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  1. Turniton

    Lost Skill and Safety Rating entirely [ZX]

    Please let us know whether there are any improvements after this!!! Thanks!
  2. I've simply quit playing and lost all the desire for the game. Gonna get a refund and I hardly recommend you all guys do the same, as CM doesn't give a **** for us and will do nothing to change the pointing system. CM never again (or at least until they start listening to their customers). I've got plenty of other games to play (ones I have fun with and not get ****** with). After all, that's the purpose of gaming.
  3. Requirements for Pure Gold trophy / achievement is just RIDICULOUS CM! Please refer to this post Staff Members and do something about it ASAP please:
  4. C'mon CM, Pure Gold achievement is a joke, as it doesn't really depend on being good at the game, but avoiding rammers / being lucky is necessary as well. It's a joke, nobody likes it, apart from the fact that the pointing system is simply ridiculous. Haven't you learnt from F1 2017? PLAYERS ARE NOT HAPPY with this, you have to do something URGENTLY to fix this joke of a trophy.
  5. Hello guys, Can anyone please tell me what it takes to achieve a gold skill rating in order to the the Pure Gold Trophy / Achievement? I've been trying to find it to no avail! Thanks!