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  1. Agreed wiganstu, I have been trying for months to get them to resolve the haunted trophy issue. Now I'm not even getting replys.

    The haunted trophy was only obtainable for about 4 weeks after game launch and then they stuffed it up with that last patch.

    So is 1 month really an acceptable timeframe  for a brand new game to last before it is broken forever? Of course not, but there doest seem to be anyone that can help from codemasters or Sony.

    If they could fix it with another patch which sounds so ridiculously easy it would make so many people happy, as I'm a completionist this whole scenario has driven me mad. I have 100%d a lot of difficult games and to tarnish my psn with a game that can't be completed by myself due to negligence from the developer and within such a short timeframe from release is so frustrating.

    I bought the game for the sheer nostalgia and now I will have it sitting at 97% on my psn for ever by the look of it..


  2. I have done your recommendation motmotmot and emailed them and will be interested to hear their reply. Email was as follows..

    Hey there guys,

    I have been trying to acquire the 'haunted' trophy for micro machines in the PlayStation 4 but it is glitched. 

    I have met the requirements several times and it will not pop, it appears that with your patch 1.05 that was released on the 26th of July which addressed other issues has negated the ability the unlock this trophy.

    I have been following this topic on several forums and it has happened to everyone. I have attached a recent screenshot from psnprofiles.com showing the latest trophy achievement and it clearly shows the last time it was unlocked which was the day of the patch release.

    I have managed to unlock every other trophy for this game and would love to finish it as I am a bit of a completionist and would be annoyed if I could not do so. The game hasn't been out very long and I would be quite frustrated if it doesn't get rectified by a patch.

    Please don't tell me that I am not meeting the requirements because I am and have done on many occasions.

    Please let me know as I'd really like to hear your thoughts as would a growing number of trophy hunters that are interested in this topic


    Included was a screenshot  of the last time it was unlocked. I think I have covered all bases. Maybe more people should do the same and if enough people moan about it, maybe, just maybe they will patch it.

    Here's hoping anyway

  3. I too have to report a few trophy glitches, haunted as well all know is definantly glitched and will not pop.
    Also paramedic appears to be glitched I revived 5 of my teammates in one go and trophy did not pop. I've also had instances where I've revived 4 and then 3, definantly reviving all my team mates.  
    The last time anyone earned paramedic on psnprofiles.com was the 20th of august.
    Be nice to get these trophies patched to work in the near future.. hint hint