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  1. I was about to write the same thing. Imola is my favorite track and I've run thousands of laps at imola in ACC (and previously AC1). I had no idea of how Portimao was and after 20 laps I was on pace at Portimao but can't get up to speed on Imola. It's not as bugged as Zandvoort but definitely on the strong side of AI tracks...
  2. Imola is amazing. Since last year I was looking forward to race at Imola in the game (the day has come, finally). It is amazingly accurate and doesn't look or feel bad even compared to the ACC version. Great job! I'm already missing the special redbull livery. I hope they'll find a way to keep it in the game. Tracks and liveries...the more they can keep in the game the better. I hope to see Imola and Portimao back in F1 2022 even if out of the calendar...
  3. Another weird aspect of the floor damage situation at Spa is that it doesn't seem to affect a large part of the audience. I quickly checked online and on YouTube and the majority of websites and content creators have published race setups (time trial is obviously not included in the conversation) that would result in guaranteed damage. I'm wandering how many of us F1 gamers are actually using the new damage model. I couldn't find a single comment that said "this setup causes floor damage"
  4. I agree about it being a bug since day one. It's inconsistent with how floor damage is calculated in other tracks. Different lines don't fix the issue and the numbers needed in terms of ride height are sky high. We're not talking about punishing 1-2 or 2-3. I don't find realistic that we have to run 6-10 or 7-9 just to save the car while in Austria we can ride all the kerbs we want with average/low ride height. It doesn't make sense...
  5. I agree. I've never found myself focused on tyre temperatures in the F1 game. There were some past iterations that caused overheating problems but it was manageable through the setup. I've always felt that in this game you can manage your tyres entirely through the setup and then your driving will have little to no impact on tyre wear and temperatures. It's probably 90/95% setup and 10/5% driving. The only situations in which I had to seriously manage the tyres and adjust my driving were in dry-wet/wet-dry races. If the pressures are too low you will struggle with slicks on a wet track. I
  6. I was scared the AI would have been overaggressive, in particular in correlation with the new damage model in which even a small touch from behind could destroy your race. I'm more than happy right now. No problems with 1 on 1 battles. There's still a lot a of work to do when multiple cars are fighting and in first laps. They seem to be only aware of the car in front and the car behind. It leads to those weird moments where there are no overtaking opportunities, cars are following each other and an AI decides it's time to dive bomb 5 cars and hit 3 of them...
  7. This. It should always be the case and I don't know if TT is the best environment to test race setups. I play 100% distance, for example, and my setups are aimed to be decent with half tank and medium compound. It gives me enough flexibility in terms of strategy. A setup that is good only with empty tank and fresh soft tyres is basically useless unless you're focused on TT.
  8. I would not use the AI as a comparison. The AI is just faster this year. Numbers aren't what they used to be. And in a couple of tracks they get unmatchable grip and downforce. I have more confidence in the car this year and I'm nowhere near where I used to be against the AI. I don't know if the learning curve will bring us where we used to be. I'm speaking in general, as I said the AI clearly has some flaws and unmatchable sectors here and there. Last year after a week I was back on pace if not faster. I was in the beta too so I had time to adjust to this year's handling.
  9. I'm actually surprised that someone is finding this year's car understeery. They are more netural if not oversteery this year. If you go out with a setup close to neutral the car can snap in high speeds corners. They lack downforce obviously but understeer and oversteer are independent concepts. You can have a car that can't generate downforce but it's oversteery and vice-versa. New default setups are clearly an indication. The new average for wings is basically 8. Front wing + rear wing / 2 is around 7/8/9/10 this year. My experience so far has been: -Less overal
  10. Mazepin Jokes aside, HANDLING
  11. I think the OP was referring to something that could help without being too intrusive (like the racing line, even if set to "only corners). It would help people and also a lot of content creators who are casual F1 gamers. The racing line takes away the immersion and it can be disturbing. I've never used assists but I was more than happy to use the cones in GT Sports cause I had no interest in spending time to learn fictional and reverse tracks cause I thought that they didn't give me any driving knowledge or real life racing/F1 knowledge.
  12. I forgot to mention that preset 1 and preset 5 are Monaco and Monza specific. It's easy to see looking at how tyre pressures are set in those presets. The presets I'm loving the most so far is preset 3. It's the one I enjoy driving with but it's slow and far from being competitive.
  13. Same question. I don't know if you were in the beta but David said that preset 3 is for casual players and preset 2 and 4 are a good starting point. But the problem is that I'm not finding them good enough. I've tried different concepts but there's nothing I like so far. Preset 4 is probably the best but it becomes undrivable in specific tracks. It's an instant spin at Eau Rouge or if you survive it's underbody damage on simuation/simulation (I've tried every possibile line). I had to bring ride height up to 6-9 and 7-10 to avoid damage and the whole setups was messed up at that point. Underbo
  14. I would also say that on consoles it is probably the second/third game in terms of realism: Assetto Corsa first (ACC/AC1), Dirt Rally (1/2.0) second and F1 or PC2 third. Dirt Rally belongs to a different genre so... Personally I'd take F1 over PC2 any day of the week. F1 is simcade but in terms of realism on consoles is up there. Context and standards change a lot between PC and consoles...
  15. Personally I don't understand why the equation is always simulation=hard and arcade=easy/more enjoyable. A simulation can be for everyone with the right level of assists and options (semplified physics, aids and adapted steering for pad players). ACC is a far superior game than GT Sport (which is just bad). The quality of the handling model plays a huge role and GTS is sub par in every way (and it has nothing to do with the simulation/arcade nature of a game). Arcade is also a product like Project Cars 3, that went too far taking away pit stops, tyre wear and fuel consumption (s
  16. I thought it was me or my TV/PS5 combination. I've calibrated my HDR perfectly and text (especially white text and letters) is definitely way too bright.
  17. sirio994

