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    Also did you notice when the AI cars want to lap a AI , the AI will be Ghosted if it's too close to the car lapping him to avoid wrecking the AI race? lapping AI cars for AI cars is a peace of cake without the chance of crashing! but when i want to lap them they will make a mess! i have some video footage about this particular issue
  2. As my left hand is not that functional i have to shift with my right hand only, i have set the upshift on the upper-right button of my wheel (G27) and downshift on the right paddle, but man after a session my thump hurts like hell and i'm constantly late-upshifting or missing the gears
  3. farjam1990

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Yeah, i believe that's the case
  4. farjam1990

    F2 cars lift at end of mulsanne straight

    Didn't you want to talk about the end of blanchimont at Spa but mistakenly mixed up its name with mulsanne ?
  5. farjam1990

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I use 105 on almost all the tracks except Monaco(on 110, as i can get the Pole _by a margin_with a McLaren in season 1 on 105 difficulty) and Canada(110) so far like last year, i believe Singapore and Russia will be easy too, as it was the case in F1 2018. also, i've made a mistake by doing Spanish GP on 105 and i have qualified on pole, so i had to equalize it by taking an engine penalty before the race to avoid an immersion killer situation, so the Spanish GP will be also a 110 for the next time. *As a side note, i got faster and faster _specially at those 5 tracks above_ only because of stopping to use TC and ABS assist, now If i use TC i'll lose at least 0.6 to even 1 second in Canada/Monaco/Russia/Singapore/spain as it will kill my acceleration at corner exits, especially when i have an uphill straight after that exit (like after T1 at Monaco or the castle section and its following straight at Baku), also it gives me a little extra oversteer to play with (with a little over-revving) when i need it in tight corners or Chicanes.
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    Saftey car

    In real F1? No, it's not! I'm calling FIA. these kind of random bugs are normal in CM games...
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    Tyre wear percentage

    I don't think you should go only with the percentage, when your tyres have more than 35/40% wear, take a look at your lap times (the last one and the next one) and if the distance to your best lap(on that same stint) is too much, you should pit, unless you are on some long 1 stop strategy or you are at the last laps of the race, for example, if with the same engine/ERS mode you are constantly losing more than 1s to 1.5sec you should pit.
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    DRS open but now working!

    Mohsen jan, The Ai cars are so Overpowered in straight line, it seems they are using the fastest ERS mode without running out of it. also not only that, it seems the slipstream effect is too effective when they are chasing you. Age khasti Pm bede tozih bedam kamel , familimunam ke yekie lol
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    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    Also without ABS you will be faster in Qualy laps, as a little lock-up on the inside wheel will help you rotate the car way better in <90 Degree corners
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    UDP Telemetry Apps

    I use "dash panel" on my iPhone, it's not that great but alright for me. the app's Codemasters full data costs 4.99$ (for almost all of F1 games), you can use it for free, but you will have only RPM, Gears and speed. give the free version a try, maybe that's enough for you
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    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    Not sure about this case but there is also another bug(or something i can't understand!?), if you unlock an extra PU component outside of your allocation to race on it (like the fourth ICE or the 3rd CE) ,or even picking the extra one for all of your PU components just before starting the race session (i mean after the Qualy when you are at the control center) you will get the penalty caution but will be starting the race on your original grid position while using new elements... in Chinese GP it was a wet/dry qualy and i have managed to leave the garage at the last part of it and got a P3 with my McLaren as only 4-5 drivers got their lap on dry compound, so i saw the situation is good to take one extra ICE for later races and start from a reasonable P8 but i got no penalty on my new ICE! for research purpose i have load it back to that point and try to unlock extra ones outside of the allocation for all parts of PU, a fresh set of a complete PU and the result was the same, got penalty caution/notification but no penalty received, maybe i'll get it for the next race? i doubt it as i'm sure it will be considered a change before the current GP ends(before the race) this extra ICE of PU components was a big gift for my McLaren career lol
  12. So it updates my ongoing Career cars, thanks that's good, but why ferrari have the best AERO by a distance to mercedes and red bull? yeah it's efficient but in no way the best!!!
  13. farjam1990

    Approach to Qualifying (Tires)

    Hi i'm in no way an expert or something more than an entry-level amateur simracer, but my humble strategy for saving one set of soft in Q1 is : I will leave the box for my outlap around 7-8 mins to end, using lean mix+ low ERS (super slow outlap) and without trying to warm or wear my tyre, i will start my first timed lap with minimum tyre wear/temp (maximum 2% wear), so it will be my initial/test run to have a benchmark for my next lap, at the start of my second lap i will be on the optimum tyre temp with a low wear(as i have almost eliminated tyre wear from my outlap, it will be maximum of 5% wear) and almost always my second lap will be way better than the first lap this is how i save 1 set of tyre by eliminating one extra run in Q1 in McLaren (it always worked for me in F1 2018 and f1 2017 and now in F1 2019) and i'll have my 2 sets of soft for Q3 where it won't work? *this method won't work comfortably with lower teams, but with McLaren/Racingpoint/renault you can normally go to Q2 if you make no significant mistakes in your 2 laps, so you have to do a little more practice, sometimes i use TimeTrial for practicing my Q runs, like a role-playing element i pretend i'm a real F1 driver and TimeTrial is my simulator for practicing between sessions or when i'm not in a GP weekend *also it won't work if you are doing lower than 100% races as your tyre wear in Qualy will be scaled hugely and after one lap you will have more than 10% wear *in some of the long tracks in F1 it can go wrong, like suzuka,COTA,spa, as your initial lap will wear the *** of your boots *i'm using wheel , maybe the result and tyre wear or temp management is different on pad You can also use this method in Q3 at circuits that you think your are not starting your fastest lap on the optimum tyre temp, somewhere like monaco or monza doing an "super slow outlap+ one initial lap" before your ultimate lap will make you able to start your fastest lap on better tyre temp. optimum tyre temp with 5-6% of tyre wear will be better than having 2-3% of tyre wear on low tyre temp when you are starting your ultimate lap.
  14. farjam1990

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Hi, what is your setup in austria? I'm not an expert in setup and driving but this setup working fine for me in Australia and Austria: aero: 6 3 Transmission: 80 85 suspension geometry 2.70 1.20 0.08 0.29 suspension: 4 4 8 6 3 4 Brakes: 78 56 Tyres: 23.4 21.5 i don't know if i'm doing it wrong or not but i'm in a McLaren _that has less grip and aero than RB_and i have minimum understeer, it seems you are already trying setup changes , there is no harm in testing this too ,only if your rear end break traction you can add an extra point on rear wing to this, also change brake pressure to your taste. Good luck.