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  1. farjam1990

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Yeah, i believe that's the case
  2. farjam1990

    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    Also without ABS you will be faster in Qualy laps, as a little lock-up on the inside wheel will help you rotate the car way better in <90 Degree corners
  3. farjam1990

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Hi, what is your setup in austria? I'm not an expert in setup and driving but this setup working fine for me in Australia and Austria: aero: 6 3 Transmission: 80 85 suspension geometry 2.70 1.20 0.08 0.29 suspension: 4 4 8 6 3 4 Brakes: 78 56 Tyres: 23.4 21.5 i don't know if i'm doing it wrong or not but i'm in a McLaren _that has less grip and aero than RB_and i have minimum understeer, it seems you are already trying setup changes , there is no harm in testing this too ,only if your rear end break traction you can add an extra point on rear wing to this, also change brake pressure to your taste. Good luck.