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  1. 35 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    China looks a lot better compared to F1 2020. Hope the track will be playable in Multiplayer and Time Trial as well!

    Sausage Curb in the last corner is a nice addition. 

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  2. Hi guys,

    it's time that I introduce myself. My name is Julian aka SAL_LippiArsenal and I'm from the western part of Germany. I started with league racing in 2016, although I enjoyed playing F1 games for many years before. I'm quite fast but not as fast as the E-Sport guys. I am currently trying to gradually switch off the assists and improve. 

    When I'm not behind the wheel myself, I take care of the organization of my league - SAL eSports TV previously known as Seven A's League. Feel free to visit us on Youtube.







  3. According to german tech-magazin PCGH, Dirt 5 has received cross-play functionality with the latest update. Could be an indication that F1 2021 will have crossplay from the start. Another evidence could be the fact, that the want to focus on the Multiplayer in the F1 beta first. 

  4. 2 hours ago, GunDeviLnl said:

    For those asking if old and next gen gameplay with eachother, the answer is prob yes. I am playing on a ps5 and some of nu friends are using a ps4

    That's acutally nothing new. It just the PS4 version of F1 2020 which the PS5 supports because of backwards compatibility. If no crossplay or whatever you want to call it is included, I assume this will be the only option to play together on both console generations.

  5. You can think of EA what you want but if they bring classic tracks back as a DLC, I would totally buy it. Much more value for money than opening random packs in Fifa. In addition, with a higher budget it's much more likely to have laser-scanned tracks, which is much needed in a game like F1.

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  6. 21 hours ago, Furbii said:

    Doubt it. They haven't said anything about a next gen patch. It will probably load a bit quicker, faster texture loading times and that's it. Basically the PS4 version played in a PS5.


    Hopefully next year is a next gen only title.

    They could at least "unlock" a higher texture quality or so.

  7. On 10/7/2020 at 12:48 PM, steviejay69 said:

    Why would you not be able to? If F1 2020 is a PS4 title and the PS5 has PS4 compatibility (99% of titles, but nothing from PS3 or earlier) then you matchmake on the same system (PSN).

    That’s actually a serious topic. In my league we already discussed how we deal with the fact that 50% stick with PS4 and 50% switch to PS5 and still manage to do our league races. 

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