the tires in best condition? Or makes it more sense to run 5 laps in a row to come into groove, instead of make always a short break?


    3.) I was most of the time flighing of the track at the en-rouge in Spa (Belgium). I asked other players. They told me that I need downforce for it. But above I don't see that downforce is recommended for Spa. What is right, and what is wrong?

    Eau Rouge struggles are usually connected to differential, suspensions, ride height or tyre pressures. Your car is either too stiff, too low or can't handle what the sudden elevation change and kerbs do to the wheels....

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  12. They use the same setup both in dry and wet. They do have tyre temperatures but are like stable in a certain range. Telemetry apps confirm that.

    10 minutes ago, janbonator said:

    Yes indeed. I guess it depends on the track and circumstance. For example I had a 50% race where the conditions stayed on the edge between dry and wet throughout and I was over 2 seconds off the pace all race. The forecast gave 3 drops of rain for the entirety of the race, so I figured it would rain. In rain setups one has low tyre pressures.. which meant I was racing on a damp track with sub-par tyre temps for the entirety of the race. Couldn't get them higher even though I spent every straight of Monza weaving aggressively.

    Wet is in general hard to judge. It can be easier, harder and it all depends on tracks and setups. In a stable full wet race the user benefits from full wet setups and clearly has an edge on the AI. In a dry with a touch of wet race in particular tracks the AI has a big edge due to tyre temperatures. Obviously it has a lot to do with distance too. For example 100% distance users are more exposed to the variance. In a full distance race that is 3/4 dry there's not a lot that you can do since you have to go with a dry setup (otherwise you'd lose too much) and that final quarter of the race is still the equivalent of a 25% race that you have to face in uncomfortable position. Plus I don't if the transition is quicker in shorter distances. It also could be a factor.

    This is probably the biggest change the game has to make in the future in the offline department. AI drivers feel like humans but there are those situations that remind you that they're not actually on your same track and in your same condition if you know what I mean...

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  13. 17 minutes ago, Lakrits said:

    A question I've been meaning to ask for a while. Are the preset setups the same on all tracks? I've never really checked.

    Yes same presets and values are absolute. So 11 at Monaco is 11 at Monza in terms of wings and so on...

  14. 8 hours ago, VeNOM2099 said:

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in the F1 community forums in a long, long time. But I had to after "trying" to finish a race at the Vietnam Hanoi track. 

    I had all kinds of trouble having a clean race there. I think I had to restart the session at least two dozen times because the AI was behaving so erratically on that track. At first I thought it was just me and having the slowest car on the track. I'm not the best driver and my car is definitely one of the slowest (I mean who's isn't at the start of My Team career). But I caught the AI doing the same thing to it's AI brethren too. 

    Here is a clip of what I'm talking about: 


    We're a bunch of cars at the hairpin. The AI in the Alpha Tauri clearly dive bombs to get in (nice). But then instead of trying to hold the inside, it just veers into me. To make matters worse, you'd think that after coming into contact with my car, it would try to correct the situation and steer away, but no. It just kept FORCING me off the track. At first I thought it was me, but I noticed it kept doing the same thing. And not just to me, but to other AI cars, so it's not that MY driving was bad, it's that the AI seems to be extremely volatile on that track. 

    Here's another one: 


    I had the inside at Turn 1, but the AI Lance Stroll decided, since he had a faster car than I did, to pass me on the outside. Wonderful! But as I let off the gas and try to avoid contact he just turns into me and causes a crash. Now since I was going to restart anyways, I decided to see what the AI would do if I just let it happen. And as you can see, the AI doesn't even pretend to be bothered about our cars being tangled. It doesn't back off. It doesn't try to correct its line. It just pushes my car along with his. I'm not even accelerating or doing anything. I'm just waiting for the AI to stop and give us a chance to come untangled. Doesn't happen...

    Again, I thought it was just me and my driving. But then I caught the AI doing the same thing to the other AI:


    Here I back off at the hairpin, having learned what happens if you even remotely try to challenge it on this track. The AI goes for the dive bomb, and then as it enters the turn, instead of slowing down and turning into it, it just veers towards the outside right into another AI driver's car. Dude...

    I've only seen the AI act like this at this particular track. I've driven on others, including Monaco just fine. But the AI is balistic at Hanoi!! I hope there's some sort of fix for the AI lines because this circuit is now one I'm going to avoid going forward in F1 2020's career modes. It's just frustrating and not fun at all. 

