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  1. Default T Cam for me. Love cockpit but I'd rather have transparent halo to raise the view without having to see the orizontal bar. I don't want to see the in game wheel without having to use zoom. In old F1 games I used to play with cockpit default just raised a bit. But now it is impossible with the halo. I hate it because f1 is the only game I don't play in cockpit view but as said I've not been able to find comfortable combinations so far...
  2. It's probably one of their strongest track if not the strongest. Definitely OP at least on high levels. In general you have to use rich mix and overtake to match them. They use 4-5 wings but they're are faster than 4-5. OP acceleration and straight line speed in general for the AI so I wasn't surprised they are so strong at Silverstone. I think Silverstone is this year's Paul Ricard. One of their weakest tracks of the previous year become one of their strongest.
  3. I was about to ask the same thing. Even with most tyre-friendly setups I'm forced to run low pressures but I guess this year it's pretty normal (and I like it). I race 100% though. So running with full fuel load is a whole different world. To keep temperatures in check for the first stint I have to run 21.8 (2 clicks) as a base for the front.
  4. I think adjusted presets can be a good starting point. This year's default 3 is very understeery. But compared to old default setups it has balance, a bit of rake too. Default 4 is a true gem. The best preset out of the box in an f1 game. I'm not surprised top drivers posted early WRs with it. In general default presets have too much toe. At the end of the day toe and rear toe specifically are the first things you want to change. Camber levels are pretty high too. And obviously tyre pressures are set with non simulation gameplay in mind. Essentially presets are done not to be pushed
  5. I still don't understand. In too many setups I see attempts to fix problems created by the setup it self. What's the point of trying to fix the understeer created by 3-9 wings. Why 3-9 to begin with when the aero balance is changed? As David said you can achieve the same balance with closer/different numbers in a more intuitive way. I understand you want specific numbers here and there. I didn't mean neutral as symmetrical but closer. I think there are a lot of things done based on past experiences. Setups didn't exist in the past, it was just a balancing act of the aggress
  6. Guys, one big question. I actually had one question for David but will test it better before asking. This is for everyone. Why nobody is setting up a neutral car (close to neutral car in terms of suspensions)? Something like 5 5 wings, 65 off diff, 44 77 45 with small adjustments to the suspensions geometry or the front/rear suspensions.
  7. I have been using the second approach in past. But since you suggested it I'm setting up the car like you do and I'm enjoying the new approach a lot. It might be driving style related but I find that with equal or very close wings you set your downforce and work from it. It's easier to isolate and fix problems. With very low front wing and very high rear wing, if you fix or change something over time you'll probably have to rethink the whole setup and even change wings. With your method if you have understeer/oversteer it comes from X and/or Y. With great separation between the wings
  8. This is so true. Plus you don't have to learn techniques that won't work elsewhere. I was wandering: what does the AI run indicatively (in terms of setups)? They are so fast in the straights...is it due to the current balancing or do they run insane low downforce?
  9. Are you referring to the wings or the suspensions/arb that you are not using higher at the rear? I've tested default 4 modified and I've gained so much pace. Thanks man.
  10. It's not hard to adjust to it. At the end of the day we come from years of muscle memory and judging entry speeds differently. It is crazy to think but we drive more "the same car" than real drivers. We definitely have more laps of bad/old habits when it's time to adjust...
  11. I noticed since the Beta. Presets 2 and 4 are good. World records have been set with them too. They're understeery but not like preset 3. Preset 3 is very very understeery (I mean 5-3 suspensions 7-6 arb...). Personally I have no problems with it since I develop my own base setups but I love fixed setup leagues and races. I'd love to have some aggressive presets or base setups. Even if it's not in the game but in the blog/forum. To have an idea of what conceptually based on the new handling a competitive setup should look like without any crazy combination...
  12. Could you explain pressures better. It is more pressure more temperature but better wear. In the past was it the opposite: less pressures less wear? Another wuqestion about temperatures: is it me or overheating is easy but less tragic than it used to be? From my experience obviously it makes you lose time but less compared to the past from my experience. @David Greco CM
  13. Downshifting is different. Personally I'm ok with the current downshifts, I'm having more problems with the the reduced engine brake in coasting situations. But I guess it's the price to pay to have that extra rotation downshift out of the game...
  14. I would love to see an aggressive version of default presets to have some good starting points cause at the moment they are understeery and tend to overheat (I hate having to use league racing setups for offline). If it's not possibile in the game, different presets and setups could be uploaded to the blog. So my question is connected to that: the best/most sober way to get oversteer in this year's game? A lot of combinations from last year leads to overheating or a lot of potential traction left on the table.
  15. Can you guys share some base setups too. A combination that with small tweaks is good in all the tracks or at least decent. I'm really struggling to find what works in this game. For some people 2019's combinations are working, but for me they are not...
  16. My 5 games are (PS4): F12019 - It's the game I've played the most in my life considering that I was in the beta and the new version will come out in July: probably the best offline experience against the AI Project Cars 1: I loved the first iteration, sadly the second was the biggest disappointment in my gaming life (still can't understand why they changed the FFB so much for PC2) Assetto Corsa: my favorite racing game of all time. I've not played it as much as I should have but to simplify the game they released the console version without the AI difficulty slider (in th
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