    F1 2021 game

    I agree. But I wasn't sure about it because from what I know Moto GP is going to release two separate versions...
  18. sirio994

    F1 2021 game

    I'm very excited about the announcement. I didn't expect to see a combined PS4/PS5 version. It's great to be able to get both versions for those who will upgrade to PS5 and those like me who didn't sell their PS4 moving to PS5...
  19. F1 2020 is definitely the best in terms of pure quality. '06 was great and 2012/2013 will always have a place in my heart (my first wheel played games)
  20. Camber to the right and toe to the left should give you minimum tyre wear. If it's not the case it's due to other parts of the setup/bad combinations...
  21. Against the AI it's pretty normal you start on warming up tyres and they start with stable and perfect temperatures. Plus they use a lot of ERS after the start. That's why they drop off a bit after 2-3 laps. It's not as evident as it was in the past but they clearly use more ERS than an experienced user would...
  22. As I wrote before I'm loving this app. Probably you already know it but I just wanted to report that if you do a single race in gp mode it shows you Melbourne as track instead of the correct one. I was wandering. Are you planning to extend the app to other sims?
  23. This app is amazing. I'm using it on PS4. Love how it works with the AI. It's literally perfect. I haven't found an option to print so I guess there isn't but it's not a problem since you can screenshot the graphs you want and then print them...
  24. @David Greco CM I have a question after my first full season. Is track rubbering scaled? For example if I go into single race and set free practices at none. Do I get the same grip in qualifying? At the end of a 25%, 50% and 100% race is the track in the same condition? I'm wandering if the game is scaling it and/or eventually simulating it with no practice sessions and shorter sessions.
  25. I disagree. It should be considered an assist only in games that provide enough options. And this game doesn't. It's plenty of drivers who play in cockpit view elsewhere and then switch to t cam just for this game. I do the same and can understand why. Even real life drivers used t cam while enjoied iracing's cam. Cockpit cam in this game is technically wrong for so many reasons. It's more a visor cam than a driver's view...
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