    Anybody else experience this or is it just me. (Please tell me it's just me!) LOL. 


    I honestly see something. The AI is divebombing with an unrealistic angle in the third video. And shows lack of awareness of those in front of the overtaken car.

    Car A, Car B and Car C.

    C dives on the inside of B hitting A while it's turning or in the middle of the turn. It's classic F1 2020 AI, it also happens in Brazil, USA, Bahrain. It happens so regularly that now I'm expecting it. Hanoi makes it even worse but sadly it is what it is. I doubt there is a fix for it. The AI can clearly see only who's in front and who's behind.

    The problem is that there are too many things the AI should take into account. In that instance the AI should have thought "I'm overtaking the user with an aggressive angle, so I have to slow down even more, there's not a lot of room on the exit and the inside kerb is high so it could cause instability and understeer, plus there are other cars in front that are turning". For as much as I hate those kind of moments, but it's too much to ask...

  15. 5 hours ago, marioho said:

    Use Preset 4 (HS) as your default. Take this chart from the first page and slap Preset 4 on all tracks except those that have:

    • Downforce 1: use Preset 5
    • Downforce 4: use Preset 2
    • Downforce 5: use Preset 1

    When the time comes and you decide to learn the basics, there are very good video guides on youtube we can point out and naturally this community as well.  

    This is a good compromise to use presets (eventually even preset 4 but with wings at 5-5 or 6-6 if you feel that the car is hard to drive with 4-4). Or eventually real sport as suggested.

    7 hours ago, vTeritron said:

    Thanks guys, I was looking for a favour for me. I as a beginner have enough to do to learn driving and learn the tracks. Maybe even when I achieved that, I don't want to learn about physics etc., just use someones setups.

    It is perfectly fine. The problem is that if you blindly suggest presets as they are to a beginner apparently you're helping him but in reality you're bringing him into more trouble. Preset 3 has temperature problems that a beginner could not be able to recognize and fix with his driving and preset 5 you should be aware of what those numbers mean (it is a preset that is there to have some causal gaming fun in the straights of Monza).

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  16. 21 minutes ago, vTeritron said:

    Hello guys,

    could someone of you do me (a beginner) a favour? I really don't need super sofisicated setups, because it makes no sense for me anyway. But a least I could choose the most appropriate default setup for a given track. You know we have:

      - max downforce (MD)
      - high downforce (HD)
      - med. downforce/med. speed (MDS)
      - high speed (HS)
      - max speed (MS)

    Can you fill the following list?

      - Australia: 
      - Bahrain: 
      - Vietnam: 
      - China: 
      - Netherlands: 
      - Spain: 
      - Monaco: MD
      - Aserbaischan: MD
      - Canada: 
      - France: 
      - Austria: 
      - Great Britain: 
      - Hungary: 
      - Belgium: 
      - Italy: 
      - Singapur: MD
      - Russia: 
      - Japan: 
      - USA: 
      - Mexico: 
      - Brasil: 
      - Abu Dhabi: 

    Many Thanks!


    Start from a preset you like and then adjust wings, suspensions, antiroll bar and ride height. In the past presets were similar with differences in terms of downforce, straight line speed and stability.

    Now they are completely different. Preset 3 is undestery with simplified traction but can easily lead to overheating. Preset 4 is a more aggressive baseline with no rear toe so very fast but can be unstable. Preset 2 is stable, slower but at the same time less understeery than preset 3.

    Preset 5 with maximum tyre pressures has no sense. Preset 1 is good at Monaco but too slow for other tracks.


  17. 3 hours ago, Krisperfectline said:

    You can go higher pressures in many tracks? I tried to race a 50% on the default setup yesterday at Suzuka as a test in Bottas’ Mercedes, and the tyres were overheating so quickly, particularly both front tyres. After 3 laps on softs, the fronts were at 107 degrees. In previous games with default setup, I have never had issues at Suzuka when it comes to tyre wear. I guess now, we will need to balance them. I am not too worried about that. I mainly run the pressures two clicks or three clicks to the left of the default one since I am a pad user, and I will change them based on my feel. I am at Vietnam now in my team, and I will try to increase the front pressures by one click compared to my setup, as I have been keeping the front tyre temperature at 90-94 degrees during my tests with Russell in the Williams. It feels like maybe I could get away with more pressure at the front, as it would give me better grip, and the temperature increase may not be higher than 100 degrees. 

