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  1. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Codemasters please change ERS

    I really like to manage ERS during league races and it's not very hard to handle.
  2. SAL_LippiArsenal

    F1® 2019 - Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    Since the last update to 1.09 all buttons work (also the little wheels) on PS4.
  3. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    After the update to 1.09 I also noticed that I have reduced downforce and overall pace with me wheel. Everything feels understeery. I have the CSL Elite+ and V3 Pedals by Fanatec and play on PS4 Pro.
  4. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Car types in ranked lobbies

    Hi guys, any chance we might see F2 and the regular F1 cars in ranked lobbies? I think it's getting boring if you can only drive the MP-Car all the time. What is your opinion?
  5. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Some people of my league report that the thumb encoders now work on PS4.
  6. Looks like they made it much easier to compete for all assists-users with no assist users. Suddendly people from my league with auto-gears can compete with the very best of my league. TT Great Britain
  7. SAL_LippiArsenal

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    I have no idea why everybody complains about that? I have TC and ABS off and reached gold status?!
  8. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Tha car brake a little in the straight

    Which pedals do you have?
  9. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Anyone getting the ABS settings on Fanatec to work?

    David Greco just informed me in this post that it's intentional. Check out this topic in the technical assistance forum:
  10. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Fanatec Clubsport V3 vibration motors not working

    Really? I thought they simulate when you have wheel spin or your tires block.
  11. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Anyone getting the ABS settings on Fanatec to work?

    So it means you have to use TC and ABS in order to activate the vibration motors. While those, who don't use any assists have to live without these features. Good one CM!
  12. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Anyone getting the ABS settings on Fanatec to work?

    Well, this is something new. In F1 2018 only the motor on the brake pedal worked for me.
  13. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Anyone getting the ABS settings on Fanatec to work?

    Did the motor on the accelerator vibrate on PS4 too? Or just the one on the brake?
  14. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Wow Faya, I must say I'm really disappointed although I suspected it. Nevertheless, many thanks for the clarification.
  15. SAL_LippiArsenal

    Glitch Trophy: First Ten Down - Complete 10 races online [ZX]

    I have the same issue, I'm on PS4.