    What shocked me even more, was that in Australia 50% race, I could not switch on the Medium tyre at the first stint of the race, and on the same conditions, I had no problem driving with the soft or hard tyre. Whenever I used the medium tyre, I would get understeer and I would be sliding for the entire first stint. Whereas on the soft or hard tyre, I could drive normally without any problems. 

    For what track is this? Are you on a pad or on a wheel? Did you pit 3 times based on that graphic?

    Which default setup? Balance 3 is overheating friendly to a point that doesn't make sense. It has been reported since the Beta. It's unnecessary understeery. At Suzuka there's not a lot to do. It was already a low pressure track last year...

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  18. This app is amazing. I'm using it on PS4. Love how it works with the AI.

    It's literally perfect. I haven't found an option to print so I guess there isn't but it's not a problem since you can screenshot the graphs you want and then print them...

  19. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:


    Pirelli have this (excluding Zandvoort and Hanoi):



    5 is high downforce, 1 is low.



    Hanoi is probably a 3, that final sector needs a decent amount of downforce even with all the straights elsewhere on the circuit. Maybe a 2 since Azerbaijan has a similar mix.


    Zandvoort is probably a 4, very technical similar to Hungary.

    Values are pretty accurate in game too. I think in the game you can come away with less downforce at Mexico, Russia, Brazil and Australia (Britain too) compared to downforce 4 of Pirelli.

    But it has a lot to do with how parts of those tracks are built in the game. Mexico is the first example that comes to my mind: S2's esses are way more difficult in real life and altidute is a factor...

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  20. 52 minutes ago, TheJock83 said:

    Long time player, first time forum contrubutor.

    Overall enjoying the game, I play 100% race & AI difficulty.  Things that annoyed me last year (spinning off curbs, AI not yielding) have improved dramatically imo.

    One thing that's I find strange though, and was wondering if it's my bad driving or not, is that im races the AI has much better acceleration out of corners than I do.  I can be 0.5s behind going in and by the time we get out of the corner and away they're 1.2-1.4s.

    I tought that it was maybe just in my team and having a slower car, but in trying with Merc to Renault it is the same, and is causing me to be about 1.5-2s slower per lap in races in comparrison to equal performing cars, and obviously has an effect on quali laps too.


    Any one else experience this?

    Yes they do have better acceleration and better straight line speed. The acceleration is clearly there in high difficulty levels. And the straight line speed is due to the fact that they run low downforce without having to compromise. However it depends on the track. At Austria out of turn 3 the user gets better traction. In low grip aspshals the AI is advantaged cause they seem to be less affected...

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  21. @David Greco CM I have a question after my first full season. Is track rubbering scaled? For example if I go into single race and set free practices at none. Do I get the same grip in qualifying? At the end of a 25%, 50% and 100% race is the track in the same condition?

    I'm wandering if the game is scaling it and/or eventually simulating it with no practice sessions and shorter sessions.

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  22. 3 hours ago, SIMRACER123 said:

    Of all the years i have been playing the F1 games on codemasters the one thing i have learnt for my own driving style is not to follow TT set ups or what you see certain you tubers do with their race set ups and copy it.

    I found none of them suited my driving style and i was far better off learning how to build a set up around my own style.  I'm not of course suggesting my own set up is faster than an esports drivers set up, it's just i found there is more time to found in a set up you feel confident driving than a set up someone else feels confident driving.

    This is so true. I've used many of their setups. Sometimes I'm shocked by the combinations they come up with. Numbers that I would never even consider...that make no sense...but work in the game. For example last year you could use 1-3 ride height at Monaco, something that I would have never tested or thought about if it wasn't for esports youtubers and streamers. Didn't use it offline because I go for realism there but online some of their concepts helped.

    If you want a performance based setup YouTube is a good place to go (along with TT and leaderboards).

    But it is important to remember their starting point. They do come close to world records with default or almost default setups.

    I would say once you know your style is easy to filter setups even online and on TT.

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  23. 5 hours ago, Krisperfectline said:

    Lowering the pressures in this game is a bit too risky. Didn’t David Grecko said that lower tyre pressures give less temperature but more wear, while higher tyre pressures give more temperature but less wear. Therefore, by this effect, I think we need to find a balance in the tyre pressures, as it appears they are so important in this game. I normally do 50% races in preparation for my team as Russell in a Williams, and at time the tyres feel inconsistent, meaning that you have to keep them in the working temperature window. Today in my team at Bahrain, I had no problems with the braking and traction during FP2, which was held in dry and in night time. However, when I went into qualifying with same conditions, I struggled with the braking big time, and I could not brake well, which is absolutely crucial in Bahrain. I did not change the setup from FP2 to Qualifying, and it really caught me by surprise. 

    In this game, you can get away with stiffer suspension settings in comparison to F1 2019. In regards to tyre pressures, I forgot.


    Less pressure: Better traction, less temperatures and higher wear.

    More pressure: More grip in high speed corners, higher temperature and lesser wear. 

    Can anyone confirm if these pressure effects are correct?

    It is correct that you have to find a balance but low pressures are the starting point. You can go with higher pressures in many tracks but it's the definition of high pressures that has to be clarified. In 100% distance races you'll never go over certain numbers unless it's very safe. With low pressures the biggest problem you'll encounter is in wet weather. Medium/low numbers struggle a lot with temperatures in wet tracks. But in the dry you should be able to keep them in the window. The problem in this game is that when we talk about setups it's all relative stiffer suspensions isn't 8-11, higher ride height isn't 8-10, the same with pressures...

  24. 11 hours ago, Lurtz said:

    Speaking as someone who concentrates on Career and dips into TT for a bit of fun, can top TT setups be 'adjusted' for 100% distance Career races and what segments of a TT setup would need to be altered?

    I've always played 100% distance and mainly offline. TT can be good at times with its setuos. Some of them give you so much pace that you are ok with having to do one stop more. At the end of the day 100% distance allows you to do 2-3 stops and be competitive. Different strategies will balance out. But...in my opinion tyre wear is crucial. This is the way to beat the AI. Tyre wear and confidence. Since early 2019 I'm going extreme with tyre wear friendly setups. They can cost you a bit in qualyfing and early in stints but remember that if you are 0.3 slower on fresh tyres and then 0.5/0.7 faster at the end of stints you're doing great and you have more flexibility in terms of strategy.

    You can compensate tyre wear with pace and compensate pace with tyre wear. People tend to forget the second scenario. As said if at the beginning of the race you're slower by 0.3 and then at the end of the first stint you're faster you can pit later and have fresher tyres for the rest of the race. In that moment you'll have both (adjusted) pace and tyre wear in your corners.

    There are areas of the setup you'll have to touch from time trial: suspensions, suspensions geometry and tyre pressures. Geometry to reduce mainly wear and pressures to avoid overheating.

    Tyre pressures are the true key.

    As said in theory you could eat tyres for breakfast but If you overheat, it's over. The last thing you want is being forced to harder compounds by default. Expecially because harder compounds in many cases aren't a choice. If you enter Q3 with a midfield team, for example, you do it with soft tyres so you don't have choice.

    The biggest difference between 50% races and 100% races is full fuel load. This is why pressures play a big role. Full fuel load is something that usually users who don't play the full distance tend to forget. As said the last thing you want to experience is being on soft tyres and overheat them in lap 3 or 4 while being passed by cars left and right.

    Lower pressures, less aggressive suspensions, less toe and camber (don't be afraid to remove toe and camber, even if the car feels sluggish it'll pay off long term), more downforce.

    In free practice test your car with half fuel load and medium compound. This where the car should be comfortable to drive (this is how you test feeling).

    Then you can test qualifying speed.

    Don't forget to test soft+full fuel load. This is crucial for the race and the strategy. I've lost count of all the races I've started in the past with setups that felt good with half tank and became a nightmare with full tank and softs...

    Preset 4 gives you a good starting point for 100% races (in terms of geometry and pressures). It has camber one click from the lowest and minimum rear toe and just a touch of front toe. Pressures three clicks at the rear and two at the front. With close wings and suspensions you won't overheat anywhere (literally). I've used it as the starting point of my base setup.

    I've mentioned it to give you an idea of what won't overheat for sure (even in Spain/Hungary/Zandvoort with soft and full tank).

    With reduced camber, reduce toe and tyre pressures at 2/3 clicks you won't overheat.

    So pay attention to which TT setup to start with. If it has aggressive/extreme suspensions, a lot of camber/toe/high pressures it won't be always bad but it should alarm you...

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